HD Transits 12 – 18 July 2023

Life is Birthing New Consciousness

There’s a very simple and clear take away from the transits this week. It’s time to move on. It may be painful, things you considered of value in your life are stripped away. But in the end, we are in the birth canal and it’s all moving inevitably towards a new human consciousness.

I’m always aware when I write words like these that they can sound like poetic new age rhetoric, but if we look at what’s lined up for us between now and the end of August, something extraordinary is at play.

A lot of it is in the astrological aspects, and not so obvious in the Human Design chart, so I’m going to list a few important transits here, and then we can consider what they mean.

  • Pluto square Nodes – 22 July
  • Pluto square Haumea – 28 July
  • Pluto square Eris – the exact connections completed in 2021, but the influence is still present
  • Pluto trine Sedna – from April 2022 to October 2026, with the most recent being 13 June 2023
  • Ceres conjunct Makemake – 18 July

There is more, so much more, this is just the bare bones. Not only are there 5 major aspects, but they are all connected. Pluto is clearly the lynchpin here, effectively switching on the energies of these outer planets. Ceres always brings it home at a more human level. I will have a deeper exploration in the LoveYourDesign Community this week in our regular #WednesdayWeeklyWrap video, along with an article on Pluto’s aspects to the dwarf planets.

More on Pluto’s lynchpin role – Beyond Pluto

Just briefly – Pluto’s transformative capacity is opening us to a new type of consciousness that blends indigenous human knowledge with individual ingenuity and out into deep space consciousness. Indigenous knowledge is cyclical, sustainable, supportive, cooperative. Individual ingenuity is patterned, mutative, collaborative. Deep space consciousness is integrative, and brings through levels of love and light (technology) that we can recognise arising from within us, even as we feel challenged by its vastness and novelty.

There’s no need to grasp it, this goes beyond our lifetimes and past the limits of our imagination. We do, however, need to learn to walk with it.

Proserpina – when life gives you an underworld, become a queen

Image by Vera Kiss – https://www.facebook.com/BiraisVera

Despite the significance of Pluto this week, the key player is Persephone (and her alter ego Proserpina).

We have a New Moon on 17 July, with the Sun in the Gate of Small Exceeding (62.5) and Proserpina is in the adjoining Gate of Following (17.5). When Proserpina turns up we have an unexpected crisis that upends our world, forcing us to work with two apparently contradictory aspects of our own nature (it could also be external, showing up as two powerful people and you as the go-between). The process leads us to a new level of self-knowing and purpose.

When you move with change, ask yourself what you value most highly, and hold to that through all the upheaval. Good fortune comes of being true to your achievements and confident in your path’s unfolding.

You can view the Taraka New Moon chart here

Proserpina was discovered in Gate 50.4, exactly where we find the South Node this week. Remember the Nodes are square Pluto, and Haumea (at 50 line 3) is also in this same gate, which is all about creating a reliable stable base for transformative work. It’s cosmic alchemy at play, culture creation arising from the highest possible space.

In line 4, it’s the moment when we realise we’re going to have to step up, and also the moment when any residual weakness in our existing (alchemical) vessel is revealed by circumstance. It’s uncomfortable, but we have to upgrade the vessel in order to transition into a more powerful transformative capacity.

Recall the story of Persephone-Proserpina. Snatched away from her safe and comfortable life, dragged down into the underworld, she made herself at home and found that actually I quite like it here! and metamorphosised into Queen of the Underworld.

This is where destiny can be realised, where your sense of who you are and what you are here to do crystallise.

More on Persephone in your Human Design here.

What are you taking responsibility for?

What this week’s process means on the ground will be different for each one of us. It will show up in very practical everyday ways. It will show up as areas of your life where you feel too small, too contained, perhaps a place where fate has led you to a dead end and you need to look around to find new possibilities you haven’t previously considered.

There’s almost a sense of disbelief, that such a new space might be opening up. That sense of newness, expansiveness – it needs your trust so it can unfold.

Many of you will know that Gate 50 – the Alchemical Cauldron – has something to do with responsibility. There is a epochal change in what we are taking responsibility for. Think of it as shifting from your responsibility as a member of a tribe, to your responsibility as someone with a crucial collective role.

If some part of your life is feeling too small, like a dead end, it’s likely you are looking at something that has come to an end and you can safely head into more potent fields.

Image: Adobe Stock – Milar Tovar

Your Collective Destiny Awaits

This is not a sudden shift, don’t expect to be plucked from where you are now and nimbly placed on a new shore of possibility! It’s more like a subtle sense of miraculous new possibilities, and a new role for you in the unfolding of it all. We will gradually grow into this, seeing what’s arising and responding in a myriad of small personal ways.

The intensity comes from the pressure of completions and new beginnings.

Which brings me back to Orcus. Last week I wrote about new soul contracts. In Gate 64, Orcus brings the pressure of a new cycle of experience. Orcus is bundling up our past lives, bio-genetic memories, multi-dimensional aspects and personal galactic streams, and channelling them into where we are going next. Everything you have ever been, on every level, is becoming available to you now.

Mars will move over Orcus from 29 July till 16 August. Mercury will be in that channel from 7 August all the way through its retrograde period, till 2 October. Mercury will also spend some time in Gate 40 during this period, a gate that is about releasing us from tribal contracts and allowing us to move into the Channel of Initiation (25-51) toward our collective destiny. During this time, Jupiter (expansive new opportunities) will be in Gate 2 – the Receptive – and the home of the Magnetic Monopole.

During this time, everything is in flux. But that flux is becoming our new normal. Chaos is becoming our quantum playground. Collective collaboration is becoming our relationship mode. This is meta-evolution and through our actions we are re-writing the rulebook.

New Moon recap

And speaking of Mars, this week, on the New Moon, it is in the Gate of Dissolving (59.5).

This is a time of intensity, as if your essence is being dispersed and flowing out from you like sweat. This is unknown territory and the only way to learn is to act here. To respond adequately now is to disperse whatever central reserves you might still be holding on to,. This may feel like giving up everything that offered you some chance of control, security or stability. And yet is is not a mistake.

This doesn’t necessarily mean walking out of your home with just the clothes on your back, but there is a sense of giving up things you previously valued.

The Sun is in the Gate of Small Exceeding (62.5)

Potential can’t be realised until conditions change, so you set out to change things. You do this by moving into a position where you can assert more influence and draw more help to you. You operate within a smaller area and yet this maximises your chances or getting a result. You try things that are likely to work, rather than waiting on guarantees, and in this way you draw the hidden potential out of situations.

The Earth is in the Gate of Inner Truth (61.5):

You have to give things up to stay connected to your own truth. You let go of things you once desired or imagined for yourself, but this is not wrong.

And let’s finish with a word from Venus, in the Gate of The Abyss (29.4):

There are small openings and you can move through those. There is no need to be more elaborate.

All descriptions in italic are paraphrased from Hilary Barrett’s I Ching.

These current energies seems so big, and all our efforts to engage with them seem so small. And that’s just how it’s meant to be. Small steps, taken with great care and attention, moving us into a greater integrity. Life has her ways of birthing new forms, and we are life.

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7 thoughts on “HD Transits 12 – 18 July 2023

  1. How timely your guidance arrives, Kim, you are the master of synchronicity. With Mars conjunct my Uranus this week, I have already been feeling so much pressure to ‘break the barriers’ so to speak, but been hesitating because that would mean ‘dissolving’ at least my immediate resources. You can imagine what a Godsend your mail would be for me. If I integrate other personal placement aspects of Venus, Pluto, Jupiter, I clearly see what actions seem to be destined for me. Thank you so much for being there. Your guidance mails have become an integral part of my startup ! Best 🙏

  2. Oh my! Again you’ve written the perfect words, and not just for me. Forwarded to 6 friends this morning who have already told me they’ve read it 3 times already, because of its encouragement and reassurance, as have I, as I empty my house to downsize so vastly and so quickly! (Maybe 3-4 weeks!)
    So much love and thanks to you for your work, Kim. 🙏💝

  3. Thank you, Kim 🙏🏻🦋
    I read it and in a retrospective view it falls exactly in place of my life unexpected recent events.
    The untypical ‘me’ decision that I’ve made with sincerity, received a reflective reassurance from your words.
    And the same goes for your past reviews.
    I fully appreciate all you are putting in the weekly overview.

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