HD Transits – 21 to 27 February 2024

finding the courage to remember who you are

It’s worth taking a bit of time to explore this week’s Full Moon – it’s happening in 2 gates in the Incarnation Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix, defining our new cosmic cycle. It’s said to commence in 2027 but cycles of this magnitude have very indistinct beginning and end dates, so we can certainly assume we are already there.

In this week’s Full Moon the Sun is in Gate 55 – Abundance, and the Earth and Moon are in Gate 59 – Dissolving.

You can view the Taraka Full Moon chart here.

What a curious pairing – Abundance and Dissolving! On one hand we have a time of allowing everything to dissolve, and on the other hand, a time to take advantage of favourable circumstances to achieve great things.

Knowing when to dissolve? Or when to march out on a mission to save the world from tyrants? That sounds like a handbook I need for right about now!

(Just btw, if we add in the other 2 gates from the Incarnation Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix we get the Presence (20) of having your own personal power aligned with the greater cosmic intelligence (34). So, all up, that’s a pretty impressive mix of energies.)

If we dig a bit deeper into this dissolving and abundance, we find even greater correspondences.

what we need to do next

We can’t leap into the next level of being unless we dissolve the limitations and boundaries of the level we are in now. We’d get stuck in a whole lot of busy activity that just brings us more of the same! So Gate 59 – the Gate of Dissolving – holds a sensitivity to the rigid walls that are keeping us stuck, to the ways in which we have habitually limited ourselves from being able to move on.

A great thaw brings floods that sweep away everything solid. Familiar landmarks vanish. It’s disorienting but it liberates vital energy. This is an inner process, centering yourself, letting your decisions flow from an underlying essential source.

Hilary Barrett, I Ching – Hexagram 59

Dissolving might sound like collapsing or giving up, but it is very far from that. It is about having the courage to let things go, to become aware of uncomfortable things you may have been avoiding, to grieve what’s gone, to make way for something new. It’s about releasing the huge built up pressure of vital energy seeking new pathways.

Gate 55 – Abundance – is not about BEING abundant. If you have Gate 55 it doesn’t mean you are naturally and easily going to be rich all your life. It DOES mean that you have a sensitivity for seeing the opportunities to make the world a better place. You will have moments in your life when everything comes together to support you to undertake a mission, to make a real difference. And you are able to help others see those moments, those signs, as well.

This Full Moon is telling us that the signs of what we need to do are emerging. We might prefer not to see them, we might prefer to stay in our own smaller and more manageable world. But if we choose this path, how can great change ever happen?

This is not about doing things that go against your nature, but perhaps it is about having a new sense of who you are and what you are here in this life for. Part of that process is you having healthier boundaries.

And a clue – it’s also not about holding to your woundedness, or living an easy, comfortable life. It’s important to heal, just as it’s important to be safe and comfortable. But these are NOT your end game. They are your foundation, the place from which you venture forth.

truth and forgetting

There are some very interesting asteroids lining up with the Full Moon. This week. Alethia is in Gate 59 and Veritas is in Gate 6. Veritas is the Roman Goddess of Truth. Alethia is her Greek predecessor, and like many Greek predecessors, she is much more interesting than her Roman counterpart.

Alethia means un-forgetful. It comes from the word Lethe (Lesmosyne), one of the rivers of Hades. Once you go down that river, and through the cave of Hypnos, you enter into oblivion, the world of complete forgetfulness. Alethia is like the pathway back – she un-hypnotises us, revealing what was previously unavailable to our conscious mind.

Neptune – the planet of hypnosis, delusion, madness – has just about completed it’s time in the Solar Plexus Centre. This week brings a moment of clarity, waking us up to places where we have been slumbering, unaware, and lacking clarity.

I’ve explained in my post on Neptune in Gate 36 that emotional wounds are nothing more than incomplete cycles of experience. They let us know we have not yet come to the end of a particular story. The reason why the story is incomplete? It’s simple – we haven’t yet made sense of it in our own unique and individual way. We got stuck telling the story from the perspective of someone else. And because of this incompleteness, we have been unable to understand the experience, develop the wisdom that flows from that understanding, and share that wisdom with others.

emergent leadership

For most of this week Venus and Mars will be in Gate 19 – Approach. This is, in some ways, a gate of leadership. That leadership comes from our ability to stay connected to the emergent potential of each moment – to sense Source energy and the ways in which we can partner with it. In this way we can draw life from small and seemingly insignificant seeds, perhaps eventually creating an immense forest. We turn up with what’s needed on the material plane – we water, we weed, we nourish and nurture the potential as we watch it growing into something great and true.

More on Emergent Leadership here

It’s interesting to see Venus and Mars travelling so closely together at a time of a Full Moon in the Channel of Mating (59-6). There is something of a relationship reset going on here, a renewal of vows, a renegotiation of the hieros gamos – the sacred union of female and male, and the way in which the dualities on our plane of existence bring forth life.

We also find the asteroids Europa (The Empress) and Aphrodite (Creating Beauty) here, in the Channel of Sensitivity.

Aphrodite in particular (in Gate 49 – Revolution this week) is the lost civilising influence of beauty, pleasure, and the longing for love and connection. The aphrodisiacal nature of love overcomes the tension between opposites and permits union despite differences. 

Aphrodite is the key to recovering our true humanity.

I could say more about Juno (the wife-lover) in 64.5 directly connecting with Orcus (new soul mission) in Gate 64 – Transition. Or perhaps Eros (passionate creation) in Gate 42 – Increase – with Eris (seeing what was hidden). I could talk about dwarf planet Lempo (christo-fascism controlling the sexual energy of women) with Uranus (freedom) in the Gate of Stripping Away (23). And more. But I think you probably get my drift now.

Our creative energy is erotic, it is passionate, it is sexual, it is vital and alive. Our creative energy has been dammed up, controlled, directed down pathways that lead nowhere. And that dam is about to burst, freeing something beautiful and powerful.

There’s one more thing I want to share with you this week.

finding our inner authoritarianism

On 25 February, the Sun goes into Gate 37 (Family) joining Saturn. The next day Mercury turns up there. On 28 February the Sun, Mercury and Saturn will all be in Gate 37.5.

To quote I Ching scholar Bradford Hatcher:

The cold winds of tyranny often begin on a cold hearth at home, where restrictions stand in for boundaries, or rules and laws for clear explanations and authority for the force of a healthy character. Society finds its influence in the family and models itself accordingly. The microcosm becomes the macrocosm.

Let’s talk families, authoritarianism and strong men for a moment.

Image: Adobe Stock – Giordana Aita

In her book Strongmen, Ruth Ben-Ghiat describes a leadership style that uses masculinity as a symbol of strength. Taking what you want, and getting away with it, becomes proof of male authority. They use propaganda, corruption, and violence to stay in power. No other type of leader is so transparent about prioritizing self-interest over the public good.

In his book, Moral Politics, George Lakoff lays out the evidence that conservatives have a Strict Father worldview, which requires unquestioning obedience. They see the unflinching authority of the father as an expression of love and nurturance.

We might not think we grew up in an authoritarian world, especially if we had a more collegiate upbringing. But we were taught to respect authority, to do as we were told, not (for example) to question the teacher. This top-down culture keeps us in a limit-cycle, and right now we are at it’s extreme edge looking for ways through. More on that here.

In her books on healing the inner child, Alice Miller explains, in great detail, the damage that is done to all of us through this kind of upbringing that creates beliefs like:

  1. Not life but order and obedience are the highest values.
  2. Only by means of violence can order be created and preserved.
  3. Creativity (embodied in the child) represents a danger for the adult and must be destroyed.
  4. Obeying one’s father absolutely is the highest law.

If you think you don’t carry authoritarianism in your cells, look again. We have learnt to treat ourselves in ways that we are largely asleep to, and that block our creative energy. Check the list and see where these ideas might still lurk in your being. My point is – we are all woven into this thread because we grew up within it’s weft and weave.

If our world is a macrocosm of our microcosm, we hold keys to moving through the rigid limitations of this moment. This week our memories awaken and seek completion.

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5 thoughts on “HD Transits – 21 to 27 February 2024

  1. Thank you 🙏 With my Saturn in 19, Jupiter in 55 & 37, Uranus in 59, such timely guidance; I guess for many of my age. I am going to need time to introspect and process this but (Feels like I should be provoking allies to walk with me – Earth in 39). Your write up has made me alive to the potential in the cosmic influences

    1. Sanjay you are right in amongst all of this! I think you are right about the age thing, so much of this cultural conditioning seems so deeply unconscious in us, and yet so crazy to later generations. All power to them! Enjoy the introspection.

  2. Thank you once again for naming so clearly what is going on in me abd around me and often I don’t understand until I read you!

    Blessings on your glorious head Kim!! 🙏

  3. This reading brought tears for me… Tears that are clarifying, tears bring shift within that brings understanding, deep understanding. And all of this means feeling supported in this life for what is going on in my life (micro) and globally (macro). Thanks Kim!

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