HD Transits 10 – 16 January 2024

Human Design is sacred code. Not in the old sense of sacred, but in the much larger cosmic sense. It anchors the uniqueness of you and I within a context that’s unimaginably vast. In the 30+ years since we first received this knowledge we have barely scratched at the surface of that code.

This week we are making a leap into, at least, an inkling of that vastness.

In the image at the top of this post the Kabbalistic Tree of Life is shown as part of the Flower of Life. The Kabbalistic Tree of Life is one of the four structural foundations for your Human Design chart – the basis of the Centres and Channels. The sacred geometry of the Flower of Life holds the secrets of the Merkabah – the energetic cosmic vehicle of humanity. Each of us has access to these codes through our Human Design.

Old Struggles, New Cosmic-Level Solutions

We find ourselves at an impasse, trying to apply old solutions to problems that can’t be solved by engaging in old struggles.

We will all probably feel a bit stuck over the next few weeks, but if we really examine this feeling, we may find a seed waiting to be watered. Yes we need things to be different, but we can’t make them different by struggling, by wishing or pushing. So we have to wait, and while we wait, we can be free to imagine how it might be, what might be possible.

The New Moon on 11 January is in Gates 53 (Gradual Progress) and 54 (Marrying Maiden). Usually when these gates are active I talk about patiently growing into a new situation (53) in a way that will eventually bring sudden shifts (54) that have us scrambling to catch up. These two gates teach us how to create and manage quantum leaps.

View the Taraka New Moon chart here

But this week they have a slightly off-beat take: don’t let short-term ambition persuade you to leap at opportunities that will just be more of the same. There is much more at stake right now than your success, or even escape from parts of your life that may feel less-than-ideal.

What’s Sacred, Really?

It all comes back to the idea of what’s sacred, and what we are sacrificing.

The idea of sacrifice has a bad rap these days, but its original meaning is to make something sacred. In effect, to give up one thing for something more sacred. For example, giving up the hedonistic pleasures of a Sunday morning to go to church. Giving up meat for Lent. Sacrifice is built into our culture so deeply we don’t see how it plays out now. It’s been disconnected from our own experience of the divine. The sacred quid pro quo is out of balance. We have sacrificed so much of the juice of who we are that we have nothing left to give. How can life be sacred when it has all be given up? And for what?

How can we be fully present to each moment, instincts alert to the vitality and depth available to us. How can we draw something sacred and alive from this moment? We’ll never know, because we haven’t got the energy or time to focus on it, our thoughts and attention are elsewhere.

But that’s about to change.

Strangely, the lack of attention comes from a fear of nature, of the dark, of the yin aspects of apparently doing nothing. Being unproductive. Not contributing. This fear hides a multitude of treasures that can bring us back to the sacred, and return to us the power of creation.

Your Hidden Monster Self

Ceto is in Gate 32 (Persevering with what you truly value), making a channel with the Sun and Moon. Minor planet and TNO, Ceto, also sits opposite dwarf planet Eris, which is in Gate 42 and about to go direct.

The thing I find so interesting about Ceto is how confusing her mythology is. She may be a monster, or a goddess. Who knows? Is she the goddess of sea monsters? Or does she protect us from sea monsters? We do know that Ceto was the daughter of Gaia and that she gave birth to beautiful but dangerous daughters much feared by the gods – she-dragons and vipers, including the powerful Medusa.

Ceto is key to coming face-to-face with what is dark and hidden deep within us. It was once sacred. It has been sacrificed, but not in a good way. This is the power of the feminine, reclaiming all that’s dark and dangerous and alive.

It really is time for us to recover our own deep treasures, to release the true power of what is monstrous within us. There is a reason it’s been demonised, imprisoned in Tartarus (hell). Because it is powerful, and it threatens the status quo.

Bringing the Stars to Earth

Image: Montage à la Bera

On the same day as the New Moon, on 11 January, Mercury finds itself sitting right on top of the Galactic Centre, with another TNO called Varda. Varda is anything but a monster, she is the beautiful Queen of the Elves, known as star-kindler, bestower of blessings. What better place to find her than in the Gate of Peace (Gate 11) – how can you work with this extraordinary potential? How can you be present to its flow?

When we’re used to holding tight to a stable way of perceiving the world, an activation to the Galactic Centre may leave us feeling quite exposed, confused and vulnerable. If we can hold ourselves there, we can receive new ideas that may feel ‘out of the box’, a flash of brilliance.

Joining Mercury and Varda in this channel is the wonderful Zenobia, in the Gate of the Wanderer (56). Now this gate can indicate travel, for sure. But think about how it connects with the Gate of Peace (11), which brings Heaven and Earth into complete harmony via the Galactic Centre – the birthplace of our universe.

The asteroid Zenobia adds to our idea of the power of the feminine at play. She was an Egyptian ruler in a time when that was a masculine domain. She was described as having ‘manly understanding’. I think Virginia Woolf had the same criticism thrown at her. The feminine polarity is breaking out of it’s box, and it has nothing to do with equality and all about humanity having spent way too long stuck at the other end of the spectrum trying to pretend that’s all there is.

What new ideas may this give us about the storytelling capacity of this wanderer? Finding herself here on Earth, a strange land. Looking up to the stars for Varda’s guidance and blessing. Telling tales of other worlds. Ursula Le Guin, the quintessential off-world storyteller, had her North Node in Gate 11 and her Design Sun in Gate 56.

But also, we may find Mercury telling the stories of ‘unnatural women’, who exist in their own personal matrix of being. Or decolonised people, who hold the threads of humanity’s embeddedness in place.

Your New Soul Trajectory

Adding to this notion of brave new worlds, Venus is in Gate 5 this week, passing over another supermassive black hole called The Great Attractor.

The Great Attractor supports a way of connecting with core soul unity – the perfect frequency for our soul mission. Because of your soul trajectory, you are perfectly placed to draw meaning from this particular set of circumstances.

And because she doesn’t want to do things by halves, Venus also makes an astrological square to both Nessus (in Gate 63 – healing old family patterns) and Orcus (in Gate 64 – finding our new soul contract). These two powerful forces have been opposing each other for many years, but their meeting in the transitional Head Centre gates bring inspired new ways of thinking about how to transition from a soul focus on trauma and healing to one of positive co-creation.

And we can’t move into the positive co-creation energy if we persist in the single polarity of masculinity, and particularly if we continue with the unexamined nonsense that only men can ‘give birth’.

Mars will be in the Gate of Joy (58) this week. We need courage to be open to life right now, not to shut down due to old fears of being thrown from the tribe for our lack of contribution. If we share too much with the wrong people we get depleted. If we don’t share enough with our right people we get isolated, depressed.

More on the Root Centre gates here:

There is a beautiful minor planet transiting in the Gate of Joy (58) called Quaoar, bringing a sacred shamanic connection with the rhythm of life through drumming, dancing, singing (particularly light language). Quaoar brings out the joy of our being.

This Quaoar connection with Mars ties back in with the New Moon. The Earth in Gate 53.6 is about the ability to engage in a sacred dance that sees life as a sacred ritual, bringing a sense of our own wholeness and place in the greater unity of life.

Quaoar, like Altjira, Makemake, Haumea and other dwarf planets in your Human Design, speak to us of a return to Indigenous wisdom. Humans have lived within the confines of patriarchy and capitalism for a few thousand years. It represents such a tiny slice of our humanity. We have more than a hundred thousand years of wisdom and experience sitting in our DNA that we are barely accessing at all.

Indigenous experiences of consciousness intertwine with environmental, relational and spiritual aspects of being. It is more generally more adaptive, resilient and holistic than most of us can imagine. It connected with the earth, the stars and everything in between.

If you’re interested, go read The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity, by David Graeber and David Wengrow. I also highly recommend Sandtalk: How Indigenous Wisdom Can Save The World, by Tyson Yunkaporta.

Similarly, if we look at some of the TNO’s like Varda, Chariklo, Arrokoth and others, we find our star wisdom. Our connection to worlds beyond our own, the strands of which are also woven through our human DNA.

We are in a crux, walking a pathway that gradually recovers both aspects of wisdom – indigenous and star wisdom in a way that transforms human DNA. We can’t make sense of it with our minds, but we can take one step after another, gradually weaving ourselves into a new form of humanity.

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6 thoughts on “HD Transits 10 – 16 January 2024

  1. Awe inspiring ! Grateful for such a directional guidance of being open to connect with the universe. I am already experiencing ‘attracting’ and vibes of ‘co-creation’ from them. Your guidance on Mars motivates me. Best.

    1. After seeing this email in my email box, I realized I haven’t read/received a blog from you for a while. I realize now how much I missed but grateful for your amazing insightful share… Thank you so much very powerful and supportive and clarifying blog this week.

      1. Thanks Lucy, I had a break to recover from covid, then it was the holidays and family. I’ve enjoyed the space this week to sit and write. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    2. Hi Sanjay – I was listening to someone on a podcast talking about masculinity today, and how men need to be really considering what the positive aspects are of being a man in 2024. Some interesting ideas – protection and love were two of his ideas. Mars holds a lot of that archetypal energy, but he has to be so much more than an alpha-male hot headed warrior!!

  2. thank you for another beautiful blog post. I used this post as inspiration to create these questions for my New MonnTarot Spread. I hope someone finds them helpful, if you don’t do card they also work as journal prompts.
    1 Where am I sacrificing my bigger dreams to find immediate success or escape from current challenges?

    2 What possibilities might unfold if I resist the urge to leap at opportunities that merely offer more of the same?

    3 How can I overcome the fear of unproductivity and non-contributions, allowing myself to recover more of the “juice” of who I am?

    4 In what ways can I embrace and reclaim the dark and powerful aspects within me that have been demonized by societal norms?

    5 How might unlocking the true power of my hidden self threaten the status quo in my life, and what changes could it bring about?

    6 What steps can I take to courageously embrace a joyful openness to life that reflects Indigenous Wisdom?

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