HD Transits 25 to 31 October 2023

Rediscovering Who You Are

We’re all over it, right?

We need change to happen, and it’s hard to see so much of the old energy playing out. Exhausting. Overwhelming. And the obvious question is – what do we do about it? Is there anything new and different on the horizon?

The biggest underlying shift we’re experiencing is in our sense of identity. Not just in how we think of ourselves, but the very framework for how we construct an identity.

For the past few millenium, we’ve constructed our sense of who we are based on the needs and expectations of our ‘tribe’ or community. We had rules, religions, traditions and customs that helped us feel safe, included and loved. That’s all changing.

It feels strange, because we are losing the very foundation upon which we build our sense of self. It’s as if suddenly we don’t know ourselves anymore.

And yet, at the same time, there’s an emerging sense of recognition. Something is happening here and it’s exciting! If only we could trust it.

Who are we if we no longer define ourselves by the old rules? What if the characteristics we recognised as making up who we are turn out to be nothing more than compliant contribution? This goes deeply into our moral fibre. What makes you a good (or evil) person?

As the old tribal identity constructs fall away, we get to find a new sense of who we are. Its like those dreams where you are surprised to find new rooms in your house – who knew that whole new level was there! How come you never saw that staircase before??

The old tribal-based identity construct comes from the bargains of the Heart Centre. You might not even realise those bargains are there, but as you become more conscious of them you find yourself saying no to things that in the past would have defined you.

The new collective-based identity construct comes from the possibilities of the G Centre. This is a soul-based sense of self, anchored into this time-space dimension via your Magnetic Monopole. It holds the magnetic resonance to how your physicality (your body and your Design layer in your Human Design) supports and partners with your expression of your soul purpose (your Personality layer).

In April 2024, Neptune shifts into the channel that bridges these two identity Centres, meeting up with Chiron and the North Node in the Gate of Shock (51). We are building up now to be ready for that time, when we will cross that bridge and change not only our own identity, but the very experience of being human.

We’re out of nourishment

This week we have the second of two powerful eclipses. If you missed my post on the first eclipse, it’s here.

You can view the Taraka chart for this week’s eclipse here.

This week’s eclipse, in Gates 28 and 27, triggers a sense of having outgrown the current version of our lives. We have literally run out of nourishment. There’s no fuel to keep going. We have to reach out imaginatively and explore possibilities because things can’t stay as they are.

The tendency is to push harder in the same direction, but that will just overburden you. Instead, be gentle, careful, nurturing. Make sure that everything you do is supportive and don’t add more stress.

This isn’t about collapsing at home, putting your feet up and having a cup of tea though. Gate 28 is about having a challenge that excites you. All the challenge is gone from the life you are living now, and the trick is to find the seed of your next challenge in the circumstances you find yourself in.

Art: Vera Kiss – https://www.facebook.com/BiraisVera

What’s a burden, and what’s nourishing?

I want to share a personal story to show how this might not look the way you expect. On the day of the last eclipse I saw an ad for a dog who was up for adoption at our local shelter. I’d been vaguely thinking of getting another dog, maybe next year sometime. Or maybe not ever. Despite my vagueness, I felt strongly moved to put in an application. The shelter contacted me to say – yes, you can have her!

I was immediately thrown into internal chaos. Why would I get a dog? I have plans to travel a lot next year, this is just mad. And, because I know about the transits, my main question to myself was – aren’t you just putting a burden and more stress into your life?

But this is where I found the paradox.

The burden was in being so much alone. This is the first time in my life I’ve lived completely alone – no children, no partner. I discovered the gift in having only myself to please, but there was pain and real challenges along the way. One of the biggest challenges was the lack of every-day companionship. I found myself eating too much, watching too much tv, staying home rather than going out into the world.

I started out by thinking the new puppy would be the burden, but gradually (with a lot of deep reflection) came to realise that the burden was actually my old sense of identity that believed I had to ‘go it alone’, to somehow survive without loving companionship.

The moral of my story, at least for me, is not to be too quick to categorise something as good or bad at the moment. I needed heaps of time to get clarity about this, and (of course!) the shelter has taken a really long time about the process, because I have to talk to the vet before I can pick up my pup, and she’s on holidays.

What is nourishing for you right now may be something you’ve felt you don’t deserve, something you’ve not felt entitled to, something that seems outside the realms of what you are allowed to have.

Experiment with Disruption

There is an overwhelming sense of finality this week, as if the past is being washed away. Mercury and Mars are in Gate 44, called Coming To Meet. Sitting opposite them is Jupiter in Gate 24, called Returning.

They bring a powerful sense of disruption, as if we have lost our direction and don’t know where to go next. I call the Gate of Returning – Meandering. There’s no rush, you don’t have to find the fastest most direct route. In fact, this is a time to explore, to go off the beaten path, to smell the roses and dip your toes in the ocean. You are discovering a new way to be you, and this means you have to rediscover yourself, do things differently. You won’t get lost, because somewhere inside of you is a powerful compass guiding you to your own north star.

Art: Adobe – VectorART

Why is Venus in the middle of all this?

Strangely, Venus is a trigger this week for what’s going on in Israel and Gaza. Lovely Venus, you might cry? How is that possible?

Imagine a global society based on top down control. What is the most terrifying thing? Losing control. If we are looking for sides here, and lots of people are, we could say that on the one side is humanity, and on the other a certain kind of uncompromising desire for power and control that has tipped firmly into evil.

And so we watch, and we feel so much, and we wish for something better. And this is where Venus is at play.

This week, Venus is in Gate 47, called Oppression. She has passed through Gate 63, making a connection with both Orcus (imprisonment, in Gate 63) and Nessus (invasion, in Gate 64). These two planets have more positive connotations, and I’ve written about them both before. Orcus holds us still (imprisons us) till we are ready to ‘get’ our new soul mission. Nessus shows us how to break free from old conditioning that no longer serves us, to have much better and healthier boundaries.

Together, these three – Venus, Orcus and Nessus – are playing a long game of showing us where we can claim a new kind of humanity that is not driven by old tribal enmities, but sees each person as part of the collective, with something to offer and special place in our emerging matrix of brilliance.

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14 thoughts on “HD Transits 25 to 31 October 2023

  1. Kim….your explanations help to make so much sense of the upheavel and turmoil I am experiencing internally. My partner of 11+ years recently adopted a pedigree German Shepherd puppy. He took action unbeknownst to me. I had shared with him I was not wanting another dog at this time. We had a dog of 10 years pass in mid-January 2023. So, when he flew to Michigan to pick up the puppy–which he informed me of the night before he flew out–I felt betrayed and lied to. And now I feel “imprisoned” in a situation that was forced upon me. I feel I had and have no choice in participating in. I am living with my partner full-time because there was flooding in the house I rented a room in and now the room is unliveable. I am hoping not to move back into that house. I am praying for a new home to show up for me. I literally feel afloat with no anchor and no rudder hence no way of choosing a direction or stabilizing. For me, when the right choice shows up I feel it and take the steps to move in that “right” direction to fulfill that choice. That is not happening as of yet. There is another piece to this story…my partner has recently started on the sobriety path. After 11 years (our entire relationship) of substance abuse he is on the road of sobriety. I have supported him all these years in helping him to be where he is at this moment. I was hoping that once he became sober he would “get it” that we belonged together. MAYBE this IS the process of that happening. Right now, he has excluded me from his life in a big way and that is that he has found a “bromance”. I am at this time wondering if he and I do not belong together. Maybe our time is over. He is on his way to being sober and we are finished in what we were/are meant to accomplish together. I am in a quandary about it. According to what I understand of your blog, this is par for the course right now. Thank You, Kim.

    1. Hi Lucy, that’s a lot for you to be moving through, and props to you for staying so consciously aware as you do that. 💜. My take on these challenges we’re all moving through now is that there is nourishment, things to respond to, but perhaps they might be something we have not felt entitled to. I would check in on what might be kind of out of view in your situation.

      I have a strategy of looking for micro-moments when things are really tough – notice the micro-moments when you have that sense: this is good, this feels nurturing, I feel nourished. It might be a fleeting and inconsequential moment, but if you acknowledge it, you may find you begin to attune in a new way. You don’t have to even do anything, just notice the moment and acknowledge it for yourself.

      Sending you hugs 🤗

      1. Thanks for the response, Kim…..Your suggestion to “notice the moment” has been extremely helpful to me in that one of the ways I do that is to be grateful for the “small” things in challenging times. Finding something to be grateful for in the moment helps me move through the most challenging moments. I have also been verbally forthright and expressive of my needs/wants (like I have never done before) in our relationship and he has responded with changed behavior–he has been much more supportive and inclusive of me. Thanks for the Hugs, Kim 🙂

  2. Just spot on – again! And so reassuring to read. You have written almost every word a group of friends and I were speaking just this morning!
    Thank you, Kim – you’re a star!
    (And good luck with your new companion! Oh wow do I resonate with: ‘ I came to realise that the burden was actually my old sense of identity that believed I had to ‘go it alone’, to somehow survive without loving companionship.’……. Yep, ‘Watch me cope alone and be impressed’ has been my identity. And I’m rather tired of that one now!

    1. Annie thank you, and I’m so happy you have a group of friends to speak of all of this with! So precious.

      I’ve been exploring my perfectionism lately – and exactly what you say – look at me cope all alone, I have no need for help or support, I can do this! Why am I so sad? 🤔.

  3. Dear Kim,
    as you know I love your weekly HD Transits, but this one is the best ever. Your personal story catched me so much and helped me to understand the actual vibe, my personal situation and different ways to look at things. Love that! Thank you!!

  4. Dear Kim,

    Thank you for your blog. It certainly feels for me like we’re shifting and you explained again.


  5. Kim, thank you! I’m so grateful to have found your words. My unconscious sun and earth are in gates 28 and 27, so that explains why I’ve been feeling this eclipse especially intensely. It’s really physical, and I’ve found myself relying on these old coping mechanisms (overeating, namely) to get through what’s coming up for me (and wanting to be done with those habits when I thought I already was!). I also have gate 44 in Pluto, and it’s part of my only channel. My husband’s sun is in gate 24, and he’s been having an interesting week at work to say the least. And I feel Palestine’s pain so intensely as well, with a lot of anger at the US government (I’m American). Anyway, thank you for so clearly sharing what’s going on. It helps me see that everything coming up for me is just, well, coming up right now.

  6. I totally relate to your story of feeling a “lack of every-day companionship. I found myself eating too much, watching too much tv, staying home rather than going out into the world”.. I too have struggled with this for years, most recently in pandemic years. I don’t eat too much, but read a lot and also watch tv. However, go out even if its to connect with a local librarian. Lately I’ve reached out more and have my creative hat on for different ways to stay connected, and not so much alone. I do realise I am not alone in this dilemma, so empathise with anyone who struggles. Thanks Kim, and enjoy your new companion. And don’t forget to pop in or call if you’re up here at Mullum.

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