Dwarf Planet Gonggong in your Human Design

The fifth largest dwarf planet in our solar system started life with the nickname Snow White. In 2019, twelve years after its initial discovery, it was renamed Gonggong after a Chinese water god.

I loved Snow White and wrote about her many times. It’s strange to have her now showing up with this completely different personality. This monster who terrorised prehistoric China. Or perhaps he was a hero, we shall see!

Mythology of Gonggong

Gonggong appears in the ancient Chinese Heavenly Questions, written by Qu Wan, a poet and politician who lived during the Warring Period, and also in literature from the period of the Han dynasty.

He is described as having a copper human head with an iron forehead, red hair, and the body of a serpent or a human head and torso with the tail of a serpent.

Gonggong has a tendency to destructive conflict. He was exiled after fighting with the Chinese god of fire Zhurong in a claim for the throne of Heaven. Ashamed of losing that fight, Gonggong had a fit of rage and smashed his head against the Buzhou Mountain, one of the eight pillars holding earth and heaven in proper relationship with each other. The earth was knocked off it’s axis, causing great floods and suffering.

The global apocalypse was averted when the goddess Nüwa cut off the legs of the giant turtle Ao and used them in place of the fallen pillar, ending the floods and suffering. She was, however, unable to fully correct the tilted sky and earth and alter their effects on the sun, moon, stars, and rivers.

In other versions, Gonggong is a hero, taming the floods that threatened to inundate the land. He seems to have an affinity with glaciers, and the floods caused by the unfreezing of the oceans.

Given the recent news out of the Arctic, we shouldn’t be surprised by this.

The discovery of Gonggong

The discovery position of a new planet can tell us a lot about it’s meaning.

Gonggong was discovered on 17 July 2007, when it was in Gate 55 line 1. It was given the designation 2007 OR10. The official name Gonggong was chosen by public poll in 2019.

Gonggong ( OR10) has an orbit of 550 years, grazing the orbit of Neptune (in blue) before venturing out into deep space, twice as far as Pluto.

In it’s discovery position, Gonggong speaks of networked leadership, hanging in there together to find solutions. Gate 55 is Abundance, sharing our good fortune so as not to be afraid of loss and decline. When things begin to change we shouldn’t descend into grief, but work together to begin the next round of good fortune.

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Gonggong and 2027

From the date of it’s discovery till the end of 2027, Gonggong can be found in Gate 55. This is an important gate for the shift of 2027. Gate 55 holds the mutation of emotional awareness.

It pops into Gate 37 for a moment in mid 2024, August 2025 and September 2026, but doesn’t make a committed shift into Gate 37 until December 2027.

It makes sense, in this context, to think of Gonggong as representing an emotionally driven combativeness that mis-aligns the relationship between heaven and earth. And our ability to let go of this need for conflict and control so that we can work together harmoniously to deal with the upcoming challenges of climate change.

The Nature of Gonggong

It always takes a while to figure out the meaning of a new planet. There’s no doubt Gonggong is related to matters Chinese, to water, to climate change, particularly issues of flooding, and probably to our capacity to get over our combative tendencies and learn to work together for solutions.

With such a slow orbit, on average nearly 10 years in each gate, Gonggong does not have a purely personal meaning in your Human Design. These energies tend to be more collective. If I was to consider how this planet might play out in your Design I would say it might look something like – having to master your own internal flood of emotion, particularly in reaction to provocation, and learn to work more productively with others.

There would also be something about being with the correct people, since the adjoining Gate 39 is very much about choosing the right people, those who create harmony and naturally bring abundance into our lives.

You can find the position of Gonggong and Nuwa in your Human Design at taraka,io



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