Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse –

Amidst all that is happening right now it hardly seems possible to add in the extra energy of a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse! And yet, here it is upon us!


Transits for September 2015
Transits for September 2015


There are some major themes playing out around family, as we’d expect with Jupiter and Neptune in the Gate of Community, Family and Friends. But the September elipse season has taken us beyond our usual concept of family. We have layer upon layer upon layer of relationship, past present and future, in this Full Moon.


The Sun is conjunct Juno, the Asteroid representing Divine Union.

venus-and-mars-geraldine-arataJuno represents our personal growth path towards divine union. It also has a cosmic scope.

Juno is the meeting point between feminine and masculine. On an evolutionary time frame, she shows our journey from matriarchy to patriarchy to … whatever we might call what we’re entering into now – the joining together of the two energies.

While there has been an upsurge of feminine consciousness on the planet in the past few decades, this purely represents a rebalancing. It’s not a return to anything from the past, but the creation of something entirely new.

This is affecting us personally and culturally. I work with so many women who are inundated with fear about trusting their intuition just now. Of course, it has been a danger zone in so many ways for millenium now, to even admit that our intuition is of value in navigating life. And it is also a scary thing to let go of all the pushing and activity that comes with the unbalanced masculine. That’s our personal evolutionary edge right now.

On the cultural level I’m watching the pushback we are getting from conservative white males who want to return to the good old days when they had a firm hand on their illusion of control. Grassroots movements in business, government and social change are pushing them way past what they understand and there’s no going back.

Who’s winning the gender war? We all are, because an outbreak of peace is upon us.


Divine Union or F#%$ Off?

While Juno is spreading her consort kind of love around, she’s joined by two energies that don’t sit so well with relationship. Jupiter is in the Gate of aloneness (40). So we may want to be with our honey, but we also … well it’s just so nice to be alone! We are releasing the sticky co-dependent patterns of relationship just now and it can be confusing!

And then right opposite the Sun and Juno is Vesta in Gate 17. Vesta is not so much into relationships. She’s busy doing her own thing and loving it.

It’s not that we have to choose between the polarity of aloneness or togetherness. Rather, with Neptune also playing into this story, we are healing and shifting our capacity to remain intact whilst also garnering all the love and support we desire.


One Planet, Many People Looking For A Home 

It’s not just gender wars that are resolving. We are healing cultural wars as well. National boundaries are falling under the weight of our shared humanity.

Jupiter opposing Neptune is activating a global refugee crisis, bringing up the reality of one planet, one people. The last time Jupiter opposed Neptune, we created the UN Convention on Refugees. Interestingly, at the time, the Nodes were in the Family and Community channel where Jupiter and Neptune find themselves now.

The current situation is not sustainable. If this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse has a central core, it’s about sustainability in all its guises. And that sustainability demands that we face the trauma in our shared DNA codes and find a new way to relate to each other. This is a deep and powerful shift.

The call in Europe is that the refugee intake, which was previously considered generous, is now woefully inadequate for dealing with literally millions of people pouring out of Syria. But just how do we take in and incorporate this flood of humanity? How do we find homes for everyone when there are so many of us?

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of looking within to see the parallel of global events. Right here and right now, what I see is that we have raised our consciousness of our own traumas and so there are hidden aspects of ourselves rising into the light. Our personal response to the so-called refugee crisis could be to look inside us for what is fleeing oppression (as it occured in the past and has been encoded in our dna, which is shifting and healing), and where can we find a home for those aspects in our current lives.

We all need to belong, and yet as the veils have been lifting many of us have begun to feel so strongly our underlying sense of not belonging, not fitting in, not being at home in our bodies, on this planet. Ophelia in the Gate of the Traveller shows our sense of invisibility as we wander through our lives wondering where are our people and how can we find a home.


It’s All Source

The key here is to stop, be in each moment and live in appreciation for what we do have rather than succumb to that most active principle of continuing to try to work out what more we should DO, what we can achieve, how we can get control! What do you risk if you allow yourself to drop through the fear that keeps you being here, embodied, just you as you are right now.

There is fear and greed here. A hunger that can’t be filled with food or belongings. What we hunger for is acceptance, support, belonging, love. Partly this is triggered by Pluto completing his journey in Gate 38, the gate of struggling on alone. Our fears, our trauma, our old DNA coding doesn’t allow us to see what’s right in front of us. Billions of us all wandering around feeling alone!

Much of this trauma goes back to masculine v’s feminine or western culture v’s indigenous, the more ‘sophisticated’ version of humanity wanting to be better than the more organic. But these kinds of duality, this kind of sophistication, denies a universal truth – that we all come from the one source.

Dwarf planet Makemake and Asteroid Nemesis are conjunct the North Node in Gate 46. Makemake is all about sustainability and Nemesis says we can’t keep ignoring that everything we have on this planet comes from the gods/goddesses. There is no such thing as luck, just devotion to source. And with Vesta, planet of devotion, conjunct the Earth, I see the concept of appreciation for what we have in our lives as paramount just now.  We can have a luxury holiday, or sip lattes by the ocean, but this is simply another gift from source. Can you feel how relaxing that is?  How loved we are? How taken care of and supported and valued we are?

One of the main areas of appreciation must be for the important people in our lives, the people we purport to love. Do they get in the way of our habitual routine for trying to manage our lives? Do we hold them at bay as we soothe ourselves in our aloneness? Or are they the key to breaking through into a whole new and more relaxed way of living?




We can try to ignore the inconvenience of others, but the reality is, we are social critters and need our loved ones. We can try to hold back the past pain of rejection, isolation, critisism, being ignored or considered strange, unloveable, unlikeable … I could go on…. and on …  Or we can be here now and trust in our most beloved co-creators, whether they have arrived in our physical reality or are still finding their merry way to our door.

Neptune is in the Gate of Personal Boundaries within ‘families’. The refugees are literally flooding the boundaries of the European family right now, busting them open, demanding we look, we see what is happening, we take responsibility not just for what is inside our own boundaries but what is going on for everyone else as well. How can we sustain such a shock to our system? To our orderly ways of living? This is a major global healing of trauma held in the codes of our DNA.

If our people, our tribe, do turn up en masse, can we deal?

Just as we try to carry on regardless of what horrors others around the world may be experiencing, there is also story of you that has been suppressed. Your feelings, your perceptions, your experiences, your way of understanding the world. It’s coming loose from it’s hiding place and making it’s way out into your day to day life, wandering like a refugee looking for a new home. It won’t be comfortable. This is not a one-lifetime thing. This story has probably been hidden by many generations down your line of ancestory.

We’ve had a great example of this in Australia, where one of our much-loved comedians, Magda Subanski, has come out and written about her life and discovering that her father was an assassin in WW2.  Another sign of this shift is the recent release of reseach confirming what you and I already knew, that intergenerational trauma is coded into DNA. One of the major ways Human Design supports us is to give us tools that heal those intergenerational traumas, to, in effect, de-code them from our DNA.

What is seeking to shake loose in you right now? Mars in the Gate of Dispersing says:

Amidst the swirling uncertainties, what are you still sure of? Perhaps an essential truth comes into view or you can simply see more clearly what will work. Grasp this and there will no longer be any need to regret what was lost. It turns out that what you have is all you need for now.


Full Moon The Full Moon is in Gate 17, the Sun in Gate 18. These two gates represent correcting family patterns so as to release ourselves more into the universal flow of life – cosmic flow, cosmic family!

The image of Gate 17, as described by Hilary Barrett is this:

In spring the dragon flies over the fields and brings rain, but over winter he sleeps at the bottom of the lake. As the dragon and the noble one know, energy is stored up below the level of conscious activity, and so to connect with it you need to go inside and sleep. Instead of obsessively pursuing your desires, stop and rest in accordance with the season.

In line 1, the Full Moon speaks to us of letting go of our enculturated roles, our masks and false faces, the self concepts we grasp hold of to keep us safe. If you were no-one but who you were in this moment, who would you be?

If you didn’t have to work really hard to be loved, to be accepted, to be successful, who would you be? How would you live your life?

To begin joining in the flow, step outside your official role so you have more allegiance to your fellow humans and to the truth, and less to formalities and positions. It’s good to leave your familiar corner and go all the way out the gates, where you can participate in the whole group and be guided by it’s larger story.

We are  being called to let go of who we think we are. Our ego constructs are cracking and creaking. We can take a rest from holding so tightly to an identity that thrives on isolation and struggle to stay safe. We must open up to others, those we love and those we have yet to learn to love. We are emerging into global family and to do so we are facing our own internal traumas and releasing our fears of being washed away by the floods.

I want to finish up by recommending Barbara Frederickson’s wonderful book Love 2.0.



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4 thoughts on “Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse –

  1. This Neptune in 37 ( and Pluto in 38) is making archetypal sense of the ” unearthing ” of the deception and criminal behaviors of American icon Bill Cosby. Neptune can show us where delusion/ illusion is festering . Bill Cosby was seen as an impeccable man of honor who truly emodied his beloved tv persona – Dr. Cliff Huxtible. While Cosby gained fame ,fortune and great respect for his ” family values ” and work ethic and moral high ground – he was ( for over 30 years ) drugging and raping scores of unsuspecting young women. His hubris and seemingly spotless character along with the culture of ” if he’s rich and famous – he must be honorable ” guaranteed his success at silencing his victims and perpetuating his squeaky clean facade. It wasn’t until the women ( spanning many generations) began to talk to each other – and support each other ( regardless of consequence ) that the tide began to turn and their stories were taken seriously . The gift of Pluto in 38 is the absolute struggle for the truth – it is honorable and important . Neptune in 37 helped to ” turn the tide” ( ha- no pun intended!! ) in that the illusion of Cosby’s moral character could not survive the weight of the ground swell of consistent , courageous truth -telling in the face of much backlash . Rape is still a crime where the shame of the victim ( and judgement by society ) is thrust upon the victim ( by and large) and not the perpetrator. It’s outrageous . But ..it is shifting ..

    1. It’s interesting that you use the word hubris Carolyn. I talk about Nemesis in this post and she is all about bringing down hubris, those who are hubristic (is that a word?) get their comeupance under her perview.

      And ha! I just looked up hubristic and it IS a world! Happy days 🙂

      I love that tide shifting of the movement of shaming. We have so much going on here with sexual assault being revealed within institutions. Nessus is the minor planet most likely involved when we are looking at abuse patterns generally and sexual assault specifically. Cosby has his Nessus in 3.4, conjunct his Design Venus in 3.6.

  2. Dear Kim

    I cannot tell you how much this post means to me right now! Thanks a ton!….feeling it all…and how!
    Your words also shone light on something that simply slips my mind often – that what we feel and are going through is part of an intergenerational trauma that we carry…..and when I saw what I’ve been going through, in that way, something changed, shifted inside…..the burden feels less of a burden….thanks so much!

    1. I’m so glad Priya, it’s helped me so much to get the bigger picture! It makes it less of a personal burden and more of an adventure in consciousness 🙂

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