HD Transits 22 to 28 November 2023

Living Amidst the Chaos

I haven’t written for 3 weeks, because I’ve had covid. Which, while I’ve been quite sick, has also been a lovely retreat from the world. I was stuck in Melbourne, not well enough to fly home, so I got myself a nice Airbnb and lived in my own bubble for a while.

As we bob about amidst the flow of events, there are two really big things to notice. This blog is a bit longer than usual, as I’m doing a bit of catch up from the past few weeks.

What we’ve lost

The first is the combination of the Sun, Mars and Ceres moving together through the gates. The Child asteroid is travelling with them for a while. You may be experiencing this as intense emotions, most likely grief and/or anger. It’s accentuated by Jupiter in Gate 24 and Hylonome (grief/loss) in Gate 61.

Taken together this adds up to a palpable filter of grief and loss hanging over everything. Our sense of loss is dialled up to maximum sensitivity, supporting us to stop compromising, and to reconnect with what we truly value.

Ceres represents what we need to feel that life is worth living. If it got a bit dark in your world over the past few weeks it was because there was a recalibration around what makes you jump for joy. Mars and the Sun also represent a recalibration, to help you see where your personal boundaries were based on old unconscious bargains that no longer serve you. The eclipse on 28 October brought a sensitivity to the places where we felt overwhelmed, where we were giving too much and not getting enough back in return. Where we have given up what we truly value in return for worthless baubles.

Add to this, Mercury (bringing things to conscious awareness) passed over The Great Attractor (a meeting point between Earth and Galactic Consciousness) in Gate 5, and activated astrological squares with big hitters Nessus (trans-generational trauma) in Gate 63 and Orcus (being held in place till we grasp our new soul mission) in Gate 64. These two Head Centre gates are transitional energies, liminal energies, leading us from one cycle into the next. These activations act like a giant vacuum cleaner, sucking up to the surface any trauma held within our family system that we haven’t yet dealt with.

Where you belong

As I write this, the Sun, Mars, Ceres and Child are in Gate 14, called Great Possession. It’s about acknowledging how blessed you are, with so much to offer the world! But. There are deeper forces at play here.

Neptune in the Gate of Darkening of the Light (gate 36) has been taking us through a 2 year process of healing our trauma. Collective healing can only happen on an individual level, which then influences others. These last few weeks have been connecting us with difficult inner spaces, where we feel ashamed and undeserving. Where we feel we have been cast into the dark because of the irredeemable essence of who we are. ( video explanation for that here). Where we have been susceptible to giving up our brilliance in return for security.

Neptune is redeeming these ‘bad’ parts of you. No one wants to be a bad person, but holding these parts of you at bay has taken a huge amount of energy, and a certain amount of dissociation.

But the tricky aspect of this is, by suppressing these lovely misunderstood parts of yourself, you have been pretending about who you are. Which leads to your true gifts going to waste. And there’s such a risk, now, to be this newly integrated self, so vulnerable!

There is an opening of new DNA codes here, as previously inactive galactic energies are switched on within your human system. You may have a vague sense of them, and they will become more tangible as others pick them up in your field and draw them out.

This is a blossoming time

Right now, the Earth is in Gate 8, called Union or Holding Together. This gate is about finding where we belong, in all our glorious individuality. There’s a moment happening here, where we have to take the risk to be ourselves with no guarantee that anyone will see us, love us, include us. And yet, as Anais Nin so famously said

We are in a blossoming time. A time when people are more able to reach across the old divides to each other rather than withdraw from those who are different. A time when we are seeing the collapse of social convention that has devolved to be nothing more than religious demons and coloniser’s greed. A time when we see the possibility for redemption, for doing things in a new way. There’s a fierceness here – we are not prepared to let that time pass.

It is a time for us to blossom into a new kind of human.

The second really big thing this week is all about the way we think about power.

The Full Moon on 27 November brings all of our newly integrated aspects into a tricky game of power v’s force. There’s a strong underlying message – the old life, where you were overwhelmed and trying so hard – is gone. Life can be easier now. We can rediscover the simple joy in being human together.

Image: Adobe – Maria Starus

Living in emergence

Venus is in Gate 57 most of this week, with the Sun in Gate 34 (Great Power) and the Earth in Gate 20 (Presence). Gate 57, called The Gentle, activates a dimension of experience that is truly present. So present that you can’t hold yourself apart from what you are experiencing.

Gate 20 is also known as the Watchtower. It is about setting aside preconceptions and allowing yourself to observe what is real, noticing where your own beliefs and perceptions may be at odds with what you see. There’s a gathering quality to Gate 20, in being open to what we perceive, we see beyond the surface, beyond the random world and into the grand scheme of things. We can see the connections between what we notice, what we believe and what actions we take. We can embrace a larger truth that gives us enormous power and influence.

Gate 20 carries the DNA codes for social practice of the use of power. In the I Ching, hexagram 20 is connected to Quan Yin and the Madonna (who was also known as the Watchtower), taking in everything, responding with compassion and understanding.

These two gates – The Gentle (57) and Presence (20) – are key to our ability to live as emergent beings, flowing with life, taking it all in, co-creating from our uniqueness. They anchor us into the connected web of life. They shift us from ideology and abstractions to lived reality.

Image: Julie Collins, Love In The Future – https://www.juliecollins.co.uk/paintings-figure.html

The way we use power

And then we come to the nub of this week’s shift – Gate 34, called Great Power. It carries an invigorating force that breaks through old ways and disentangles from the past. When used correctly, Gate 34 guides us into the proper path of power – ethical, courageous, honest, able to cope with every challenge. We see the ways it can be misused – force, control, an inability to let go of ideology and act from what’s real.

Before we talk more about the Gate of Great Power, I want to introduce you to another planet. Ixion is transiting in Gate 10, which makes him an integral part of this story. Ixion uses power to get what he wants, regardless of the impact it has on others. He is the ultimate malignant narcissist, even criminally insane.

Ixion lacks humanity. He is driven by his own demons, and doesn’t see his flaws, only that he feels entitled to what he desires regardless of the cost. We see Ixion turning up in significant placement in the Designs of autocrats, populists, dictators and billionaires. For example Kim Jong Un has Ixion in Gate 1 with his Moon and Jupiter.

Before you wring your hands in recognition of the damage Ixion is doing in our world, let’s do a deeper dive into his purpose in turning up right now. Let’s find the positive face of Ixion.

We are in a redemptive moment

We are poised between the negative and positive manifestations of this planet. Ixion offers us a redemptive moment, a moment to cut through social norms, to see clearly the insanity of leaders who are driven by their own blind pain.

This is our own dilemma writ large, an extreme version of our own inner child, who has been conditioned to be blind to her own pain. This is a watershed moment in humanity’s emotional journey. A moment when we embrace what we’ve lost, when we recognise how that loss feels, when we become unafraid of declaring what we need. Even if only in our own heart. Even if we are terrified no one will hear us, or care.

Ixion has a positive manifestation. He has the capacity to act on his own passion, the courage to go against convention, to reshape social norms. Ixion is only toxic when he gets lost in his own pain and confuses it for entitlement. Ixion is only damaging when he acts alone because he is stuck in a place where the world is inherently cruel and he has to fight to survive.

And this is where we find ourselves – stepping out of that isolating disempowering belief.

The millions of people around the world protesting for a ceasefire in Palestine are not choosing that country over Israel. They are choosing humanity over blind cruelty. We have learnt to be cruel to ourselves, and we have been conditioned to see the world as a cruel place. It’s time for us to be present to this false reality.

It’s time for us to realise what we truly value, and to claim that as our birth rite, not as something that can be shamed, belittled, stolen and misused.

The Full Moon on 27 November has the Sun, Mars, Ceres in Gate 34. Also in that gate is an asteroid called Ra-Shalom, the light of peace. healing deep divisions and long standing conflicts. Although it seems that violence, cruelty and struggle are in the ascendant, there is a wellspring of transformation building within us.

In line 6, we find the resolution for the opposing nature of these two gates – the need to be alive, in action, powerfully responding to life (34) while also taking in everything in a way that expands your perspective (20). The way we use power shifts and changes, realigns with peace and the sacred.

This isn’t, and never was, the quest of a lone individual. It is, and always has been, a deeply shared journey. As we pick our way through these next few years, remember, we can be safe with each other. It’s how life works, in complex cooperative creativity.

Feature Image: Adobe – Melita

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8 thoughts on “HD Transits 22 to 28 November 2023

  1. “We can rediscover the simple joy in being human together.”

    “We are choosing humanity over blind cruelty.”

    “a deeply shared journey”

    Well said,
    Love Maaike

  2. This really hits home for me. My dad passed and I had a moment of truth telling with him which was deep inner child stuff. And the courage to be vulnerable where I would normally be defensive with my organic family is happening. It’s really liberating to own ur shadows and transmute them. Thank you so much for this 🙏

  3. Such brilliant integration, Kim and impeccable resonance with the emergent – collective as well as individual. Thank you so much – you hold up your dedication to this cause over your adversities 🙏 Best.

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