Using minor planet Gǃkúnǁʼhòmdímà in your Human Design

Gǃkúnǁʼhòmdímà is a minor planet, discovered in 2007, recently named for the beautiful aardvark girl of the Jul’hoan people of Namibia in Southern Africa. She is an archetype of fierce protective feminine leadership who will lend herself to a spot of violence if necessary. 

Minor planets beyond Pluto are named after indigenous creator or resurrection deities. Gǃkúnǁʼhòmdímà has the quality of a fierce and protective warrior. She helps us find the balance between going along with others, and holding firm to our own unique self-expression. ‘

You can see the discovery chart for Gǃkúnǁʼhòmdímà here https://taraka.io/transit_charts/53968

Her mythology comes from the Namibian people. Gǃkúnǁʼhòmdímà is a beautiful aardvark girl who sometimes appears in stories as a python and sometimes as an elephant. She defends her people and punishes wrongdoers, using spines from a plant known as Devil’s thorn, a raincloud full of hail, and her magicala oryx (a large antelope horn).

The python typically represents transformation. The elephant represents strength and wisdom, but when threatened they can also be dangerous. This seems to reflect in the meaning of Gǃkúnǁʼhòmdímà – she is fierce when called on to defend her people. When there is no threat she settles into her role as a wise and strong leader, guiding her people in ways to connect with each other to manage change. Both roles require strength, wisdom and a deep knowledge of the forces of collective transformation.

When she was discovered in 2007, Gǃkúnǁʼhòmdímà was in Gate 8.2 (Seeking Union) which suggests she is less about conquering and more about the natural affinities of connection between people. This is a powerful modelling of relationship through unique creative expression that finds its correct place. We manage change by being present to what is happening, working on the life we have, gradually evolving new patterns through the pulse of individual mutation. Through this change you know you are blessed, and your contribution is to explore novel new ways for us to come together.

With a 620 year orbit, she has a transpersonal influence, shifting the way in which we connect and collaborate with others. If you have a personal planet (Sun, Earth, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) in the same gate or channel as Gǃkúnǁʼhòmdímà, you are likely to experience her influence more than those who don’t. She will form a strong part of your purpose in this life.

My take on this minor planet is that she brings us back in touch with the kind of fierce warrior energy that was used only to defend her people. So much is made now of aggression as being a core human trait, but there was little evidence of that prior to the era of imperialism – the last few thousands of years. Intent on gradual collective transformation (the serpent), Gǃkúnǁʼhòmdímà says – you can push me so far and I will retreat and respect your space, but if you continue I will push back fiercely (the elephant).

In her discovery chart, Venus and Hekate (wisdom, turning points) are both in Gate 40.5 – you are never truly trapped, you can reach out and convince people to move beyond the limitations of their imagination, the places where they are hidebound by rules and roles.

There is a sense here of leading people by example to push back against incursions that limit our capacity to be ourselves, to notice rules and roles that have limited us, and to find a new confluence of creative collaboration.

Examples of Gǃkúnǁʼhòmdímà

We can see the influence of Gǃkúnǁʼhòmdímà in the increasingly public rise of fierce leadership of black and brown women, particularly in Africa and the USA. We can also see it in movies like Black Panther and The Woman King.

This planet is active in the charts of young women who call out power-over violence. Women like Greta Thunberg, Malala Yousafzai and Emma Gonzales. 

One of my heroes, Stacy Abrams, has Gǃkúnǁʼhòmdímà in the Gate of Arousing (51) with her Chiron. In the adjoining gate 25 she has Chariklo (an ability to imagine and create new and better futures).

Stacy Abrams Human Design chart
Stacy Abrams has minor planet Gǃkúnǁʼhòmdímà and Chiron in Gate 51, and the centaur Chariklo (turning points, creating a new future) in Gate 25. She also has dwarf planet Eris (teamwork, finding what’s hidden in the system) in Gate 21.

I can also see her influence in the women protesting in Iran. Expect more of this kind of ‘we won’t take this anymore’.

When it comes to Gǃkúnǁʼhòmdímà you might think it’s worth looking at people like Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene, the new Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni and the UK’s Liz Truss. Interestingly, these women have much less Gǃkúnǁʼhòmdímà and much more Minerva, which is about pleasing the father figure. 

Which is to say, not all women ‘warriors’ are working with Gǃkúnǁʼhòmdímà. Some are working within the field of a more reactionary ‘patriarchy’s daughter’ archetype. 

Want to find out more?

You can check the position of Gǃkúnǁʼhòmdímà in your Human Design chart at Taraka.io

Since her discovery Gǃkúnǁʼhòmdímà has been transiting in:

  • 2007 – gate 8
  • 2010 – gate 20
  • 2015 – gate 16
  • 2018 – gate 35
  • 2021 – gate 45
  • 2025 – gate 12
  • 2028 – gate 15

These dates are approximate. You can check her exact position by creating a transit chart in Taraka.io for the day you are interested in, and doing a search for Gǃkúnǁʼhòmdímà in the minor planet list. (It’s probably easiest to cut and paste the name rather than try to type it).




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