Are You Feeding Your Dreams To The Machine?

As minor planet Pallas transits over the navel of the Milky Way – the Galactic Centre – we are being impulsed to shift our ideas of what is normal – living the lives of our dreams, or continuing to feed our dreams to The Machine.

I saw the latest Mad Max movie last weekend. It wasn’t what I expected. Sure there’s plenty of blood, crazy trucks and violence. But then there is Imperator Furiosa, the maidens and the crones fighting ‘the machine’. The movie has been hailed – or attacked, depending on who you read – as a feminist polemic.

It’s a fitting time for such a tale.  As one blogger puts it – Women might not want men to protect them. Men might actually be the thing they are trying to survive.  Not individual men so much, although unfortunately that is a thing for many women, as evidenced by the domestic violence statistics here in Australia.  But the patriarchal system of death and destruction that we – men and women – have been feeding our life blood into. It brings to mind another movie – The Matrix – where everyone is asleep and plugged in feeding the machine.  Mad Max: Fury Road is not about women fighting against men, but people working together against the destructiveness of an insatiable greed.

We are waking up to the monster we have been keeping alive.  And it’s not the most comfortable of experiences.  We have been feeding it on our humanity, and in particular the juice of our early dreams. Feeding them to the machine seemed the only way to keep them alive and yet it hasn’t worked out that way at all.

Mad-Max-Fury-Road-Final-Trailer-Meet-Imperator-Furiosa-Video-479670-2I saw something else disturbing this week, a new book on The Singularity. If this topic has passed you by, if you aren’t sure what The Singularity is, you might like to have a look at or  Or for a real eye opener on Artificial Intelligence, read this.

The Singularity is about humans melding with machines a la The Six Million Dollar Man. Remember him?

I was fascinated that in Mad Max: Fury Road, Charlize Theron’s character Imperator Furiosa is described as ‘bionic’.  Her LEFT arm (the feminine, most connected to expressing the energy of the heart chakra) is artificial. It belongs, in a sense, to the machine world.

There is an activation of Atlantis (asteroid) this week, conjunct Achilles which speaks to us of a desire to hold onto the ego of an invulnerable technologically aided self rather than allow in the power of the incoming feminine and the gentle unconditional love she brings.

While it seems many aspire to a technologically rich future, the transits right now point in another direction entirely.  They point to the heart, to connection and relationship. They point to cellular healing and the resulting attunement to our most amazing gifts – inner awareness and wisdom. They point to waking up and saying – You know what?  Our current behaviour, thinking, directions are just not working and we need to change our lives NOW.

I have been blogging about Human Design transits for over 10 years, so I have some experience with big shifts.  The transits we have at the moment are some of the most potent I have ever seen.  And that is partly because they are activating hidden powers within us to stand up and take control of our own lives. The potential here is immense and we are approaching a fulcrum point. It is like an earthquake long rumbling deep down in the earth and about to make it’s way to the surface where it appears suddenly, as if out of nowhere to those who weren’t paying attention.

Are You A Human?

The Galactic Centre is a massive black hole around which revolves every galaxy in the Milky Way, including our own.  It sits at 27 degrees Sagittarius – in your Human Design chart that is Gate 11 line 5.  Planets transiting in Gate 11 are activating a completely new way of aligning heaven and earth, as they access entirely new ways of thinking, cosmic ways of thinking.

Minor planet Pallas is in Gate 11 at the moment.  Gate 11 is the union of Heaven and Earth, which comes about through the union of people in harmony. We are developing the wisdom to maintain a personal state of prosperity and live in our own bliss.

Gustav Klimt - Pallas Athene
Gustav Klimt – Pallas Athene

Pallas Athene was the virgin goddess of wisdom, credited with advancing the civilising influence of culture on humanity. In our Human Design charts, Pallas represents where we have adapted our feminine wisdom principles to the needs of the patriarchy.  This usually involves killing off something in ourselves, toughening up, attuning only to the mental realm at the expense of other intuitive and emotional resources.

In particular, Pallas represents where we have been pulled away from our natural organic cycles of growth in order to represent ourselves as competent within ‘the machine’.

Pallas in Gate 11 suggests to me the recovery of powerful processes of creation held within the DNA of women around the world.  It suggests an awakening of the need to listen in to what we really know, and to put it to the use of creation rather than destruction.

Right there with Pallas, in Gate 11, are Pholus and Ixion.  Pholus is a catalyst, where a small event can set off an unravelling of long ancestral history of treating ourselves inhumanely (the inhumane piece belongs to Ixion).  Ixion represents a denial of our integral human nature, a sort of collective madness that is numb to our own suffering and that of others.

If we return to the idea of The Machine, what catches my imagination here is the notion that we have been, over many years, conditioned to think of ourselves as machines. We have been pushed into a sausage machine that treats as normal the kind of life that requires us to ignore our natural human needs, and to keep turning up for work and dollar-fuelled leisure day after day and week after week.  We do so not only at the expense of our health and well-being, but at the expense of our relationships and our very culture!

We continue to feed our creative intelligence to this hungry ghost called the market, and ignore our own soul purpose.  We do so simply out of fear that we are the only one who feels this way and if we don’t keep it fed, we will be abandoned without means and we will die alone. Living in this way has become normalised.

In her book Approaching The Corporate Heart, Margot Cairnes describes the corporate high flyers she works with in her consultancy as well trained and highly disciplined.  She also describes them as the living dead.  They have learned that in order to succeed they have to suppress their own feelings, to spare little time for their emotional and spiritual growth.  In a quest to create the world, they put their souls and emotions on hold.

This will never turn out well!

Venus is creating a channel with these minor planets on next week’s Full Moon.  She will be in Gate 56, The Wanderer.  A transit in this gate represents a time when we are in new territory and do not feel at home. You have a strong sense of your own direction but you have yet to reach your destination. You need to balance your desire to be true to yourself with your ability to fit in to a place that is not your home.

One aspect of Gate 56 that I have observed over the years is it’s ability to take something out of the box (from Gate 11 and the Galactic Centre) and normalise it, gradually introduce it to those for whom it initially seems unusual or strange.

There are new ideas flooding through from the Galactic Centre this week and Venus will catch them, allow us to express them, adjust us to this new world until we experience it as normal. We are leaning how to attune to our feminine wisdom, to take things easy as we unravel deep family patterns that have us treating ourselves inhumanely for the sake of survival. We are getting an opportunity right now to unhook from the machine and find a more palatable, a more cosmically human, way to live.  We are shifting our ideas of what is normal.

I believe this turning point will shift us into a third age of consciousness.  The first age was the matriarchy.  Evidence suggests that phase was communal, peaceful and creative.  It relished art, beauty and the sensual body. Women ruled and men gained power through marriage.   The second age was the patriarchy, which began when the horse people swept down from the North.  They viewed themselves as superior people because of their ability to conquer more peaceful people, and they revered their aggressive warriors and the priestly caste of high standing.  They relished heroes, the mind and achievement.  The matriarchal times were communal. The patriarchal times celebrated the individual. They are distinct phases of human development.

I acknowledge this is a Euro-centric view of reality, but I believe it’s the dominant evolutionary creative principle in our lives at this moment.  We have entered a time when these two polarities – the feminine and the masculine – are realising what they can create together.  And in their powerful embrace, something wonderful is seeking to be born.  That wonderful newling is a way of being that effortlessly blends our so called masculine and feminine.  In other words we can create a life that is successful and satisfying through connecting with our inner awareness.  We are learning that when we allow our every day self to be guided by our inner knowing good things happen.

This seems obvious, but even though of us who consider ourselves very aware are still struggling with this concept.  Deep down in our cells is the belief that our feelings and our intuition are just waiting to lead us astray, that they are working against, rather than for, our greater good.  Why else would we have to work so hard to tune in?  This idea is easy to say .. oh so easy to say .. and yet much more difficult to live.  We are entering the complex and mysterious world of chemical messengers, brain frequencies, the effects of intimacy on mood, a whole new subtle way of understanding what it means to be a conscious human in the 21st century.  We are beginning an experiment in living that is beyond anything humanity has experienced before.

When Pallas arose fully formed from her father’s head she had no need of time to develop.  The patriarchy needed her blessing and she had to go to war!  Pallas brings such incredible gifts of wisdom and understanding that have, for the past 2,000 years, been used for the benefit of the warlike pattern of growth.  Pallas the weaver is about to begin a new story that returns her to the root of her feminine wisdom and to her mother Metis, the triple goddess.  Pallas is both a warrior and a wise woman.  She knows exactly what needs to be done.  It involves allowing the gifts of the girl to come out to dance, our early dreams that were stillborn, the natural progression of self that was squashed to fit into the needs of the machine.  This is powerful intimate and personal work of self creation, and it aligns perfectly with the larger evolutionary scope of the cosmos.

 Img: Gustav Klimt, Pallas Athena, Wien Karlsplatz Museum Vienna. (This image is in the public domain)

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2 thoughts on “Are You Feeding Your Dreams To The Machine?

  1. I like this word, “machine” (about the human world we have created), and I am borrowing it. 🙂

    It makes so much sense, and brings a sudden clarity.

    When you live in, and as, a forest, you create forest/life. When you live in, and as, machine, the Machine uses your creativity… to create machines (technology, mechanisms, etc).

    Lovely… kim!

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