HD Transits: 1 – 8 March 2023

Many HD enthusiasts are keenly interested in the 2027 shifts, and they think they have to wait 4 years to start seeing them. But the changes are already afoot; what we do now matters to what comes next. 

There are two processes at play. Read on to dive deeper.

Evolution and the Solar Plexus Centre

The first is emotional clarity. If you are emotionally defined, your role is to find ways to calm (not suppress) your emotions. Think of a clear reflection on a still lake: you can see clearly, without distortion. This is what we are aiming for.

If you are emotionally undefined, it’s important to grasp your own emotional response (without interference), because then you can reflect emotion without fear of certain outcomes or turbulance.

Both emotional clarity practices are admittedly idealistic in a 24/7 world, but ultimately worth embodying when you’re mentally and physically able.

Renegotiating Individuality

The second process is a relationship shift between the 3 major circuits: Communal, Individual, and Collective. The Individual Circuitry is the lynchpin. 

Microcosmically, when we are clear as individuals about our agreements and expectations, our communities are functional. Macrocosmically, when we are available to share our genius with others within the Matrix of Brilliance, humanity is functional on a collective level. 

Right now, all three circuits are at play, which is why we all feel like we are in a washing machine being tumbled about. But (and this is probably some good news you need right now) we are about to shift into a whole new phase. 

Let’s start with Saturn and Pluto. 

Pluto is about to shift into the Aquarian Human Design gates. (More on this next week!)

Saturn is about to move into the Piscean Human Design gates. 

In Pisces, Saturn’s responsible traits turn themselves to the infinite possibilities and vast imaginative landscapes opening up. We are no longer responsible for holding down the old world, but rather creating a beautiful new world.

Saturn will shift into the Gate of Abundance (55) on March 9. We get a warm up though, with Mercury being in that gate from March 3 – 6. 

This is an abundant moment.

The imagery for the Gate of Abundance (55) is of the sun at noon. We can bask in the warmth and light for a short while, but the sun will descend. Rather than focusing on and mourning the sun’s descent, we need to take advantage of its zenith.  

We should act within this solar pinnacle: give freely and be open, receptive, generous, cooperative. This is a time for us to realise that true abundance only ever comes from positive creative relationships with others. 

The major shift in the individual energy between now and 2027 focuses on support. We’re beginning to realise we’re not the lone archtypal hero fighting enemies and odds before eventual triumph. We’r embracing a new reality, one in which we are not lone objects in a hostile universe, but rather creative cooperative hubs in a beautiful matrix of brilliance

Which brings me to Pallas in the Gate of Obstruction (39), making a channel with Mercury and then Saturn in the Gate of Brilliance (55). This is an Individual channel, so energy pulses between chaos and a newly emerging order before appearing as an individual mutation.

Applying Your Strategic Brilliance

The asteroid Pallas signifies a kind of strategic brilliance. The Gate of Obstruction (an impulsive Root Centre gate in this channel) borrows Pallas’s calm, clear, creative brilliance as we feel the need to respond to obstructions.

When we hit obstacles in life, we might want to blame ourselves or others, but this gate tells us that challenges are there for one purpose: to help free us from old emotional entanglements. We should meet any problems in the next few weeks with composure and an honest look at how we may be exacerbating the issues by (sometimes unconsciously) playing the archaic tribal blame game.

Since our problems often have huge blind spots (and we often feel safer struggling alone), we’re also going to need reliable allies to help us see the people and resources available to us.

The other aspect of this transit is to forgive ourselves and others, not for anything specific done to us, but rather to resolve a tangled web of emotional disturbance. Each node in that web is activated by an emotional blockage. A good rule is obstruction = instruction. Look here for old conditioning!

Full Moon: Are We There Yet?

I mentioned that we are entering a new phase. We can see that in this week’s Full Moon, which is happening in the two transitional gates: 63 and 64.

You can view the Taraka Full Moon chart here: https://taraka.io/transit_charts/52332

Gate 63 is about endings. In the I Ching, it is called Already Across. In Human Design, it’s generally known as After Completion. This gate is about endings and what happens next. There is a backlash, stirred up by our intention to move on, and it can throw us off our new course. We need to remember that we don’t have to fix anything from that old world and move along our new pathway, dealing with difficulties as they arise. We learn as we live and recognize the difference between meddling in irrelevant (yet seductive) issues and clearing difficult emotional obstructions that reveal our newly emerging inner clarity.

Gate 64 is called Not Yet Across in the I Ching and Before Completion in Human Design. This is where we can connect with a new way, where we can have confidence that we are through the worst of things. We began in a kind of chaos, a difficult period of doubt, overwhelm and confusion. But now, in this uncertain situation, we can begin to take charge, set our priorities, and clarify our direction. It’s all in the timing here and learning what it feels like to neither rush nor stall action.

Pluto will be in the Gate of Limitations (60) until 2024, when it makes its first forays into the Gate of Decrease (41). This is having a profound effect on evolving our individuality.

Drawing out Potential from Impossible Situations

In line 4 this week, Pluto lets us know we don’t have to rush; there’s no need to try to hard. Joining Pluto is a wonderful asteroid called Kleopatra.

Kleopatra is about drawing forth positive potential and progress from situations that seem to hold no possibilities. I suspect she is an asteroid we might be calling on a lot over the next few years! In the Gate of New Beginnings (3.4), Kleopatra is gifting us the cosmic alchemy to harness the energy of these difficult times and the realisation that we need to partner with others to do the harnessing. We cannot do any of this work alone.

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5 thoughts on “HD Transits: 1 – 8 March 2023

  1. Oh goodness. This morning I am feeling totally confused and a bit scared that I won’t be able to be financially abundant and my massage business seems to be pivoting from a thriving business to barely at all and I have no clue where my pivot is leading me. So this newsletter confirms my feelings of discombobulation 😂😳
    Thank you Kim, I love your work/play.

    1. Hi Kellie, its all about the small steps right now, and what the feedback is telling you. There are secrets being revealed about your new direction!! Best of luck with it all!

  2. Grazie infinite . È sempre un grande supporto ricevere i tuoi post. Mi ritrovo sempre in pie na confusione centro emotivo definito con canali 63-64-61🙏

  3. Wow, Kim! I’m mid-writing-challenge month, and if you knew what I write yesterday, and then I read this – ‘We need to remember that we don’t have to fix anything from that old world and move along our new pathway, dealing with difficulties as they arise. We learn as we live and recognize the difference between meddling in irrelevant (yet seductive) issues and clearing difficult emotional obstructions that reveal’. Well…boom!!! Spot on, yes! And the backlash right now, too, on moving on (again!)

    Thank you as ever for your amazing wise insights! I feel companioned and not the ‘safer alone’ (which it isn’t, no) I tend to fall into, so thank you for that gem as well. 🙏

  4. So many acts of cruelty and betrayal have come up for me in the past weeks and months, and yet also never felt clearer. Crazy times! Your words are a balm.

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