Fear is just a frequency

As we navigate the complex emotional waters swirling around us just now, it’s good to remember this – fear is just a frequency, probably around 18 to 19 hz, in case you were wondering.

As the Sun triggers our emotional fears in the Root Centre this week, we can feel confused and unsure.  To add to our dilemma, Ceres and Neptune are combining forces to trigger our unconscious security patterns which are based on a kind of self medicating hypnosis.

You can tell when you’re heading into this self induced mesmeric state by a sense of dullness and passivity.  It can also cause confusion, anxiety and directionless activity.   The experience is designed to keep us from seeing clearly and engaging effectively.  It’s humanity’s way of dealing with ongoing existential fear.

This self induced mesmeric state, where much of humanity tends to dwell, has protected us for millenium from fully feeling the harm that’s been done to us.  Coming out of it is a bit of a trip!

The Message of the Mayans

There’s something big happening, bigger than we can know.  The trick is not to try to figure out what that big happening is, but to relax into our part of the story.  This is where we can find creative solutions and our own powerful response.

The long count Mayan Calendar indicated the end of a 26,000 year cycle.   And we know what happens when one door closes!  This means we are approaching the beginning of a new universal cycle.  Although we might feel that we have to ‘get it’ now, we are just like babes in the woods tentatively exploring a whole new world.   Much as we want to rush forward to see what delights await us, there are two things that hold us back.  The first thing is fear – who knows what’s out there?  The second thing is our baggage, the old frequencies we’re still carrying in our cells. We don’t want to take it with us because then we’ll simply be recreating some aspects of the old world we’re leaving behind.

So here we stand, one foot in each world.  Each step we take now is incredibly powerful, opening and closing doorways of consciousness, creating pathways that will lead humanity forward for many centuries to come. There is no need to rush this!

More about the personal issues we face during this last stage of the Mayan cycle. 

The transits for this period of completion carry two distinct issues.

1.  Being present in the moment, and

2. Claiming our personal power – the power of fully conscious choice over what we do with our own energy, vitality, creativity, sensitivity, etc.

It’s all about Frequency

We are able to shift through material in one day that would have taken us months a while back.  That’s because we’re operating at a much higher frequency.  We can ‘get’ things when they’re much more subtle, and shift them before they hit a level where we need to go into struggle.  At this more subtle vibration we have different tools at our disposal.  We don’t have to go to court, to have a physical fight or verbal argument.  Instead we can transmute, transform, transmit.  At the level of our health we don’t need surgery so much as vibrational therapies and remedies, and we are becoming self-healing.

This week’s transit of the Sun to Gate 39 – the Gate of Obstruction – is challenging us to new and higher perspectives, even while Jupiter at the Throat is tempting us to revert to our old ways.  It can feel as if the world is simultaneously against us, and all for us.  As if there is one frequency that is high, pure and nourishing and another that is harsh and cacophonous.

Gate 39 tells us a lot about frequency and how it affects our cells.  There is clear scientific research that all our cells respond to life at the level of frequency.  When you feel physically, emotionally or mentally uncomfortable, consider what you can do to change your frequency.  Music, flower remedies, dancing and other movement, connecting with nature, preparing and eating nourishing food, healing therapies, art, meditation, friends … you get the idea.   Don’t sit in the old frequencies and struggle on, look around for what can create an immediate shift.

My partner bought me a Himalayan Salt lamp for my birthday.  I spent yesterday sitting next to the salt lamp listening to frequencies on youtube – theta, gamma and schumann frequencies are just wonderful for shifting fear, anxiety, anger, sadness.

More Planets

There is a movement towards true nourishment and away from even the most subtle addiction just now.

  • Haumea in 57 has been quietly attuning our cells to true nourishment, and new nurturing connections with the hologram that is the human family.
  • Makemake in Gate 6 has been breaking open our defences and allowing our wild selves to creep through the cracks of our civilized exteriors.
  • Uranus square Pluto (effective from June 2o12 through to early 2017) is activating our personal genius (Uranus in 17) and preparing the soil for us to stand on (Pluto in 58).
  • Ceres conjunct Jupiter and the South Node in Gate 20.  This planetary combination is pulling us back to old coping mechanisms that take us out of the moment and into our heads (old religious beliefs and other philosophical ways of dealing with problems that override the bodies intuitive knowing).  At the same time Jupiter helps us find new ways of dealing with our losses, our griefs, our rages, and all the disconnects that have hurt us in the past.  It could be bringing up very deep trauma, especially with Venus in Gate 16 as well.   Anger is important, and a key to releasing the mesmeric state.  It brings movement.  If you have a situation where your friends believe you should be angry and you’re not, there’s a clue to where you are suffering passivity.
  • The Sun is making a channel with Neptune.  This is a channel that relates to fear, to tones and their effect on our emotions (speaking angrily, listening to sad music, etc), to feeling anxiety at being overwhelmed by our emotions, to being confused about what we’re hungry about, and about connecting with our emotions at a high and clear frequency to discover our own abundance.  There’s a huge opportunity here to discover your place in the collective, irrespective of your old role in your family or tribe.   Read about Neptune in the Gate of Abundance. 

If the fear is an illusion that’s keeping you trapped, what new direction is it pointing you towards?  If you could dance your way into a new world, what would it look like and what would you be doing/being there?



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