HD Transits: 22 – 29 March 2023

Right now life is opening a new doorway for us and it’s going to trigger us. We’ll want to run back to our old comfortable beliefs and delusions. Let’s not do that!

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It’s a nice idea, but no one really believes we can really live that way – in positive world-changing response to shocking events. When South Carolina legislators want to enact the death penalty for people who have abortions, and Rolls Royce are building a nuclear reactor to put on the moon, the social compact is under severe strain. On today’s New Moon the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will release a Synthesis Report which, advance reporting is saying, estimates 36 months before we are beyond the tipping point for environmental destruction.

In the face of such uncertainty we can take up the challenge Jupiter is throwing us, or play small and miss our opportunity.

There’s more to life than what others believe is possible

With Jupiter, Chiron Vesta and the Sun in the Channel of Initiation (51-25) expect sudden events that allow you to respond in a way that shifts your idea of who you are. Or, perhaps who you could be. Mercury and Salacia in the Gate of Following (17) say that response should align with the very best future you can imagine for yourself, something noble and wonderful.

Like dwarf planet Salacia, we will probably want to run away from the new possibilities. It’s so much easier to stay where (and who) we are. This week is less about being afraid of shocking events and much more about noticing how you respond to them. A big part of this changed response comes from facing your own demons. They might initially send you running to your safe place, but some will be pointing you to brilliant new beginnings.

So our task this week, and it’s a big one, is to find a place within ourselves to embrace and nourish our own unique and ambitious visions for a better world.

The space between patriarchy and emergence

We are heading into that space between patriarchy and emergence. Within patriarchy we had authoritarian leadership, we could ask for absolute truth and get it, we could expect definitive leadership and it was there. Emergence is a whole new ball game. Emergence is being present and responsive to life. Living in emergence requires collaboration, but no one has all the answers.

The pathway between the Heart and G Centres takes us on a journey of shifting identity. The G Centre has no communal gates. It’s all about Individuality and the Collective. Jupiter is calling us to sacrifice our previous sense of safety and stability and begin to create our lives from a different intention. This week is not necessarily the time to take a stand, but to discover what those new intentions do to our sense of who we are.

Where the Divine Spark meets form

The G Centre is equivalent to the sephiroth called Tiphareth in the Kabbalah, which is the balance point for all of human consciousness. It is the place where the incoming inspiration meets the form, the transformational space where Divine Spark creates the individual.

G Centre – 23 March

The gift of humility

Imagine a world where everyone is just doing the nice things, because they can. It sounds too utopian, but is it?

In the Gate of Nourishment (27) this week we have the North Node (destiny), Venus (what we value), Juno (mutually respectful relationships – inner and outer), Nemesis (moderation in all things) and Atlantis. So we are coming face to face with a new future by proceeding with moderation so that we can identify what we really, truly value, and develop a new level of mutual respect in our relationships. In a gate that’s all about creating the world from GOOD.

But wait, what about Atlantis?

I saw a news report this week that we (and when I say ‘we’ I don’t mean me, and probably also not you) are developing a nuclear power plant for the Moon. Because, we need electricity up there and I’m wondering why?

And then there’s the whole AI thing sweeping the internet at the moment. Like so much else, these are examples of taking what should be collective and making money from it. (Did you know that Chat-GPT sweeps everything on the web and serves it up as content you can use, with no attribution?)

Atlantis, in astrological terms, is about hubris and ambition and using technology without regard to it’s outcomes. It’s also about being so caught up in the abstract notions of things that we fail to connect with reality.

Astrologer Martha Lang-Wescott says the asteroid Atlantis indicates a sense of impending doom. Which fair enough. When we are having to live so much in our minds and in the abstract because reality is too, well just too much, our bodies understandably start sending out distress signals.

Nemesis is also very much about hubris and ambition and pushing things too far so that the Goddess (yes, Nemesis is a Goddess) has to step in and tidy up. Which is where we come into the picture. Or at least, where we possibly could.

If you’re in the team that believes technology will save us – save our lifestyle, our identity – I have some bad news for you. The changes coming over the next few years, and particularly in the next 2 years, will challenge you to draw new imagined worlds from the unique spaces within you. Those challenge will not be limited to learning the next iteration of the latest software. Or how to pull the safety-off switch on the lunar nuclear power plant.

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This swathe of planets in the Gate of Nourishment (27) are joined by dwarf planet Haumea in Gate 50.5, which is about moderation.

When we don’t push things to extremes, for example ‘not leaving any money on the table’, not only will we succeed but we will also become wiser. When we aren’t driven by greed or ambition we have the humility to see what is available to us – our own hidden skills, allies we might have overlooked, the benefit our activities brings to others. This is a gate of cosmic alchemy, where we take the raw elements of nature that present themselves to us and transform them into cultural artifacts that nourish and assist people, adding to our humanity.

This a gentle, generous and abundant sense of what is possible. Very different to the deadly competitive post-capitalist world we are moving away from. Haumea is a big fan of technology, just not the Frankenstein kind. (my apologies to Frankenstein for the comparison with post-capitalism).

More on Haumea here.

Mars will be in Gate 15 this week. Generally known as the Gate of Extremes, this energy is about having the humility to do things for their own sake, not for any personal advantage. (Seems like a theme!)

When we are in this energy, we act positively, cooperatively and harmoniously. Hekate is there as well, and when she turns up we should always listen. She is guiding our soul on a new pathway.

When we are lost, dazed and confused by where life has led us, and unsure where to go next, Hekate is our best companion. She stands at the threshold of the worlds and helps us choose a new pathway. When we have done all we should in the external world, but still feel empty on the inside, Hekate points to where we have gone astray. She will never guide us to the safe pathway, but the one our soul most needs.


When Jupiter offers ….

I mentioned Mercury in Gate 17 (Following) this week. This is a gate of patterned beliefs. We want to cling to them because they are our framework for reality. Our ancestors spent millenium figuring the rules out, experimenting to see what would keep us safe, carefully passing their hard won experience on via our DNA. Why would we ditch that??! Jupiter asks us to leap this week, to trust that we must. And that we can.

PS. Astraea is also in the Gate of Shock, I thought you might enjoy reading some more about her.

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