HD Transits 17 to 23 January 2024

Let’s start by chatting about Pluto. He’s all over social media this week, a very popular figure! Why? Because on 21 January Pluto shifts into Aquarius. The last time it was there, in 1780’ish, it was fairly revolutionary – think French and American Revolutions. Uranus, planet of revolution, was discovered at that time as well.

In Human Design though, Pluto isn’t moving from his current position in the Gate of Limitations (60) until April, when it shifts to the Gate of Decrease (41), and begins a new cycle.

Pluto’s doing another important thing this week, making one of SEVEN exact trines with dwarf planet Sedna between 2023 and 2026. It happens almost right at the moment when both the Sun and Pluto shift into Aquarius on 20 January, and when they are both in the Gate of Limitations (60) in line 4. The message here is – don’t keep overdoing things. Just chill for a bit, take a moment to look around, see where your blessings are right here and right now.

Sedna rules the oceans, particularly the whales dolphins and seals. She also has a huge role to play in how we develop into Collective Individuals.

April 2024 is shaping up to be a really big deal – the busiest time this year – with both Neptune and Pluto shifting gates, and a powerful solar eclipse that passes over the North American continent. The overall theme is about waking up to our part in creating a new world, harnessing the energy available and getting underway.

From Individual to Global to Cosmic

But this week, there are two important transits that deserve our attention. The first is Mars and Mercury who are joined by Haumea in the Channel of Struggle. It’s an unfortunate name, hiding a wealth of change processes that empower us to find our place, as individuals, within the collective.

Mars and Mercury (in Gate 38) bring our attention to the need for a more sustainable way of living, which then allows us to access the subtle light codes sitting in our DNA, awaiting the moment they turn us onto a more cosmic consciousness. Which sounds lovely, right? But. The thing is we can’t get to that point until we complete the prior evolutionary step of globalisation. Not in a world government kind of way, but in the sense that we recognise all people as humans, not enemies, not sub-human.

Cosmic conscious emerges from human global consciousness. We can’t skip a step, because each level builds on the next, and right now we are on the cusp between two evolutionary levels. We can think of it as a shift from Tribal-Individual-Collective, and also as individual->national->global->cosmic.

This week, Mercury, Mars and Haumea are giving us instructions for what’s needed – how we build trust and connection without losing our individuality.

When we recognise (Mercury) that we all desire (Mars) to express shared human values (Gate 38) we can begin to create a global culture that thrives on love and inclusion rather than enemy patterning, and cruelty.

The Human Trust Fund

Dwarf planet Haumea, currently transiting in Gate 28.1, teaches us to let go of anything in our lives that is NOT sustainable. She suggests we dig into the deeper causes of what’s unsustainable, and gently but firmly suggests it may have something to do with feeling unsafe, and not trusting others.

It’s pretty clear there are a lot of people who are untrustworthy, and it’s not about returning to some utopian childhood fantasy of just loving everyone. Mars is in the mix and he is always reminding us to have healthy boundaries. Haumea takes us deeper, to help us see that if we can find where we see eye-to-eye with others, we can begin to rebuild what you might call the human trust fund.

Take some time this week to notice where you might react to someone because it feels like they might oppose you. Perhaps they have a different point of view about something. Maybe you want to dismiss them as crazy because what they say doesn’t make sense. How would it feel to just be two humans learning more about each other?

It’s important to think about your role here – in rebuilding humanity’s capacity for trust and connection. We can’t move on if we allow the old energies to keep us in a transactional space where we are afraid of the people we come upon in our wanderings. We have to learn a new level of relationship.

The Bestowal of Blessings

The second important transit this week is Venus in the Gate of Peace (11), making a channel with the Earth in the Gate of Wandering (56). This is a sign – it’s time to move on. You can’t stay with what’s familiar and comfortable. The Channel of Struggle is about shifting from struggle to adventure – what gives your life purpose? The Gate of Wandering suggests you leave home and go exploring. The people you meet may not be your soul mates, but you’re likely to learn something interesting and have an adventure.

Perhaps you could have a conversation with them that makes a tiny deposit into the human trust fund!

You don’t need to even leave home. This is a mental projector channel and you might do your exploring through google, podcasts, books. The thing is, it has to be something new and different, something challenging and adventurous, something that may bring you into contact with people or ideas you would usually avoid because they make you feel uncomfortable.

You can learn to trust yourself here. It’s okay to be uncomfortable. Nothing is making you wrong, exploration always brings interesting ideas that make you more.

Varda is there in the Gate of Peace as well. Queen of the Elves, Bestower of Blessings, Varda is right on the Galactic Centre (in 11.5). I was thinking about Varda this morning, and how, as Galadriel in The Lord of the Rings, she read the stars, gathered the Elves together, and sailed away, leaving Middle Earth to Men.

It’s a similar story to Astraea, Goddess of the Stars, who stayed in the world of men for as long as she could, but eventually the dense energies forced her to leave. She did, however, vow to come back when there was an opportunity to assist humanity to recover from those dark times. The asteroid Astraea is in Gate 15 this week – having integrity, being honest about your capacities, holding yourself in creative balance with the world and not exaggerating your own importance. Because you’re not full of yourself, there is space for the real world.

This is a key idea this week – that we let go of over-trying and allow space for the world to get in. Not in a way that overwhelms us, but in a way that allows for the beginning of a new creative relationship with reality, and with each other.

Varda and Astraea fled and left the world to Men, but I wonder if this week represents their return.

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2 thoughts on “HD Transits 17 to 23 January 2024

  1. And you do it again, Kim; spot on, for me anyway!! ‘You can’t stay with what’s familiar and comfortable. (….)’ Only I so often seem to be a week or two ahead of when things happen….? This is how I’ve been feeling these last 2-3 weeks; the ‘familiar and comfortable’ disappeared – in that I don’t even know what they were, let alone what they are now – and it’s a bit scary to me! Purpose zero, other than something I hope will come/I don’t know yet. So, your ‘go adventure’ is something I’ll investigate!

    And this… ‘It’s a similar story to Astraea, Goddess of the Stars, who stayed in the world of men for as long as she could, but eventually the dense energies forced her to leave.’…..took me back to when young and wanting to be ‘really, really nice’ (now I’d call it high energy’d and living from my heart), but that that was a dodgy thing to do, because it scared me because I saw ‘nice people die early’ – ‘the dense energies forced her to leave’, so I’d better ‘stay a bit dense’…. I’ve felt that all my life, I realise. (Without meaning to sound ‘special’ or ‘good’ in any way – just reporting a childhood memory here!)

    Rambling here, but in huge gratitude for all your work and how your emails come just at the right time….

    PS, smiling too; I’ve just decided to call my floating home ‘Mórvyl’, which is the Cornish word for ‘Whale’!!! (And the name I’d thought of before was ‘Gwir’, which is Cornish for ‘Truth’…. Gotta smile, eh?!)

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