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Traditionally, when we think of astrology, we think of planets.  And when we think of planets, we think of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – the planets that we have known and loved for so long. They represent what is known and familiar, what we understand.

But our solar system is expanding along with our consciousness, especially around Pluto in an area called the Kuiper Belt where we are discovering a whole new species of dwarf planets – Haumea, Makemake, Quaoar and beyond that to Sedna and Eris.

As we begin to expand our view of ourselves and venture beyond the solar system, we discover some interesting playmates.  Our solar system is not a stand alone system. It’s holographically nested within a larger reality.

It’s time for us to open out beyond our current level of consciousness to explore connections to this galactic energy and what it tells us about who we are becoming.  As Philip Sedgwick says in his book The Soul of the Sky, there is no protective fence around our modest Sun and its gravitational grouping.

We are part of a spiral galaxy called the Milky Way, 100,000 light years across and our Sun is only one of it’s 200 billion stars.  All the stars that you see in the night sky are part of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Milky Way Galaxy ~ Wikimedia Commons
Milky Way Galaxy ~ Wikimedia Commons

At the centre of the Milky Way is a supermassive black hole that we know as The Galactic Centre or the Central Sun. The Milky Way Galaxy is just one of tens of thousands forming a super galaxy that in turn revolves around the Super Galactic Centre.  There are three fixed points on the Human Design chart that emit incredibly powerful energies – the Galactic Centre, the Super Galactic Centre and the Great Attractor.  The Galactic and Super Galactic Centres are both massive black holes.  The Great Attractor is  …  well no one knows quite what it is, but it is close to the biggest thing we know in our universe.

 The Galactic Centre

The Galactic Centre is the centre of the Milky Way. Our solar system (along with every other solar system in the Milky Way) takes 240 million years to spiral around The Galactic Centre, which has at it’s heart a massive black hole.  The Galactic Centre has a fixed astrological position – 27 degrees Sagittarius – so we can locate it within the Human Design chart, in Gate 11 line 5.

Astrologer Philip Sedgwick describes it’s effect on our mind as similar to a computer defrag.  All the old bits – beliefs and ideas – get sucked out, leaving a sort of crazy pattern that may feel quite disjointed and uncomfortable.

When we’re used to holding tight to a stable way of perceiving the world, an activation to the Galactic Centre may leave us feeling quite exposed, confused and vulnerable.  The next stage is that we receive new ideas that may feel ‘out of the box’, a flash of brilliance.

People with planets activating the Galactic Centre in their design can feel as if they are walking to a different drummer.  They often experience  a sense that no one understands what they have to say, and may find that their ideas are ignored, and then later taken up as if they came from someone else.


.. the Galactic Center, also known as the Dark Rift, is the birthplace of our galaxy and still a continually active matrix of creation.    Linea Van Horn, Astrologer


The Galactic Centre is in a fixed position in the Human Design Chart – in Gate 11.5.

Hilary Barrett has this to say about Gate 11 line 5.

This represents a powerful choice to bring about union and harmony, in resonance with the joining of heaven and earth.  It is a supremely auspicious moment, the source of great things. 

With patience you can nourish the new creative potential and be confident it will reach fulfillment. 


People with the adjoining Throat Gate 56 in their design – and especially those with Mercury in Gate 56 – operate as a channel for the Galactic Centre. They provide the voice through which those with Galactic Centre activations can reach out to the world with their ideas.


The Super Galactic Centre

The Earth revolves around the Sun every 365 days. The Sun revolves around the Galactic Centre every 240 million years or so. The Milky Way Galaxy spins around the Super Galactic Centre in a cycle of incomprehensible duration. (Philip Sedgwick, TheSoul of the Sky)


The Super Galactic Centre is a super massive black hole, in a fixed position at 1 Libra 46 24, which puts it in Gate 46 line 4 in the Human Design chart. It has the mass of 30 trillion Suns, but 90% of it’s mass is still hidden from our view.  Within it’s massive orbital influence are 30 galaxies and 3 trillion stars. Let’s just say it’s pretty big.  Super massive black holes act like cosmic vacuum cleaners, insatiably hungry to suck in the mass of orbiting galaxies.

Philip Sedgwick sees the main energy of the Super Galactic Centre to be about soul mate relationships, via serial monogamy. Anyone with a planet in Gate 46 will feel an insatiable hunger for their soul mate, and a powerful desire that they be all things to each other. People with this activation in their design can have incredible magnetism, as they seek to capture and move into the void with their partner. Sometimes they will transmute their need for soul mate to their career or other area of life.

However, if we explore the Super Galactic Centre’s position in the Human Design chart, we can venture beyond the Libran relationship concept and come up with some additional ideas about how it might play out.

Gate 46 is in the G Centre, part of the Cross of the Vessel. It is the Gate of Love, a gate of committing to our hunger for experiencing life in relationship, both with our own physicality and with others. It is gate of vigorous active participation in life, hard work and aligning with our own personal version of warmth and light. This is a gate of serendipity, where we surrender to our own life experiences and find we are always in the right place at the right time.

Hilary Barrett says this about Gate 46 line 4:

It is time to rededicate yourself to your roots and the source of your strength. Steady your present ambitions by anchoring them to the past. Whether or not you can see any prospect of immediate success, this will ultimately mean good fortune.


When our soul is intact, and anchored in our physical body, we attract and relate to each person on our relationship fractal. On the surface this may appear to be about love or business relationships, but there are deeper karmic forces at work here. We are inexorably drawn to those who we have contracts with, to complete the work of this current era of consciousness. This is a shift from Cartesian duality to Quantum oneness, whilst at the same time keeping intact the individual soul self. The nature of quantum reality is built upon relationships.  Activations to the Super Galactic Centre open up DNA and levels of human consciousness that have been dumbed down by linear thinking and the notion that each one of us is a seperate entity, alone in an uncaring world.

The Sabian Symbol for the Super Galactic Centre at 2- degrees Libra is:

The light of the sixth race transmuted to the seventh. 

This aligns with Richard Rudd’s description of the 22nd Gene Key, and the opening of the Seventh Seal when the Divine Essence can finally unite with the material plane. At a collective level, this is the coming of the final human epoch and the return of the human race to it’s original Edenic state. When Jupiter and Venus align with the North Node in Gate 46 in July 2015, Chiron is in Gate 22. Another synchronicity, at that time the Goddess of the Return of the Golden Age, Astraea, is in Gate 12 making a channel with Chiron.

If we approach each person in our lives as if they are our soul mate, a person with whom we have soul work to do, we can stay in our bodies and in the frequency of unconditional love. We may not realise the gift these people have given us till much later, but we can trust in our commitment to the process of holding our frequency, upgrading our emotional vibration and visualising best outcomes. This shifts our experience from one of victim (how could you do this to me?) to one of influence. No longer caught in the karmic wheel of constantly searching for love, we become love, we live as lovers at the soul level.

The Great Attractor

Neither black hole nor quasar, the Great Attractor is huge mysterious gravitational force ‘slowly sipping  upon a liquid flow of galaxies, drawing them into it’s huge gravitational grip at an astonishing 600 km/sec.”  (Philip Sedgwick, The Soul of The Sky)

The Great Attractor (GA) bends both space and time, giving a simultaneous view of the past, present and future.  It appears to be receding from us and approaching us at the same time, and heading in both directions at an almost impossibly fast pace.

In the Human Design chart, the GA sits in a fixed position in Gate 5 line 3.

The Great Attractor in the Human Design Chart

When the GA is activated, either in your chart or by transit, a choice occurs. Curiosity pulls you towards accepting an intriguing invitation to engage with something that captures your interest and draws your attention.  Once you connect, you are inexorably drawn into a journey of exploration which begins on a specific frequency.  However, a single idea soon leads into an understanding of the vastness of what we have connected with.

The crucial point in working with the energy of the GA is that although you are conscious of the entire range of frequencies available in your chosen area of interest, you must choose only one specific and critically important (to you) area of focus in order to make use of the energy. This is not the same as having a narrow view, because the GA doesn’t support such a thing.  It means having a specific focus within an immense spectrum of meaning.

It’s entirely probable that the GA supports a way of connecting with core soul unity – the perfect frequency for our soul mission.   Because of your soul trajectory, you are perfectly placed to draw meaning from this particular set of circumstances.

The GA can be a place of madness.  After all, there is only a hairs breadth between spiritual transcendence and pyschological breakdown.  What makes the difference is that we are aware of the past and can carry it’s messages into the future, that we tune into understanding what could go wrong and make the necessary adjustments.

People with connections to the GA in their standard chart tend to effortlessly draw attention whatever they do.  They also have the capacity to bring something from the past and project it into a brand new future.

Richard Rudd says, in his book Genekeys, that the 5th Gate contains all the codes and patterns of biological life with a shadow element of impatience and fear of death, and ultimately a fear of lack of meaning and order.   On a positive note, it holds the ability to trust in the implicit order and timing of the universe.

My own experience with this Gate is that is holds the earth timing, while the adjoining gate 15 holds the galactic timing.  The fear Rudd talks about is, in my opinion, created by our conditioning that keeps us locking into an earth based consciousness – a genetic  holdover from the days when believing that the Earth was part of something larger, rather than the centre of God’s universe, could get you into a whole world of trouble with the church.  Breaking out of that fear and discovering that our cells also hold a much larger sense of order and meaning is the message held by the GA.

On 6th June 2012 we experience a rare Venus transit.  Just two days beforehand there is a Full Moon directly conjunct the GA, representing a call to a greater soul mission.  It’s up to us whether we choose to accept it

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11 thoughts on “Galactic Centres

  1. Thank you for a very interesting reading! This is so on point! I can relate to everything described in this article. I have my natal Pluto at 2 degrees of Libra conjunct SGC and Mars with a three degree orb. I also have my sun at 14 degrees of Libra sextile the GC + the moon with a tree degree orb as well, and Jupiter conjunct GA with a three degree orb and my Venus trine Jupiter as well. It felt like you were talking about me personally 🙂

  2. What a splendid presentation! it took me to completely different spheres which I am not aware about. this knowledge is endless! thanks for the article..

    1. Hi Claudia, It is in a fixed position, so it’s always in Gate 11 line 5. The Great Attractor (Gate 5.3) and Super Galactic Centre (Gate 46.4) are in fixed positions as well. Enjoy!

      1. Great article Kim, I love the Galactics.

        Just to point out that they change lines every 67 years or so. The current positions are:

        Galactic Center: 27° Sag 09’ 47” (11.5).
        Great Attractor: 14° Sag 15’ 53” (5.4).
        Super Galactic Center: 2 Libra 22’29” (46.5).

        The GC was in 11.3 from 28 May 1831 to 9 April 1898, then in 11.4 until 11 March 1966 when it entered 11.5 until 1 Feb 2033.

        The SGC was in 46.3 from 14 Feb 1861 to 31 Dec 1928, then in 46.4 until 20 November 1995 when it entered 46.5 until 21 Nov 2062.

        The GA was in 5.2 from 1 February 1882 to 8 April 1949, then in 5.3 until 23 April 2016, when it entered 5.4 until 30 December 2083.

        Dates approximate as they go retrograde (in Astro Gold).

        The general practice with degree symbols is to round up to the next degree. So for instance, the current Sabian Symbol for the SGC (2° Libra 22’29”) is 3 Libra: “The dawn of a new day, everything changed”.

        My symbols of choice are those of my astrology teacher John Sandbach’s ‘The Circular Temple’. Part of his title for 3 Libra is “The perceiving of reality in a new and creative manner” and his set of four 4 symbols for this degree are:

        “A painting upside-down in a museum. No one notices the mistake.” (Omega Symbol)
        “The Sun rises into a parallel universe”. (Pleiadian Symbol)
        “An inaccurate, imaginative map of the world.” (Chandra Symbol)
        “On an altar a bowl full of darkness and a bowl full of light.” (Azoth Symbol)

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