HD Transits 19 – 25 April 2023

On 20 April, we have a total solar eclipse: the Sun and Moon will be in Difficulty at the Beginning, aka the Gate of Ordering (Gate 3). The latter name will become more significant as we navigate this week’s transits.

Eclipses happen every year; they aren’t a big thing in themselves, but their energy continues exert influence for around 3.5 years. It’s as if the eclipse opens an energy portal that seeds a new energetic pattern.

A solar eclipse is like a cross-over moment: the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, re-aligning your role within the collective higher consciousness. The energy gathers around the gate in which the solar eclipse occurs and, if you have these gates in your Design, it signals a shift in how you use your inner resources to fulfill your outer purpose. This weeks solar eclipse is in Gate 3: Difficulty at the Beginning. The Earth is in Gate 50, Cosmic Alchemy, so this gate is active as well.

I could write a book on this week’s transits! Instead, I’ve chosen a few key points to share with you.

You can view the Taraka chart for the New Moon and Solar Eclipse here.

Reconsidering what progress looks like

We are leaving something behind that has been safe, familiar, and comfortable. As we venture into new territory, we can be seduced into thinking we know the way. If we continue with this, we will fail to see the signs of where to go and potentially get stuck reinventing the wheel (haunted by the ghost of territory we have left behind forever).

Venus will be in the Gate of Progress (35) this week, but be careful about what you consider to be progress. This is not about individual success, but rather your capacity to connect with supportive relationships: to see, recognise, and connect with the people who are part of your fractal. It’s those relationships that will carry us forward. Trying to push forward on your own out of old trauma and defence patterning will cause you to miss out on what’s coming.

Finding our natural limits

The Sun and Moon (in gate 3) are joining up with Pluto in the Gate of Limitations (60), creating the Channel of Mutation.

3-60 is the Human Design birthing channel: the coming together of light and dark; yin and yang; silence and sound. This is where our previous incarnations move through cosmic processes that line us up with new soul missions. In this new territory, we have to find a way to partner with the flow while also committing to our own unique direction. We persevere and hold through everything (all the chaos, all the darkness) to keep alive what we believe in.

We are not just trying to survive the darkness; we are boldly reclaiming the fecund transformation of that space. Because without it, we simply cannot move forward.

We are cosmically moving away from collective conditioning that says we are better off as singular machines than as living systems. We have been conditioned to meet the needs of mechanisation and believe in inherent malnourishment. When given its organic growth pattern and natural timing, living systems will naturally learn their own limits. Pluto illuminates this lesson in the Gate of Limitations (60), and we have an open portal to its transformative power this week.

Recovering our natural capacity for growth

Just as importantly, we shouldn’t let fear subsconsciously fuel our desire to actively explore all possibilities or passively ‘go with the flow’ to keep all options alive.

Jupiter brings the function of growth. But our natural capacity for growing into things has been disrupted in so many ways. We need care, nourishment, support, and a real purpose. This week is about remembering that these things are a natural part of life. You don’t have to be afraid of too much (cake, anyone?) if there is no such thing as forbidden fruit (apple, anyone?). Life knows it’s own limits when it is free to follow it’s own path. You can release your fear of (loss of) control.

It’s not that there are no limits, but we have to learn to find them within ourselves as we interact with our environment. We are on a moral evolutionary arc right now, and we need to get this so we can move on.

On May 1, Jupiter will move into the Gate of New Beginnings (3). We need practice trusting our growth and limits now so that in a few weeks we can take the opportunity to naturally move with the beneficial and expansive Jupiterian energy to nourish and sustain the new order arising from the chaos. Remember, Gate 3 is also called the Gate of Ordering. We are, in a very real sense, shifting our conceptual framework of “order.”

The light and dark of good and evil

On April 24, Mars will shift into the Gate of Gradual Progress (53), making a channel with Jupiter in the Gate of Increase (42). This is incredibly positive energy used to reunite light and dark.

In Gate 42, Jupiter reminds us it is safe to be kind, generous, and to focus on the quality of what we want to give rather than what we want to receive. This doesn’t mean exhausting yourself sharing with others or trying (unsuccessfully) to attract attention and blaming yourself. It does mean being fully present to the flow of nourishing energy, seeing your role in recycling it, and circulating it through collective humanity.

When we are unable to feel our own natural self-limits, we’re uncertain we’re in the flow of goodness and nourishment. And so, again, we return to the idea that we need to really tune into our own experience. Where are we feeling nourished? Where are we feeling starved? Where might we be taking on (or in) too much of the wrong (overwhelming) thing?

Before we go: two important dwarf planets


Pluto and Neptune are making aspects to Sedna at the moment. Sedna represents a shamanic remaking of connections and relationships. We have to die to our current restrictive (less-than-ideal) circumstances. We dissolve away to almost nothing, disappear back to our bones. In that deep space of potential, we can discover who we are becoming.

Sedna is in Gate 8.6, an Individual Circuitry gate that’s all about creating a new world through relationships. We can’t make progress or succeed alone. To be known by others, we must be open and honest and allow our energy to move in creative rather than defensive ways.


The North Node in the Gate of Nourishment (27) is making a channel with Haumea in the Gate of Cosmic Alchemy (50). The Solar Eclipse will trigger Haumea’s energy, because the Earth will be in the same gate (Gate 50).

Haumea shifts us from the linear idea of inevitable breakdown (and Armageddon) back to a more natural cyclical growth with increasing complexity. What would life be if we didn’t have to be good enough to get to heaven, but could live here now? Haumea brings our attention to what supports our lives, how we sustain ourselves. We see regeneration and restoration as normal parts of daily living.

Haumea also activates a new global-galactic culture, opening us to the stars as our guide. This is a radical new birth in consciousness that reminds humanity: we were here at the beginning of our world as seed potential. On this Solar Eclipse, Haumea is birthing a new level of human consciousness that bridges the wild earth and its full fecund potential with technologies arising from beyond our galaxy.

This is not a one-day event, people! Pluto will be square Haumea all the way from May 2022 to January 2028. I have more on this coming your way.

Okay, I know it’s a lot! Here’s a quick summary.

  • We are restoring natural growth patterns and that means noticing what nourishes you and where you are afraid of not having limits. All the places where you suffered a ‘failure to launch’ in the past are being remade.
  • We are finding our connection to creative flow and checking to make sure we are both moving with it and holding to our own direction.
  • We are noticing how progress is more about people and relationships that individual goals.

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9 thoughts on “HD Transits 19 – 25 April 2023

  1. Since a few weeks, I feel i have to Finish Something now and at the same Time i have to start Something different soon .
    For the seco,nd i need people and only can See one Person.
    Sounds crazy , right??
    Love Beate

  2. Such exquisite insights and grounded sense-making! Thank you so much – this (as always) really resonates! You and your work are such a treasure.

  3. Leading edge, as always, kim.
    many gratitudes.

    “shamanic remaking of connections and relationships”

    could you elaborate/explain the above? especially what is ‘shamanic’ that you are referring to here?

    1. Thank you, Bireh. To answer your question about “shamanic remaking of connections and relationships,” it might help to give the four pillars of Shamanism: 1) connection with nature 2) healing of self and community 3) spiritual practice 4) pilgrimage. I’m specifically referring to #2 here, where “remaking” means healing, re-ordering, and re-imagining connections and relationships.

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