HD Transits 24 to 30 May

I finally gave in and watched Alone Australia this week. I thought it was going to be an celebration of tough alpha males in survival mode, but surprise! the most alpha of males (I’m the toughest motherfucker in this competition!) went home in the first few days, unable to wrest what he wanted from the land. Two women who settled in with humility and appreciation were doing just fine, catching fish and enjoying their primitive camps. And worms. Apparently they taste like bacon and are a good source of protein!

There’s no point holding onto that old self!

Pride is not your friend this week. In fact, anyone who has been relying on their hubris to get by is going to be struggling. Because pride cuts us off from reality. And we are right in that bumpy bit of human evolution where our individual souls meet spirit and connect with Mother Earth.

When I talk about pride, I’m talking about the ways in which we all protect our sense of self. Our identities are in free fall at the moment and there’s no use in trying to shore them up. We are who we are right now, whoever that may be in the moment it’s happening.

Pluto is putting on a show as well, opening a major portal in galactic consciousness. So keeping in touch with reality is more of a challenge than we might expect. And those streams of soul and spirit are doing some very interesting manoeuvres.

Not only is Pluto making a connection with 3 dwarf planets – Sedna, Eris and Haumea – but, in partnership with Jupiter, he is also bringing 4 major gravitational forces into play – the Galactic Centre, the Super Galactic Centre, the Great Attractor and the Shapley Cluster. These are four of the largest cosmic influences known. And the Sun is moving through another collection of black holes at the Throat Centre that open portals of knowing for a short time; grab them while you can!

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Why Nemesis is your friend

Before we head out into deep space, let’s check things out a big closer to earth. Because Nemesis and Hybris (hubris) are demanding some attention, and it’s a karma thing so best to take some notice! Nemesis is in the Gate of Presence (20) with the Sun this week.

By Albrecht Dürer – Web Gallery of Art:   Image  Info about artwork, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3275481

When I mention Nemesis people tend to shudder, perhaps thinking about Moriarty, Voldemort or Thor’s Hela. With that version of Nemesis you never win, and the bad guys seem intent on nothing other than your ultimate downfall. Luckily, the real-life Nemesis, or at least the Nemesis from mythology, has a much more positive face.

The Goddess Nemesis holds karma in her powerful hand, handing out fate. She was a Moirai – a goddess of Fate – who used her powers to redistribute the good in the world when hubris took over and some were greedy for more than their fair share of things. Her ultimate goal is for each person to fulfill their greater purpose in this life.

The asteroid Hybris (hubris) is in the Gate of Youthful Folly (4) this week. The purpose of that gate is to help us keep an open mind so we can learn from our experiences. If you can stay in the space of openness to what’s coming, and bear through the learning of it all, Nemesis will reward you. If we try to push through, bully ourselves and others, or generally use our power for other than a greater and higher purpose (that’s the shadow of Gate 34), Nemesis will do a bit of redistribution.

A new kind of security

With Uranus in the Gate of Splitting Apart (23) we can be sure that whatever is no longer sustainable in our old lives will be gradually dismantled and replaced over the next year or so. No point fighting that!

The biggest challenge is knowing what to let go of, and what to continue nourishing (North Node in Gate 27). We can answer that question by going back to our discussion about pride and hubris. We are not going to be able to hold onto external ideas that help us shore up our existing identity so we can stay safe. The way to security now is to stay open-minded, release our grip on who we thought we were and where we thought we were going. This is a time of increasing trust for what we know inside of us; there’s real value, real nourishment; we feel it within our own being.

Time for a Cosmic Reset

Jupiter shifts on 26 May, to the Gate of Nourishment (27). I wrote last week about how the Nodes have been hanging around there forever! Jupiter will be in that gate, along with the North Node, until 22 June.

From a Human Design perspective, the most active cosmic influence this week is the Shapley Cluster, which is in Gate 28.1, where the South Node is currently transiting.

The Shapley Cluster brings a sense of things happening behind the scenes, really big things! Through a series of astrological connections, Pluto, Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter are variously activating the Galactic Centre, the Super Galactic Centre, The Great Attractor and the Shapley Cluster this week. So, yes. Go easy on yourself.

Jupiter is in Gate 27.1 this week, and the Shapley Cluster sits in Gate 28.1. They are lining up, as I said, with the Nodes. We are likely to feel overwhelmed. That’s partly from the effort of trying to hold onto our old selves during what is essentially a cosmic makeover of humanity. We are integrating a new level of galactic consciousness into our conscious awareness. It requires care, nurturing, gentleness and patience. This is a sacred task, and the small details matter.

The South Node in Gate 28 (Great Exceeding) lets us know that we have exhausted the possibilities for what we are trying to do. If we try to keep things as they are we will be humiliated (remember Hubris?). Instead of collapsing, we need to see ourselves as the young open-minded experimental adventurers of a new era of human consciousness. We gain a new lease of life, and space opens for something new, young and fertile. We are not afraid to stand alone, or to leave our old lives behind. We meet our experiences with a knowledge of our own inner truth and purpose.

The North Node is in Gate 27 (Nourishment) where there is no more nourishment to be had in our existing lives. We yearn for something simpler and higher. It feels as if we are midway between the collapsing of our old life and the idealistic impulses towards the new. Rather than trying to fix anything, we can simply focus on our own nourishment, balanced and harmoniously meeting our own needs.

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Despite everything I’ve shared, the most powerful energy this week is Jupiter and North Node making a channel with dwarf planet Haumea.

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In the Gate of The Vessel (Cauldron, Gate 50), Haumea brings powerful new beginnings, a radical birth of higher consciousness that synthesises the wild earth with deep space. She says there is no going back. Pluto will square Haumea through till January 2028. For the last 2 years of that process, Haumea will be sitting on the Shapley Cluster. We are talking long cycles of deep change.

Pluto has opened us to larger cycles of consciousness, the dwarf planets have orbits a few decades longer than Pluto and they tend to be more elliptical, so move much further into deep space. Dwarf planet Sedna has an orbit around 12,000 years, which aligns with the precession of the equinox and the Mayan calendar. We are entering into a new era of creative cosmic consciousness. Go easy.

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6 thoughts on “HD Transits 24 to 30 May

  1. Oh so bang on again. Business is slow for me this week and i have been projecting into the future “worrying” and yesterday I got some quiet time by the creek and started to cry as I felt deeply that rather than wanting an abundance of money, what I actually want is to live on the land and not owe anyone anything. That is what I truly want. To be able to live life as desired rather than always having $$$ ticking over in the background/foreground. And there was an element of shame or guilt I had to let go of too because “you must work hard to have all you want”…
    Thank you again Kim

    1. Kellie – thank you for your comment; I am so with you, and you found the words to say it. Here’s to that world! I feel it coming! 🌿

  2. I am saying this out loud. I have been imagining being in my own home my dream home for many years… I have imagined co-creating with people who are of like heart and mind and we are all equally prosperous in the co-creation. I have imagined traveling around the world enjoying adventures with my partner. I have moments of abundant tears wondering if these things will ever happen for me… And in your readings, Kim, I hear be patient, keep on keeping on and keep affirming what I believe to be true and real can happen, will happen. 💫

    1. Lucy, there is such power in voicing our intentions. Thank you for voicing them here, and for teaching through your example of patience and persistence in the face of uncertainty. Love to you as you co-create your reality.

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