Full Moon January 2015 – The Flow of Life Returning

Have you made any great new years resolutions?  Here’s mine:


Hey I didn’t want to set the bar too high!  Or force anything, which, as you’ll see, is very important right now.

We started out 2015 with a profound emotional shift that sets the stage for the entire year. This six day transit – it started on new years day! – has been uncomfortable but full of power.  It ends with tomorrow’s Full Moon, where the Sun is conjunct transformational Pluto, and the Earth and Moon create a pathway straight to refined Neptune.

Pluto and Neptune have been joining forces to shift our capacity to be truly seen.  This has been an emotional soup, but the gems of new understanding have been descending on us like fairy dust from heaven.

The whole experience is a deep transformation of our emotions, lifting us to more subtle and refined emotional experiences. We get to release some old stories of how life is hard and we have to struggle on alone, and to listen to others about how their experience is exactly the same.  Fancy that! We’ve all been feeling alone and isolated as an orphan, every one of us, all here together doing the same thing.

Here’s the Full Moon chart:

Full Moon 5 January 2015


The Root Centre represents our shared consensual belief in our material reality.  It’s all about relationships –  the feeling and intelligence in our feet and legs as we soak up our dynamic contact with the earth, the creative force of kundalini – the most potent evolutionary force in human consciousness, our instinct for survival and our ability to give birth to form.

When we have coherence in the Root Centre we are stable, present and capable in our world. We hold our own unique form, and relate and create with ease and joy.  Coherence comes from integration, within ourselves and with our experiences.  It’s pretty common to celebrate struggle against the odds, but we can become fixated on progress at the expense of our own health and wellbeing, and at the expense of harmony.  Just look at the environmental issues we’re facing as a shout out on that one!




One of the myths we share is created by media in countless images of flawless people who are glamorous, have complete control and never sweat the small stuff.  Have you ever met such a person?  This transit is about us learning that we share a human experience.  Not one of us is really an outsider.

The Nodes have just shifted and the North Node, which represents what’s uncomfortable but unavoidable just now, says:

You might want to hold yourself apart from the flow of receiving and giving, for fear of losing your freedom and autonomy in the constant exchange.  Yet only when you remove the barriers and become part of the flow can you experience the true essence of the situation and tap into its deeper potential and effortless plenty.

Hilary Barrett, I Ching 

Pluto and Neptune have been sitting in long term transits affecting the Root Centre. Both planets are currently in the Individual circuit, which gives us our drive to express our uniqueness.  One huge issue in the past has been the way we have been bound up by fear and trapped in our Root Centre, unable to have the loving and creative relationships that will release us into a new world.  Caught in our own painful stories, stuck defending old wounds to our right to exist as individuals, we have been deaf to the wonder of creating as a team.

This week’s transits have reconnected us with our ancestors, with our allies, with our original purpose. What we used to fear, those nasty people out there who were seeking to oppose and obstuct us, is being released into blessing. This is the beginning of a beautiful new creation, ushering in a whole new order of life and bringing the gift of confidence and independent strength.

What makes this Full Moon particularly interesting – if that wasn’t enough yet! – is that Mercury and Venus are in the Gate of Limitation. Oh no! I hear you cry.  But hark, here comes the good news.  This is THE gate of giving birth on the material plane.

Now some of you may remember that God, yes him, cursed women with having to give birth in pain and if we think about ‘birthing’ as creating on the material plane, it seems a lot of the guys have come along with that particular ride.  Living on earth has for many become struggle city.

I was reading a book about manifesting over the weekend and I noticed the phrase – when you imagine with feeling, you force the universe to create what you desire.  Can I just bring your attention to one teeny tiny word in that sentence – the word FORCE!!  Is that how we, most magical of creatures, want to live and create?


Human Seed by Mathew Brass


The Root Centre, where all the fun is right now, is a pressure centre.  The word pressure is, in my humble opinion, pretty unfortunate.  It suggests, well, FORCE.  But this is the home of that incredible energy – kundalini.  In her amazing book on Kundalini, Mary Scott says:

It originates as the first uprising of the will to create.  At this stage it is motionless within the darkness and silence of the void.  It then begins to stir and from then on is inseperable with movement since creation involves change.

Ah …. change!  Let’s go back and look at Mercury and Venus in that dreaded Gate of Limitation. It is part of the Channel of Mutation, which is all about MAJOR change.  The Gate of Limitation says – hey there, if you want to create something in physical form it has to come down out of the ether, out of your imaginings and into this dense space/time reality we have chosen to play in.

Yes, there is limitation, but it’s about making things real.  And there is a real joy to that.  Consider the difference between the imagined and longed for child in the womb (so perfect!) and that first moment of holding a baby. Sure he’s going to grow into a flawed human being, just like you, but the whole process from birth to death is beyond a miracle!

Oh and, all those old beliefs you’ve been holding onto like grim death.  You can release them now.  The kind of limitation that works in the quantum realm has not much at all to do with the protestant work ethic, and a whole lot to do with dancing with your kundalini, imagining wonderful outcomes and trusting your relationship with life and the earth (upon which you stand).

This is YOUR life, YOUR world, YOUR creation.  There is no external FORCE. There is the wonderfully gentle and loving dance of life that flows up through your feet and into your life, filling the spaces of your own personal space/time reality with the best you can imagine.  This is a different kind of movement, a new flow I invite you to experiment with over the next few days.


Image:  http://www.earthspiritwisdom.com/shamanic-dance/workshop/

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7 thoughts on “Full Moon January 2015 – The Flow of Life Returning

  1. I love this! I could certainly feel a very powerful shift with this new year:) Feels a lot different than 2014.
    Thanks for always writing such awesome blogs and keeping us in the HD loop!

    1. Hey Laura, you are more than welcome! Saturn will be in 34 nearly all year, blog post coming on that one. It will be big for you! ♡

  2. Thank you for another breath of fresh air – following another discussion of how things truly must change and knowing the only way through it is with trusting in my divine capacity to create. Your blogs continue to inspire. Many blessings!

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