Eris and Pluto: Catalysing Chaos

There is a hidden player in the coronavirus pandemic. Dwarf planet Eris joins Pluto in the Incarnation Cross of the Maia, and the Sun/Earth will activate it from 10th April 2020.

Eris is a disrupter. The Goddess of Discord, the bringer of chaos, the whistleblower who is committed to truth at all costs. Eris catalyses vital changes in our lives, teaching us to work with fast flowing change.

With an orbit of 558 years, Eris spends on average around 8 years in each gate. Her discovery point, back in 2005, was Gate 51.

Heaven speaks through thunder, and this is an omen that the human world is to be brought back into harmony.  Abruptly your world is not working as you expect.  The solid ground shifts under your feet, security slips away and mental constructs shatter.  Living reality has spoken

Hilary Barrett I Ching on hexagram 51 line 5

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While Eris may be the catalyst, the chaos is not of her making. Eris reveals what is hidden in the system. It is usual for Eris to be made entirely responsible for the Trojan War. Astrologer Steven Forrest says this: [Eris] singlehandedly fomented the Trojan War and sat back laughing. In fact it was Zeus who ‘formented’ the Trojan War. Eris creates the chaos in which we take opportunity, and Zeus, like many current disaster capitalists, was right on it. (more here on this)

I call this the Missing Observer Syndrome.

Missing Observer Syndrome

A central idea of the newly emerging quantum reality is that we live in a participatory universe.

The latest scientific research indicates our world is not JUST energy, but data, held together by webs of information, strung like fairy lights, creating the structural framework of our universe.

Some scientists now believe that human consciousness may be the bridge between our material reality and the unified field. There is evidence that our attention and choices may be what draws material reality out of the vast potential of the quantum vacuum.

We have learnt not to trust our own perceptions, to doubt and shut down and numb out and isolate. We’ve done it to keep safe, to preserve as much of our light as possible.

This means, quite simply, that reality is being created by those who are conditioning us to observe only what profits them, and to create for ourselves the kind of meaning that leads to greater power and influence for them.

Dreamy mind, Adobe Stock

We fear chaos and rather than seeing it’s opportunities, we look to our traditional leaders to guide our attention. This human trait is about to shift on it’s axis.

The power of our own unique truth

In 2020, Pluto has shifted to the Gate of Inner Truth (61), where we must learn to listen into the multiple awareness systems in our own body to hear our own unique truth.

This is the very basis of Ra Uru Hu’s teaching on humanity’s shift from homogeneity (we all have to fit in) to individual uniqueness.

We are living systems with an inherent capacity to find our own creative way. As we break loose from a culture that enslaves our attention, we find ourselves part of a network of coherent, evolving processes. I call this the Matrix of Brilliance. It is an entirely new way to be human.

Dancing with flow

Eris is making a square with Pluto in Gate 61 just now, which puts both planets in the Right Angle Cross of the Maia. This is a quantum leap from old linear planning to working with flow and uncertainty.

Eris is in Gate 42, the Gate of Increase, where we are developing personal skills to work with flow, rather than trying to control it from fear of the chaos it might bring. When I say control “it”, I’m really talking about controlling the flow of inner truth moving into your system right now.

Eris in Gate 42 in the Cross of Maia with Pluto in April 2020

Controlled flow is singular, regular, ordered. As we release our grip, and enter into a larger more turbulent flow, we join with powerful collective streams where a higher level of order arises naturally from the apparent chaos.

We are sitting on the edge of a disaster created intentionally by disaster capitalism. Having plundered the ‘third world’, they now seek to pirate on a global scale. There are powerful opportunities for us all over the remainder of 2020. Jupiter (opportunity) meets Pluto (transformation, revealing what’s hidden) three times this year.

It is OUR opportunity, to open to what Eris is catalysing. A new more highly ordered and complex culture for the next level of human consciousness. What do you naturally perceive from the space of your own inner knowing? And what is your natural response?

This is our key to our new world, it makes each moment sacred and paves our way to a completely new understanding of what it means to be human.

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20 thoughts on “Eris and Pluto: Catalysing Chaos

  1. Love the way, your posts are all converging to a same theme from different perspectives. Am glad to have connected to you, my calling is getting clearer and clearer.

  2. You have added another dot to help connect more and more lines to what is happening. I was told the 10 th would be significant and it is.
    I look forward to your insights, always.

  3. Thank you Kim for all of your wisdom and insight! So beautifully shared and helpful for greater understanding 🙂

  4. Hi Kim, I wanted to let you know I attempted to post a comment but it didn’t show up. And I am finding this post has provided me a foothold in what has only felt like a slippery gravel road with each foot placed ready to slide and veer into falling. It’s like you are able to be that still pond which mirrors the forces at large and it calms me when I read your posts. I think you are powerfully back in deep resonance with all that is and your support at this time really matters to so many of us.

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