HD Transits 19 -25 July 2023

Making ourselves at home

This week is not a time to make commitments, but to relish the uncertainty and the new opportunities it brings. The purpose of all your experimentation this week is to discover something new about who you are, what’s important to you, and where you fit into the big picture.

This week the Sun will be in the Gate of the Wanderer (56) and the Earth will be joining Pluto in the Gate of Limitations (60). We get the full impact of this connection on 22 July, when they line up exactly with Pluto, triggering the whole dwarf planet matrix I talked about last week.

Here’s the taraka chart for that.

At the same time, Mars lines up with Saturn in the Channel of Community. When Mars and Saturn come together you know something has become too rigid (often over-protective) and is about to be mercifully blown up!

Venus will be retrograde from 23 July till 4 September, and it’s going to be powerful!

Let’s see what we can glean from these three events for this week!

Learning new stuff about you

When the Gate of the Wanderer (56) is in play, we tend to feel not at home in our own lives. Even things that have been comfortable begin to seem unfamiliar. The Sun in this gate suggests a period of transition; a new cycle has begun and we set out in search of something new. We don’t know yet what that is, and we feel on edge, not sure if we have the energy or resources for the journey. And yet, we find a way to carry our small uniqueness out into the world. Its a precious thing!

And that’s the story for this week, that we don’t have to do much at all. In fact, this is a time for small experiments with new people, new ways of living and new ideas. Feeling like an outsider is part of the charm here, because this is about learning as much as possible about yourself in all kinds of interesting new situations. You don’t need to stamp your mark on anything, just pay attention and learn what you can about yourself.

What’s really important to you?

Mercury spends most of the week in the Gate of Youthful Folly (4), which is about having an open mind and learning as much as possible, really challenging your rigid old perceptions about what’s true.

I love how this gate (56) advises to always act with goodwill and appreciation towards people, but trust your instincts. And particularly, trust your instincts on who are your people going forward.

If Pluto’s time in the Gate of Limitations teaches us one thing, it would be this – you can’t have everything, so what is most important for you?

You could exhaust yourself trying to accomplish things that mean little to you, and have no place in your future. Or you could spend this week experimenting with an open mind to discover new truths about where life is leading you.

On that, August is just huge in terms of redirecting us. Mars and Mercury, between them, spend most of the month in the Channel of Abstraction (64-47) with Orcus, which I’ve talked so much about lately.

Dwarf Planet Orcus

Orcus in the Gate of Almost Across (64) is bringing us a new soul mission, and his message is – don’t underestimate the scope of change. Recognise your commitment to your new direction, set your intention to step onto this new pathway.

Orcus is bundling up our past lives, bio-genetic memories, multi-dimensional aspects and personal galactic streams, and channelling them into where we are going next.

Everything you have ever been, on every level, is becoming available to you now.

Kim Gould

In April 2024 (not so very long away), Neptune will move into Gate 25 and Pluto will move into Gate 41. These two gates both carry an energy of divestment – throwing off, disentangling, cleaning out. Basically, getting rid of what’s no longer necessary. The question for each of us between now and then is – how can I make my life simpler?

Knocking down a few old walls

On 20 July Mars moves into the Gate of Deliverance (40), precipitating a clash between old expectations and current desires. Saturn in the Gate of Family (37.1) is about creating new personal boundaries that provide a safe space and a fresh start.

Think of this is a renovation of your inner psyche. While the Sun, Earth and Pluto are making a fairly strong suggestion that you find new places and ways to be at home in your own life, Mars and Saturn are knocking down old walls and helping you discover where the new ones need to be constructed. What feels nourishing, safe, creative?

We are creating a new kind of home on Earth, and we start here and now by re-imagining and experimenting in small everyday moments in our own lives.

Renewing Your Passion

Your Human Design chart has 13 planetary activations. Most of them – all except the Moon and Venus – are masculine archetypes. Venus is doing a lot of heavy lifting on behalf of the feminine in your Design!

Read more: Feminine DNA and the Asteroids in your Human Design

Venus is astonishing on so many levels. She is the Morning and Evening Star, the Queen of the Heaven, and the culmination of the Great Mother goddess. Her roots go back to Isis, Inanna, Ishtar and Demeter (Ceres). She connects us with the rise and fall of the cycles of life – birth, death and rebirth. She shows our life purpose through the lens of feminine intelligence, and a pathway to a greater world-building dharma.

During her retrograde period, Venus aligns on 31 July with Sila-Nunam, a binary TNO jointly named for the Inuit Sky God (Sila) and Earth Mother (Nunam). This is such a balancing of polarities, a healing of the warring between male and female, the god and goddess.

A day later, on the 1 August Full Moon, Venus is in Gate 29 (The Abyss). In the adjoining Gate of Pushing Upward (46) we have Rhiphonos, an energy of having arrived at a cul-de-sac. It seems like the end of the road. And then, you realise you’ve taken a wrong turn! Your true path requires you reconnect with your own inner compass, triggering a reconnection with your passion. You discover a new pathway, a new attitude, and a new perspective that reshapes your future.

There is something deep and powerful arising here, in the blending of Venus’ warrior energy (Venus as Morning Star) and lover energy (Venus as Evening Star). Ancient feminine warriors only ever acted in defence – that is, in love and protection. Between now and September there is a fierce feminine protective energy breaking free from it’s projected field of hate, fear and greed. This is the seed of change set lose upon the world, with incredibly far-reaching consequences.

Venus spends all this week in the Gate of The Abyss (29.5). It’s a time to contemplate the possibilities. Don’t be tempted to try to dig yourself out of trouble, or make something of nothing. There is nothing you need to do and nowhere you need to go. And finding yourself here and now, who might you be?

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