HD Transits 10 to 16 May 2023

We’ve all heard of the generation gap. People have been complaining about it for, well forever! It goes back to the beginning of humanity. Earth and Sky had their first batch of children, who were giants called the Titans. They were primordial, which means they existed at the very beginning of time.

Then along came the Olympians, most of whom you will be familiar with – Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Hestia, Demeter and a few more. the Olympians weren’t keen on the older generation of Titans, who they considered a bit wild. They banished them to the underworld, the very antithesis of heaven. But. The Titans still exist as fragments of our cultural psyche, forces to be guarded against, contained at all costs.

This week the Titans are escaping Tatarus (the underworld) and getting loose out there in the world. You may have a sense of misgiving as you read this, but it’s all good news!

The notion that we all have some demonic uncivilised aspect that we need to keep under control so we can stay ‘heavenly’ – yes that idea – it’s done. We are about to come face to face with the anxiety gripping our world, recognise it for what it is – simply fear of our titanic nature, to embrace the true potential of our inner wild chaos and come up triumphant.

Uranus in the Gate of Splitting Apart

On 9 May Uranus shifts into the Throat Centre – in Gate 23, Splitting Apart. It will be there for a year. The Sun is also there this week.

The gate is call Splitting Apart, and also Falling Away and Peeling Off. The general sense here is of discovering that something we expected to last forever is not, after all, a permanent thing. There is a tendency to want to take control of the chaos, to keep things as they always were. That will not work. There are new insights breaking through via Gate 43, appropriately known as the Gate of Insights. It’s our task this week to listen to the truth they share with us, even if (particularly if) those truths tend to threaten our status quo.

Pluto and Mars

Pluto is hanging out in the Gate of Limitation (60) at the moment, and is joined by Jupiter (in gate 3) in the Channel of Mutation until 25 May. In this position, Pluto is making astrological aspects to Haumea (in Gate 50), Sedna and Mors-Somnus (in Gate 8) and Eris (in Gate 42). Because all of these planets move very very slowly, and they are all outer planets, these aspects feel deep, long-lasting and difficult to identify on a personal level. We know something is going on, but we can’t quite put our finger on what it is. All we can do is respond to what comes up for us.

This week Mars shifts into the Gate of the Traveller (56), which sits opposite Pluto in the Gate of Limitations (60). When gates are opposite each other, they have an inherent complementarity. Gate 56 is about learning to get on with people, even when they are very different to yourself. It carries a warning – don’t lose your own identity, your own story, when you are with others. Be friendly but keep your boundaries of self intact.

I find this fascinating, when coming back to the idea of Pluto deeply transforming our notion of limitations. How do we find the balance between holding to ourselves without losing the complementary experience of being with others? Mars in Gate 56 this week leads us through that maze, helping us see that our stories about how others limit us are well past their use-by dates.

Mars will energise the activity of all the dwarf planets connected with Pluto over the next 10 days.

Haumea (in gate 50.4) brings irrevocable change to our level of consciousness, demanding we choose what we want to leave behind as we begin to walk a new world.

Sedna (in 8.6) is about our fear of missing out, and the greed that creates. She brings a renewed recognition of the inherent wisdom of humanity, our capacity for relationship with nature, and with each other.

Mors-Somnus (in 8.3) connects us to the deep unspoken aspects of collective intelligence. It’s where we go when we sleep.

And Eris, Goddess of Discord and master of networks and systems (in Gate 42.5) helps us see what was previously hidden. Rather than blaming others, we find within ourselves the trigger points for the disorder in our own lives.

We don’t need to keep tabs on all of this. These are big, deep changes. The key is simply to be present to your experience of limitation, to keep moving through the difficulties (Jupiter in the Gate of New Beginnings). Work like a knitter, undoing knots in a ball of wool, taking each tangle in turn. You only need to take on what’s right in front of you. Anything more distant will send you spiralling off into the old energies.

There’s a certain kind of panicked uncertainty hanging around at the moment. We don’t need to fall into it’s trap. That’s the greed looking for it’s next unsustainable meal. You have all you need right now, if you look around and take a deep breath. We are creating safe spaces for each other, noticing more of what is real rather than imagined.

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3 thoughts on “HD Transits 10 to 16 May 2023

  1. Kim, clearly you channel wisdom that is beyond this plane and I am SO grateful for it everytime I read your posts! Even though I am still a newbie, I take heart in this information because it speaks to me on a visceral level and resonates with my journey. I have the 3, 60, 56, 42 and 50 and somehow feel that things are coming together internally that I have been trying to unearth forever. Indeed, all we can do is respond to what comes up and I feel more freedom in that now.

  2. I signed the paperwork for the dissolution of my marriage on May 9th. “The gate is call Splitting Apart, and also Falling Away and Peeling Off. The general sense here is of discovering that something we expected to last forever is not, after all, a permanent thing.” Wow!

    1. Such consistently awesome guidance, Kim, thank you. Your relationship insight between Gate 60 & 56, has hit me so hard with my SN & NN in respective gates. It feels like the transits of universe is literally carrying me to NN. I also love your guidance on just engaging with what is coming to you, instead of trying to change the world. (Reminds me, I wrote my month-end poem on Gate 60-3 Mutating limitations, inspired by your previous blog – will share with you).

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