Is Your Inner Goddess Invisible?

A few years back I began to notice one particular asteroid turning up in significant positions in the charts of my private clients.  That asteroid was Ophelia. I went searching. There was nothing about her in the astrological literature. It was as if she was invisible. And that’s exactly what my clients were feeling – invisible!  Since that time Ophelia has been one of my go-to asteroids, particularly in women’s charts. There is something within each of us that has been lost in the tumult of daily life and Ophelia is a key to what that something is. It is a clue to what we need to recover as we step out of our cultural roles and into a central position in our own lives.

John William Waterhouse – Ophelia

Ophelia has been tuning us into what has been invisible even to ourselves, since 18 May 2015 when both she and asteroid Vesta moved into the emotional manifestor channel 35/36.

This channel is about discovering, through our experiences, what has been wounded within us, what light has been dimmed, and how it can now emerge from your character.  Think back over your experiences in the past 10 days, what has felt invisible? What have you longed for others to see?

Ophelia and Vesta will both be in this channel between 18 May and the Full Moon on 2 June 2015. The energy of the channel itself provides a interesting juxtaposition with Vesta, who represents our own personal sacred flame. The energy of the gate – wounded brightness – and the planet Vesta – sacred flame – work perfectly together.

Where has your own inner light been kept at a low wattage?  Your light now wants to shine brightly again and you are hungry for experiences and adventures where you can live from that place.

vesta~illuminareVesta is a fabulous planet in your design. She is not only about your inner light.  She goes deeper than that, into the very heart of the ancient goddess, family, community and matrilineal lineage.

The Vestal Virgins of Ancient Rome come within Vesta’s realm. These priestesses tended Vesta’s eternal fire in a temple designed to ensure the safety of the Roman Empire. But like all Greek and Roman goddesses, there is a more ancient story and the promise of resurrection in our modern times.

Vestal virgins were originally goddesses, keepers of the sexual rites honouring the generative powers of the Moon Goddess.  Their inner flame was not a solar but a lunar energy – the reflected fire of moonlight rather than the direct gaze of the sun. They brought the fertilizing powers of the goddess into effective contact with the everyday lives of human beings.

In modern times Vesta shows the pathway from sexual ownership to powerful fertile goddess, from barren spinsters and dutiful wives to sexual sovereignty and self determination.  Vesta is the place in your design where you connect with what you are truly devoted to, the place where you are touched and illuminated by the Moon Goddess.

There’s another important aspect to Vesta and this is playing into an important evolutionary theme right now.  In Ancient Greece the sacred hearth flame was carried by women from their mother’s hearth to their new homes. The journey of sacred flames throughout generations provided an ongoing connection for women to their source of nourishment, nurturing and mother love.  Men also carried a portion of that flame when they emigrated, to link their new community back to their homeland. Vesta represents our home, our hearth, our roots.  She represents our desire to create and maintain warm, loving and nurturing families and communities.

It took over 1000 years to suppress the matriarchy, and during that millenium women learnt to hide and protect their power, their magic, their sisterly relationships. These gifts are returning to our consciousness, but after so long we are unsure in their presence.  Are we ready? Can we wield such power? Will be we safe? We are pulling the pin on the whole ‘protecting the patriarchy’ story and stepping back into our own gloriousness. We are making pathways out of moon and starlight and spreading our footprints upon the earth.

Today Mars enters Gate 35, and adds an additional trigger to this already powerful combination. Arachne is there as well, prompting us to rush forward in our attempts to get free. But this is both a beginning and an ending.  A long term project and an immediate event. We should settle in for a new cycle of 12,000 golden years and also pay attention to what is right in front of us, the practical steps we need to take today. We are weaving a new reality, rekindling an ancient flame, arousing our kundalini and recovering our devotion to our own sacred flame. This is a daily round of undertakings and each small step is a dance with our own divinity.

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