Era of Individual Mutation 2020 – 2025

I wonder how many stories you and I tell each other every day. Hundreds? Maybe thousands.

We EACH have stories that make sense of our world. And right now, those stories are changing, fast and dramatically. Which also means your personal stories have to change to keep up.

And that’s where individual mutation comes in. But before we go racing into our future, let’s get in our time machine and see where we’re coming from.

Who invented freedom?

I read a story this week, about our world and what it means to be human. It was about a man called Kandiaronk. A native of the Americas, a spokesperson for the Iroquoian nation, Kandiaronk was engaged in political negotiations with the colonial Europeans for many years and very happy to give his opinion on their society. Which he thought dull and boring.

What kind of human, what species of creature, must Europeans be, that they have to be forced to do good, and only refrain from evil because of fear of punishment?

We have been determined not to have laws – because, since the world was a world, our ancestors have been able to live contentedly without them.

The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity

Kandiaronk’s dialogues with French-Canadian Governor Lahontan, were published in 1703. The book was translated from the original French into German, English, Dutch and Italian, and was still in print in the 1800’s. Central to Kandiaronk’s arguments were some ideas that might be familiar to you – Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. The book directly influenced French thinkers like Rousseau, generally considered to be the father of the French Revolution.

Rousseau’s Social Contract could have come straight out of the mouth of Kandiaronk, with its famous opening sentence Man is born free, and he is everywhere in chains. This is what the indigenous people couldn’t understand – why the colonials were so uncivilised. Why they allowed themselves to be told what to do by those ‘above them’. Why they worked so hard when the earth provided such abundance. The Enlightenment, believed to have come out of the chic salons of French intellectuals, was rooted in the freedom of so-called savages.

Why am I writing about the colonisation of the America’s in the 1700’s? Because so many of the qualities of humanity have changed in the last few hundred years and the stories we tell ourselves about what it means to be human have changed with them.

What we gave up for religion

First Nations people generally had better health, happier social lives, they travelled widely (Americans travelled all over the Pacific Rim, and had kinship ties that allowed them to be ‘at home’ over vast distances), better government and much better sex (monogamy was not a thing). They were mostly peaceful and had a core value of caring for each other. I’m not talking about some perfect mythical past, but the clear evidence of how humans organised themselves prior to religion coming to town.

It wasn’t just our culture that was changed by religion. We gave up our creative agency. We became domesticated.

Scandalised Jesuit missionaries frequently reported that American women were considered to have full control over their own bodies, and that therefore unmarried women had sexual liberty and married women could divorce at will This, for the Jesuits, was an outrage. Such sinful conduct – the ‘wicked liberty of the savages’ was seen as inherently pernicious.

The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity

We need to remember that humanity lived in sustainable and well-governed relationships with nature and with each other for many, many millenium. These last few hundred years have been a blip by comparison. This next few years is a time for us to reach deep into our DNA for the memory of being connected to the universal field, and our latent creative agency.

It’s easy enough to say this, but DOING it is a whole other deal.

HOW we think is who we are

When Pluto went into Gate 61, I wrote that this was the beginning of us learning to think differently. Not just different thoughts, but to actually think differently. We have learnt to tell ourselves stories about how we need to be controlled, restrained, kept from doing wrong. We have learnt to believe ourselves flawed, and lacking creative agency.

How could we imagine ourselves differently?

In the Human Design community we’re all thinking about 2027. But most of the shift will happen between now and 2025. In the next 4 years, human consciousness is all about individual mutation – your individual perspective, how you see things, what stories you tell about what’s happening, how you imagine the future.

In February 2025 Neptune will shift out of it’s long journey in the Solar Plexus Centre and move into the Gate of Innocence. Between now and 2025, Pluto and Uranus will be in the Knowing Circuit – individuals aligning with the creative powers of chaos.

Mutation is that moment of ah ha! The breakthrough of some unique idea arising suddenly, unexpectedly, flinging open the door to new potential. And the unique ways we connect with others to share those breakthroughs.

The Planetary Players

Let’s look at how Uranus and Pluto play together.

Uranus pierces the inertia of old outworn social structures, revealing the next level of possibility. Uranus will risk everything to re-organise our consciousness, preparing us for sudden changes. It’s possible for Uranus to catalyse negative outcomes, but only when we resist change. We can recognise this resistance as rebellion. When we focus on what we are resisting, rather than what we want to replace it with, we get stuck. Pluto wants to help by seeking surrender of the form of our current lives, in service towards a new level of soul mission.

Pluto is slow and relentless. Uranus is quick and disorienting. The Knowing Circuit is about mutations created through alternating chaos/order. This is a natural structure of universal creation. We are learning to allow the chaos its space, not to be pressured into coming to false conclusions for the sake of feeling safe or certain.

Pluto is in Gate 61 as I write this, and will shift into Gate 60 in January 2022 where it will remain until 2025.

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Uranus moves more quickly, and will move through these gates between now and 2025.

Individual Mutation

In your Human Design chart there is a central channel that connects the Head to the Root Centre. In the Kabbalah (one of the four ancient sciences of the Human Design synthesis) this central channel blends the two outer channels – Wisdom and Mercy. This blending comes from understanding our experiences – our abstract and logical circuits working in partnership. Once we use up all the possible learning from our current experiences we will naturally seek new ones.

If we look at the central channel (which is the most important part of our story between now and 2025) we find three Human Design Gates – 1, 2 and 3. Gate 1 is Yang. Gate 2 is Yin. And Gate 3 is what happens when they meet. I call Gate 3 the Big Bang gate. Interestingly, it’s common in the Design’s of people who study the Big Bang, like Stephen Hawkins. Gate 3 is the new organisational principle arising from chaos. It’s the resolution of the duality into a completely new form.

Creative Chaos

The Individual Circuitry is all about learning the pathways of chaos. The place where uncertainty meets the breakthrough, this is the circuitry that introduces humanity to the power of creation. This is the binary, duality, sparking new life.

Let’s take a detour for a moment. The Human Design System is built on the I Ching, it’s 64 hexagrams have the same structure as both chaos theory AND our DNA. It starts with two forces. For the I Ching hexagrams they are Yin/Yang. In chaos theory they are Space/Time and Matter/Energy. In our DNA, they are the 4 nucleotides – G, A, C, T/U.

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When these two forces combine something completely new emerges, something that has a completely different quality to it’s originating ‘parents’.

Where we come together

The shift in 2027 is not about each person going it alone as a rugged individual, but a new more highly evolved way of relating to each other. This new moral arc is a central part of human evolution of consciousness. We have come to the end of our cycle of experience in this incarnation of humanity. We need to integrate everything we have learnt, not only from this cycle but everything that led us to this place.

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We are in the midst of a cataclysmic loss of a shared sense of what it means to be human. But this again is simply the old capitalist culture breaking down. We are creating a new shared human reality from the uncertain space we find ourselves in. And that reality includes our original wild nature, when we knew how to live in complex systems, how to create sustainable relationships, how to be free and equal.

Between now and 2025, we are finding our own unique individual mutation/contribution and how you fit within the diverse field of universal creation.

We are discovering we fit together in ways we have never before imagined. What kind of world might we create together?

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7 thoughts on “Era of Individual Mutation 2020 – 2025

  1. Thank you for your blog:; I very much appreciate the historical depth you weave in. I’m a Mental Projector 5/1 and have the 60 three times on my conscious side: 60.5 conscious sun. 60.4 and 60.3 in other planets … what would help to know Considering these times? Recommended reading?
    Warm regards,

    1. Hi Simone,

      I’m glad you appreciated the history. It’s so curious to me, how we have this long sweep of history that we kind of project onto First Nations people as if ‘we’ are a different species and don’t have those same human qualities.

      Pluto in Gate 60 is going to be amazing for you! I love what Hilary Barrett says about 60.4 – you have your house in order, you know what’s needed, there’s no need to be anxious or try to hard, you can interact calmly on your own ground.

      In terms of reading, I’d be going for something like Sara Breathnach, just something nourishing, relaxed, being at home with yourself, grounding. It’s not educational or informative, except in that experiential way of being present in your own life, understanding that the limitations don’t exclude anything of value.

      1. Hmmmm, I will have to check her out … I tend to seek out writings about soul exploration and am presently reading Women Rise Rooted (Sharon Blackie) and loving it. Also love Care of the Soul (Thomas Moore) and Anam Cara (John ODonohue) … I’m surprised about this recommendation… perhaps I look for complicated explanations about our life journey?

        1. Simone I absolutely love that book, When Women Rise Rooted, what a blessing it is. And the Care of the Soul book has had a treasured plane in my bookcase for many years.

        2. Simone I love that book When Women Rise Rooted, it is such a blessing. And Care of the soul has had a treasured place in my bookcase for many years! What I love about Sara Breathnach is how down-to-earth she is, and this feels like a time to be really present to the everyday. Thomas More does that also, perhaps for me Breathnach has a more feminine and domestic perspective that I have really appreciated. I will have a look at the Anam Cara book, haven’t heard of that one!

  2. “..the pathways of chaos… the place where uncertainty meets the breakthrough” is an extraordinary statement. We come from an order we can’t yet see and finally shows up as a breakthrough.

    How poetic, how true and how so mechanical! There is nothing but order and more order and more order.. Turns out breakthroughs are just more order becoming discernable!
    Good job Kim!

    1. Thanks Jim! I like a bit of chaos, when anything feels possible! It’s quite possible I enjoy it more than order 😁.


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