HD Transits 11 to 17 October 2024

Your Part In The Great Unravelling

There’s a huge unravelling happening. It’s giving space to what’s been hidden to come into view. Shifting perceptions reveal new angles, and you find yourself looking in the mirror and wondering – who could I be?

We might experience this in the broader world as being chaotic, divisive, destructive. That’s because the perspective shift means we see more deeply and clearly.

There’s a deeply personal aspect to this – and it’s something that’s not much talked about. Our post capitalist world runs on shame. Those who are shameless use our healthy shame to dominate and control.

Shame and Blame – enough of that!

Mars, Pluto and Eris are so active – in the Solar Eclipse on 14 October and the Lunar Eclipse on 28 October – transforming how we view the very notion of who’s to blame for everything that goes wrong.

And the simple answer is – not you!

Tying people up in tangled knots of shameful self-recrimination means we lose our capacity for cooperation and partnership. What if we get it wrong? What if we are rejected? It also allows greedy and selfish behaviour to appear normal, and corruption to happen in plain sight.

Neptune in Pisces (in Gate 22 and Gate 36) has been helping us unravel those knots, connect with our emotional intelligence and unhook from the manipulation of shame. Instead of looking ‘out there’ to find our way, we are more able to partner with the bubbles arising from the quantum void of possibility.

Image: Adobe – Nindya

Don’t Get Bigger – Get Smarter and More Complex!

I’ve been talking lately about how you are a living system. Living systems have a natural inclination to grow and learn. This doesn’t mean they get bigger. They may even get smaller. What it DOES mean is they get smarter, more complex, more connected.

This is where we are right now, in this moment. Recognising that growth is not about acting on a blind ambition to expand regardless of the cost, but in knowing what’s of value to you as an individual, and how to have more of that – by partnering with reality.

Uranus is in the Gate of Splitting Apart (23), Venus is in the Gate of Dissolving (55) and Chiron is in the Gate of Shock (51). All of these energies are drawing attention to one thing – what’s important to you? If you let go of all the extraneous and superficial distractions, what comes into view?

Civilizations collapse. We know this because, history. But humans have a habit of adapting. They don’t carry on by following the rules of the collapsing society. They look around, decide what’s important, gather with others who have the same values and priorities, and then venture out beyond the previous normal to see what’s possible.

October’s Eclipses

On 14 October we have the first of 2 eclipses. This is a solar eclipse – a cross-over moment when your inner self meets your outer self; your inner life lessons become your outer life purpose. It is a time of converting inner potential into outer expression.

This Solar Eclipse falls in Gate 32 (Continuity) and Gate 42 (Increase). These two gates show us how to be responsive and adaptive, to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves, while always ALWAYS coming back to our own essential core. Through our actions, we are creating an external version of our internal world, not trying to fit ourselves to an external reality we have outgrown.

Sun (on 11th October) and Mercury (on 15th October, both pass through 57.3, exactly opposite Chiron (in 51.3), helping us be conscious of the shocks we experience and how they revive our ingenuity, spur on our imagination for a better and more sustainable way to live. The asteroid Sisyphus is also in Gate 57.3 – he represents our tendency to accept our punishment and continue to push that rock up the same hill, over and over again. It’s about the fear of uncertainty – at least if we are doing what’s expected of us, we can’t get into more trouble. Right?

How to Be A Co-Creator

I’ve spent a lot of time in the past year or so saying this one thing to people – you don’t have to know where you are going before you head off in a new direction. You don’t have to know how to do something before you start experimenting with how to do it. You don’t have to have the full solution before you acknowledge you’d like to tackle a problem.

You don’t have to know, you don’t have to be unassailably correct, you don’t have to have all the answers or even all the resources to hand.

Image: Lisa Aisato

Our very idea of what it means to create has been co-opted by the illusion of an infallible god, who has made us afraid to try. If we can just make ourselves infallible, as individuals, how can we be trusted to be creators? But we were never designed to do it alone. Our natural ability to cooperate and create better outcomes has been deadened by our learned fear of being judged, found wanting.

Gate 32 is about finding personal stability while staying adaptive and responsive to the possibilities arising from the quantum field. Gate 42 is about excellent opportunities to resolve old patterns and make way for new projects, making progress with things that previously were too difficult.

What makes these shifts possible is a new awareness of possibilities that were previously neglected or unseen. We suddenly find our priorities shifting, a deeper core sense of self arising, and the people we need to support our courageous leaps.

Learning to be Creators

Venus in the Gate of Dissolving (59) suggests we would really rather allow others to set limits for us, or we would prefer to create our own self-imposed limits based on the expectations of others. Venus is joined by Transpluto (in 59.5), who frees us from perfectionism, which isn’t so much about being perfect as it is about trying to keep ourselves safe.

Pluto, in the Gate of Limitations (60.2) wants a word here! Pluto in Gate 60 is about perceiving our own natural limits. Not in a way that keeps us small and controlled, but in a way that makes us powerful. What exists beyond our accustomed boundaries?

Reimagining our lives out beyond the things we now take for granted seems difficult. That’s where Pluto’s lessons are most valuable. We don’t have to do it all in one go. Notice the limitations, watch for the articulation points.

As Pluto in Gate 54 explained to us, back in 2015 – 2016, change happens slowly and then very quickly. We are at a tipping point. Pluto in Gate 60 brings the seeds of entire new structures and forms for humanity.

The second eclipse this month – the lunar eclipse on 28th October is about learning how to maintain our deep connections with all dimensions of reality as we move through great change. The Sun in Gate 28 might have many feeling nervous about struggle, but this is all about a truly great time with the potential for great advances. The Earth and Moon are in the Gate of Nourishment (27), making a channel with Haumea. Here we find a more sustainable way to live and be, so that even our greatest efforts are well supported and add only what’s good.

Feature Image: Adobe – Farid

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4 thoughts on “HD Transits 11 to 17 October 2024

  1. Thank you! As always, your words help hope and possibly settle in me. ♥️
    Reading this made me think of the song “Get This Right”, which is an outtake from the movie Frozen 2, with each human being Kristof and the part of Anna being played by Life/the world. 🙂 Adding a link will probably turn my comment into spam, but the song is easy enough to find.

  2. ……’Venus in the Gate of Dissolving (59) suggests we would really rather allow others to set limits for us, or we would prefer to create our own self-imposed limits based on the expectations of others. Venus is joined by Transpluto (in 59.5), who frees us from perfectionism, which isn’t so much about being perfect as it is about trying to keep ourselves safe…..’

    A vicious circle of trying to be what I’m not… it’s a miracle….that through awareness, I can see what I’m doing. It’s painful. What used to be a ‘save haven’ now is a prison. Accepting myself in that moment and I’m free…. Freedom not of my doing. Perfection is fear of change, thinking that I’m right. It’s not communicative. It’s separation from all that is..
    ( MG 20/34-55/59)

    Thank you Kim for your gentle recognition.

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