Full Moon March 2015 – Are We There Yet?

outiharma1Some of you might remember in early January when I decided to take the rest of the month off.  I made that choice because every time I turned on my computer and tried to work, the internet seemed to be screaming at me – start your new program diet creative endeavour relationship business now!!##!!!  I could barely breathe for the pressure of all the emails and facebook posts coming at me, urging me to make the most of 2015. As if it all had to happen in a rush.

So I went to the beach, hung out with my family and met my new love.  All together a well spent few weeks.

That kind of go-getting energy is on the way out.  It has it’s place of course, but it’s place isn’t here and now. Mostly it’s in the past.  We are opening to a gentler more receptive way of being in the world, attuning to subtle shifts and responding to invitations, inspiration and impulses as they arise. There is so much less doing in that way of being.

We are in transition.  The situation is fragile, even tenuous, as we use our energy to create a new pattern of living.

What makes it disquieting is what is lurking at the periphery.  It feels as if our every achievement may be threatened or sabotaged and that it all may come tottering down around our knees.  This is simply the old patterning trying to cling to life by drawing your attention back again and again – look at me! I’m a problem that needs fixing! You should stop feeling so good and come feel bad with me!

Simple message here – don’t be fooled into putting your time and energy into propping anything up. And be very aware of what you are creating just now.  If you are rushing, trying to fill gaps and assuage emptiness, you are very likely building with old materials.  You could have old trauma coming up, ancient memories of catastrophes that have you skipping to get back into your comfort zone.  Resist that impulse, and wait through your reaction to shock because there you create a new and different story of who you are and what your life is about when you go with the slower response.

What’s been threatening and different in the past can now be transformed into an opportunity for creating permanently constructive outcomes.  How can you see life as your partner, rather than an adversary to be outwitted?

Tomorrow’s Full Moon is all about making a transition. There’s a fine balance in any transition.  Should you hold back and find your feet or rush forward and sample what’s on offer?  I suggest you do both.  Waltz pass GO, move directly to the very centre of your own life and dive in.  Once you are there, feel your way through the thorny tangle of circumstances with great care, tangle by tangle coming free under your absolute intention to move on with your dreams.

And move on you will, because you have already made your commitment, and the desires and shifts arising are the outward sign of your inner agreement already made.  We’ve arrived, but it sort of doesn’t quite feel like it. Because we are still filling in the bits that make it real, rather than a wonderful imagining.


Full Moon – 5 March 2015 at 18:05 UT



The two gates activated by the Sun and Moon are in the Head Centre aka the crown chakra.  We are inspired to figure out where we are going.  We are thinking thinking thinking our way away from our suffering, away from our doubts and confusions.  Well, not really. That’s what we think we are doing.  And something long past it’s due date believes that’s how we make progress.  But come back to that idea I mentioned at the beginning of this post.


We are opening to a gentler more receptive way of being in the world, attuning to subtle shifts and responding to invitations, inspiration and impulses as they arise. There is so much less doing in that way of being.


We don’t need to think ourselves free so much as BE ourselves free.  We can relax into anything that seems to cause us pain and suffering, and find the seed of a constructive outcome in that situation.  Because there is always a constructive outcome.  These changes have a long way to go, so let go of any anxious imaginings that are not yet real and make yourself quite open to what is already real.  Your existing commitments, agreements and expectations must be dealt with. We are gently untangling and moving on, with the most deft touch we can muster.

You don’t need to know what happens further down the path.  You just need to be gently present with now and create success for yourself in this moment, and the next and the next. In following through like this, you stay loyal to your original reasons for being here in this life.  You are creating a pattern that will hold your way of life for many many years to come.  Take some time to craft it well.

The Sun is sextile Pluto.  Venus is square Pluto. Pluto is square Uranus.  It’s all good fun till someone tries to stay the same old same old person they have always been, and suddenly life throws you a curve ball.  With this much Pluto energy you really have little choice but to go with the flow of change.


Much of the language in this blog post comes directly from Hilary Barrett’s amazing book I Ching

Image:  Outi Harma

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