New Moon: Finding Our Feet on New Ground

This is a time of the beginnings of endings. We have been living for hundreds of years in a system that shut out most of reality, and now reality has come calling.

When I say we, I’m talking about things like white privilege, our economic system, colonialism and other trappings of western patriarchy. As movements like #metoo and #blacklivesmatter break down the tightly held construct of what we (again) used to think of as life, we find ourselves at a tipping point.

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This is where the system becomes unstable. This is where we find our feet on new ground.

Revealing what’s hidden

On 19th August we have a New Moon in the Gate of The Abyss. Lest you panic right here, know that this gate can evoke fear and anxiety because it draws out what is dangerous because it is hidden. The fear arises not from the thing itself, but from our anxiety about what might happen once it comes into the light.

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The Sun, Moon and Mercury are all in Gate 29 – The Abyss. Master Huang poetically describes the energy of this gate as

falling but not drowned, in danger but not lost

We are plunging into difficulty, but there are clear pathways through. They are not the old ways, but require us to find a new consciousness of how to live. You must see the truth of your lived reality in this present moment, and be unreservedly present to your own knowing. Your security comes from saying yes to your own courage to be alive.

The Sun and Moon are in line 3: take the opportunity to rest rather than keep digging yourself further into danger. Mercury is in line 4: There is a small opening to the light, you might wish it were more but there’s no call for you to be heroic, instead be simple and discrete.

Joining these three planets is asteroid Astraea, in Gate 46. Astraea is a catalyst for a new golden age of humanity. Her suggestion? Find that point of connection, that light at the end of the tunnel and use it to encourage all your efforts. Step into the creative flow and great things suddenly become possible.

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This is a gate of saying yes wholeheartedly. Your energy wants to engage, but you have to really clear about WHAT you want to engage with, how much of it, for how long. It’s not a mental figuring, quite the reverse, our minds might have us saying yes to a whole lot of things that have our body wilting with lack of true engagement.

The Earth is in the Gate of Clarity, gate 30, sitting with Damocles. In line 3 it says:

this is the end of one phase of your life and the light of endings colours everything. Move into the present moment, celebrate what you have achieved, what has brought to you here and now. If you resist and dwell on what you’ve lost, the light and colour will fade from your visions.

The Gate of Clarity asks us to live a life that contributes to a higher culture and better understanding of the world. Damocles is about the anxiety of things breaking down. There is something in most of us that is comfortable living in the world of the patriarch. But it’s time for us to stop fearing our own powers of creation. It’s time for us to try out our emergent leadership potential.

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Tipping the World on its Head

Venus is in the Gate of Hardship (39), letting us know being in the flow is not about submitting to fate, or to ‘The Program’. That would mean quelling your desires, abandoning your unique purpose. But it’s also not about making things happen. When we find ourselves out of flow and in hardship, we can be provoked to push forward when we need to keep still, return home, rest and reassess. We need a fresh take on our difficulties.

Img: Yoskay Yamamoto

A newly named dwarf planet is activating the channel with Venus. Gonggong is a Chinese water god known for creating apocalyptic destruction. He got a bit upset one day and tipped the world on it’s head.

The good news is that the goddess Nuwa (or Nugua), who, by the way, created humanity in the ancient Chinese cosmology, sorted things out by replacing the eight pillars that held Heaven and Earth in place.

It’s really a sign of the (receding) times that there is a dwarf planet named for the destructor god Gonggong, and not even an asteroid named for the Creatrix Nuwa. But it’s good to know that didn’t stop her from sorting out the disaster and putting the world to rights.

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Gonggong is slow, spending over 8 years in each gate. Right now he’s in the Gate of Abundance (55). In line 5 his message (actually I think this is Nuwa’s message) is:

A beautiful new creation is being chosen and designed here. This is to be celebrated! We are ushering in a whole new order and bring the gift of confidence and independent strength.

There are two longer term transits influencing our lives at the moment.

The North Node is making a channel with Neptune, creating blockages that trigger uncomfortable emotions and break down old ideas about who we are. The North Node in Gate 12, Blockages, asks us to stop, takes some time to get re-aligned with a more authentic version of ourselves. We may rail against being held back, but it has the effect of making sure we’ve divested ourselves of everything old and worn out before we move on again.

The South Node is in Gate 11, which is home to the Galactic Centre and the place where heaven and earth are in perfect relationship (thanks again Nuwa!). Gonggong’s task here is to hide our true purpose from us (in Gate 55 which deals with eclipses) until we have clear energy for new solutions, new pathways.

The city crumbles, the ground is levelled. Flow has brought change, leaving nothing to attack. The old constructions are no long viable and you are coming into alignment with the spirits and your new mandate from heaven. Declare this mandate, announce your authentic purpose from the seat of your authority. The soldiers can become farmers again, and cultivate new fields.

South Node in 11 line 6

That last bit about the farmers may feel quaint, but it’s actually the quantum field at work. The line between the material and quantum dimensions is held in place by our woundedness, our trauma, our need to defend ourselves. The soldiers represent this old way of being. The farmers are the creators, who only defend when it is healthy and necessary to do so.

New Moons bring a rush of fresh energy, ready for a new cycle of growth. This new moon in particular asks you to notice the old stale energy and the light clarity of new beginnings.

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8 thoughts on “New Moon: Finding Our Feet on New Ground

  1. It really feels like there is nothing to do and that nothing is everything.
    Everything, just for now.
    Thank you Kim. This brings a strange unknowing comfort.

  2. Spot on once again Kim!

    Particularly resonant is the NN channel with Neptune and Gate 12, Blockages. So many old, worn out energies and approaches – especially in relation to how I create abundance (money, in this case) – coming up right now. Very uncomfortable. I feel like I’m living in a Groundhog Day cycle of trying to leave my ‘old’ profession – teaching in high schools – to working at something much more autonomous and authentic.

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