HD Transits 16 to 22 August 2023

Deep Space and Fairy Tales

The dawn of a new humanity

This week’s New Moon is a multidimensional event, connecting your fate with deep space and inner earth dimensions. It’s the end of one impoverished story of who we are, and the beginning of a weaving of something rich and wonderful. We are so much more than what’s been on offer!

It’s time for us to break the old bonds and discover these lost dimensional aspects of ourselves.

Feminine Magic – it’s real!

If you’ve been following along over the past few weeks you’ll know I’ve been exploring the recovery of a kind of feminine magic. The word magic might conjure up card tricks or children pretending to make magic potions, but the original magic was something powerful, and it mostly existed in the hands of women.

Magic works with the physical world, melding spirit and soul, weaving destiny into daily life, drawing forth miracles from reality. Magic requires skill and patience and wisdom. There are many asteroids representing real magic in your Human Design. This week they are weaving a new fate for you personally, and for humanity.

The Fates – weaving a life

Let’s continue our journey, moving beyond the female shamans and the heroine’s journey. This week we have arrived in the land of the Moirai, the weavers of fate.

Sometimes called The Fates, the role of the Moirai was to ensure everyone lived out their destiny as it was assigned by the laws of the universe. People got their ‘lot’ – their place within the weave of life, and a time span in which to live it.

Klotho, is the spinner. She draws forth our fate from the past and weaves a new life story. Klotho rules the timing of our birth, and of important transitional moments. Lachesis is the present, what you are becoming, the weft and weave. And finally, we meet Atropos, who cuts the thread when some aspect of our life is complete. Atropos is associated with the death of people, and the end of circumstances.

In old English, the Fates were known as the Wyrd – witches who arrived to shape your destiny. In Nordic mythology, they were the Norns, powerful giantesses who nourished the tree of life and determined people’s fate. The word Norn probably arises from ancient Swedish, meaning to secretly communicate. This fits with my idea of the Fates, and their ability to ‘read the web’. They can sense the first small vibrations and respond powerfully (magically) to events before they come to pass. The word fate comes from latin fatum, which means prophesy or oracle.

Spinners and weavers were always turning up in fairy tales and there’s good reason for that. Fairy tales connect us with earth magic, human magic. They are a way to recover our inner earth dimensions and ancient knowing. But more on that later!

What has all of this history got to do with Human Design? Well, all of these weavers of fate and magic are in your Human Design chart. And right now they are playing a big part in the HD transits.

Photo by Marek Studzinski on Unsplash

Weaving The Magic

Mercury is about to go retrograde (from 24 August to 15 September) in a channel with Orcus (fresh new soul contracts for everyone!). It makes sense that the weavers and spinners of fate should arrive in force this week. So, let’s do a run through of where they are.

Klotho (beginnings) is in Gate 25.5 with Chiron in Gate 51 – the channel of being initiated into a new collective purpose.

Lachesis (purpose) is in Gate 3.4 with the North Node and Pluto in Gate 60 – the channel of mutation (Lachesis is also opposite dwarf planet Haumea in Gate 50 – regeneration.)

Atropos (endings) is with Uranus in Gate 23.5 – when knowing the truth sets us free, and begins to dismantle what’s no longer required in our lives.

Other weavers are also turning up!

Arachne (extreme levels of skill) in Gate 35.5, Neptune in 36.5 – the channel of making sense of your life experiences. Mars in 6.5 will be exactly opposite Neptune in 36.5 on 22nd August.

Ariadne (escaping the labyrinth) in Gate 59 with Mars in Gate 6 – the channel of releasing trapped emotional energy.

Pallas (the practical skill to weave what you imagine into existence) in Gate 47 with Mercury and Orcus in 64 – finding new ways to think so that you imagine new creative possibilities.

There’s one weaver I have been talking about a lot lately – Chariklo, who’s name means Graceful Spinner. Chariklo is the feminine aspect of Chiron, a powerful seer and healer. She holds the feminine polarity of creation, weaves our destiny and opens doorways for our future. 

On this week’s New Moon Chariklo is in the Gate of Approach (19), with the Earth in the adjoining Gate of Radical Change (49).

Why is Gate 19 called Approach?

Because it is the meeting place of source energy – source energy approaches you, and you approach it. This is a partnership of source and human consciousness.

This great growing energy from source and seeks your full participation. You need to stay present to ongoing changes, wherever they might lead.

Hilary Barrett, I Ching

A Great Week to Be Imperfect

Mars (in 6.5) will be exactly opposite Neptune (in 36.5) on 22 August. The short version of what’s going on here is our realising some essential truth that we may have been stuck arguing for, forever. And now we can relax because we are able to acknowledge the truth of what we know. No more trying to get someone else to agree with us, to see us, to give us permission. We draw back our lost energy and are able to maintain a sense of calm and self-composure.

Mars is making a channel with Transpluto – which is about the wound of perfectionism. With a long term transit in the Gate of Dissolving (59), Transpluto can have us making huge efforts to be perfect, for fear that if we don’t everything will fall apart.

In a hilarious example of this, the headings for this section are just bold text because every time I tried to make them a header, wordpress gives me an error message. So enjoy the imperfection of that!

Beyond the Mystery School Hierarchies

We are approaching the completion of Neptune in Pisces. This week is a huge part of that process, which has been about reclaiming our sanity by expanding our recognition of what is true. And this includes our ability to tap into other realms.

The weavers were powerful because they knew what they knew. They were skilled because there was a tradition of teaching and apprenticeship. When Saturn and Neptune meet up in the Gate of Innocence (25.3) in July 2025 and again in February 2026, we will see a return of the powerful teachers of magic.

The Mystery School hierarchies are coming to their completion, and in their place is another kind of collective learning and growing.

It’s Pluto and Ceres who are opening the doorway, connecting deep earth and deep space. They are bringing together our inner realms of magic with our galactic heritage. Pluto continues to connect with Sedna, Haumea and Eris. Ceres (in 57, opposite Chiron in 51) is making a channel with Sedna and Mors-Somnus. Varda is on the Galactic Centre. The human and multidimensional aspects of yourself are coming awake to each other.

This week’s New Moon is about being accepting of what we don’t know. Being accepting of our own not-knowing. This is different to living with uncertainty. It’s more about protecting what’s young and vulnerable, both in ourselves and in others.

Rebuilding the Wisdom of Humanity

We are at the stage of birth where there is a lot of enthusiasm, and quite a bit of believing we have already arrived. Venus and the Sun in Gate 4 (Youthful Folly) warns us that our goal is not to show off what we know, but to accept what we still have to learn. This is not book learning or undigested information spewed out onto the internet, but the building of steady habits of integrating and living the new knowledge. This is how we rebuild wisdom into humanity.

For now, allow Jupiter and Albion in the Gate of the Receptive (2) to provide you with a wide open space in which to explore the possibilities of what you know, of who you are, of what is ending, and the magic of what is being birthed.

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  1. Atropos in my single definition channel. Hmmm. Pallas making a channel with my Klotho in 47/64. And Chariklo joining my Atropos in 19. Should I be scared?!!

  2. Ha! Transpluto sits in my gate 4 making a channel with my design Mars & Jupiter. Explains a lot. Thanks Kim!
    By the way: I like the bold titles, hadn’t noticed it weren’t headers if you hadn’t mentioned it. Perfectly Imperfect.

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