HD Transits 26 April to 2 May 2023

The energy is all like – ugh, not that old stuff again! Mutation is in the air. Novelty is seeking form. We are on the way to discovering lovely new things about ourselves!

Again, sooo much going on. I particularly want to talk about two really big things that are in the cosmic airwaves this week.

Jupiter – the force is strong in this one!

Over time, the planets take turns being ‘the one’. And right now it’s Jupiter. You might know Jupiter as being expansive, bringing good fortune. Jupiter seeks to go beyond current limitations by aligning us with a new higher purpose. Jupiter wants us to become, in a sense, larger than life.

As we connect with the new potential Jupiter gifts us, we gain the faith to take chances; to leap into the unknown where we previously may have stayed home with our feet up thinking it just wasn’t worth the risk. This next 12 months could be described as a ‘leap of faith’, powered by Jupiter.

Did you know that Jupiter is by far the largest planet in our solar system, and also may be a small star? It seems to be radiating 2.5 times as much energy as it gets from the Sun.

When we follow Jupiter’s urge to move beyond our current way of being, we can then ‘radiate’ from our expanded capacities and bring new gifts our into the world.

Stephen Arroyo – Exploring Jupiter

From May through till April 2024, Jupiter will move through 3 gates – Gates 27, 24 and 2. This week, Mercury went retrograde, during which it will be moving through the very same 3 gates – Gates 27, 24 and 2. Mercury is retrograde from 21 April to 15 May. This is a warm up for taking that Jupiterian leap of faith over the next year.

The simple take on the energy movement through these 3 gates – 27, 24 and 2 – is this;

We have reached a turning point, the emergence of a new kind of order and the first glimmerings of new life. We are re-learning to notice what we are hungry for, and how to feed ourselves and others. We are discovering how to reach into the quantum void and find the potential we can shape into a new world.

Mars in 53 and Jupiter in 42 – 24 April to 1 May

This is called the Channel of Maturation: A Design of Balanced Development. Which means we are learning how to begin and move through life cycles so we flourish, rather than wither and die. Seems like a good thing!

Jupiter Aurora
Jupiter’s aurora. Image credit: JAXA.

Gate 42 is described as the tenacity to stay with a cycle in order to maximise it’s inherent potential. We live in a participatory universe, each one of us an agent of evolution.

What does it mean ‘stay with a cycle’? That’s where Mars comes in. Gate 53 is generally known as the pressure to begin a new emotional cycle. The essence of this gate lies deeper. It’s about how we need to be patient in relationship. Nothing works correctly if we start out alone. We have to notice who and what we are in relationship with. We need to pay attention to the timing of things.

This week, Mars wants to push on, but the entire emotional cycle is telling us to wait. There are parts of ourselves that aren’t complete with the old cycles. We have healing to do. We shouldn’t bully ourselves. Nor should we despair if it appears there is no one there to recognise or play with us.

Look around. There are people and circumstances that are supporting you, but, like you, are not quite ready for the new beginnings you feel. Paradoxically, our inability to see these supports is what needs healing so we can begin anew.

Life gives us the opportunity – the space, time and relationships we need – to grow into who we are becoming. We can nourish what is vulnerable, and feel safe to come home to ourselves and our whole world.

It’s so important that we don’t panic this week and start heading off in a million directions at once, trying to find the correct pathway. Stay with your own experience and look for what (and who) feels nourishing.

I might just mention here that Mercury and Uranus are both just finishing up their time in Gate 2, where they are working with the Magnetic Monopole to put our ideals – religious, spiritual – in touch with lived reality. This is the tempering of a new human wisdom, and a new marriage of spirit, soul and body. Our minds held our ideals, and our bodies held our experience. 2023-24 is a time for the two to come together.

Jupiter in 3 and Pluto in 60 – 1 to 26 May

And then, on 1 May, the fun begins!

We know that Jupiter is helping us see our individual lives within a larger and more meaningful context. When Pluto and Jupiter meet they can be ruthless, ideologically driven and implacable. They can also be deeply transformative in service to higher objectives. Let’s take option 2!

Gate 3 is New Beginnings. It’s the first meeting of Yin (gate 2 – Earth, The Receptive) and Yang (gate 1 – Heaven, The Creative).

Gate 3 is chaotic, full of wild potential. Grounding and embodying this energy is challenging. It is the pulse and the space. Gate 3 is where the Individual mutation happens. What you are noticing, paying attention to, will give form to the potential.

Remember, we live in a participatory universe. It is YOUR PERCEPTION that is forming the newly emerging sense of order. You will feel it both within and around you. Everyone has their own version of what is emerging, coalescing with what others perceive to form a profound shift for humanity.

More here: Matrix of Brilliance

It can be difficult to reimagine our lives out beyond the things we now take for granted. Pluto’s lessons are most valuable here. In the Gate of Limitation (gate 60), Pluto is transforming how we work with time and space. We don’t have to do everything all in one go. Notice the limitations, watch for the articulation points. Not the bitter unsustainable limitations we have learnt to place on ourselves. But the true articulations of creation.

More here: Pluto in the Gate of Limitation

Beyond Pluto

Pluto is not like the other planets. It is a galactic portal, opening us up to other worlds beyond our own solar system. We get there by noticing the articulation points. They are essentially wormholes to new worlds, and we are learning to recognise their importance.

Venus transits bring healing

I’m not surprised to see Venus in Gate 45 (a new organising principle) and Gate 12 (blockages) this week. She is bringing healing and reminding us of what we truly value, in ourselves, in others, in our world. This is so key I can hardly emphasise it enough. It is your unique sense of what is important and valuable that is evolving and changing. Your capacity to act out of what you perceive is important and valuable is what will guide you through this part of the matrix and into the next.

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18 thoughts on “HD Transits 26 April to 2 May 2023

  1. Contemplation; the limitation of the 60, is like the limitation of a crab’s shell, or the snake’s skin, before the shedding. It is uncomfortable, yet necessary to break through, because it has become too small for our new mutating self.

  2. Kim, this portent (as the tone of others too) is so healing and energizing. In India, we have an expression that translates to ‘May your mouth be full of cream and sugar’ 🙂 I am eagerly looking forward to these transits (my natal SN in G60 and natal Mars in 29) making some difference in the collective consciousness (essential for my startup to prove its concept, it has kept changing form to sync with the universal energies for so long )

      1. Contemplating on Gate 3, since it is sacral energy, I guess, it will give us energy to mutate inwardly, we are looking more at the beginning of the inward process, rather than expression of it ? The mutative outcome has to find its way to expression through other gates (either in one self or through others) through to throat ? So in an eg of more simple direct way, I influence a manifestor or MG ?

        1. Sanjay, your energy influencing an MG or Manifestor is certainly one way for things to be expressed. And you’re spot on about mutation starting as an inward process, since it’s individual. 🙂

    1. Sanjay, i live in Ahmedabad, India.
      would like to connect.
      ph: 9825031382
      email: birenDOTbirooAT gmail.

  3. This is exactly how I’m feeling!!! (quoted below). My house sold two weeks ago in 18 hours from going on the market, ‘old way expectations’ (old, oft-experienced conveyancing and all that) coming at me as if from another world or time, yet I have to act on them now, yet feel so alone with this feeling… And I can’t find anything to buy where I’m moving to, but here, too, I’m both freaking out and completely calm – one foot in both worlds. Will I fall down the middle, or split in half? I have absolutely no idea!! A lesson in/invitation to trust more – aka, the healing you mention, Kim? Thank you so much for this post; I feel ‘companioned’.
    ( ‘…Mars wants to push on, but the entire emotional cycle is telling us to wait. There are parts of ourselves that aren’t complete with the old cycles. We have healing to do. We shouldn’t bully ourselves. Nor should we despair if it appears there is no one there to recognise or play with us.
    Look around. There are people and circumstances that are supporting you, but, like you, are not quite ready for the new beginnings you feel. Paradoxically, our inability to see these supports is what needs healing so we can begin anew.’)

  4. I look forward to your posts. In my design my one and only channel is the Channel of Mutation. 60.3 in my unconscious Earth and 3.1 in my conscious Earth. There is peace in the storm, there is organization in the chaos…emerging as something different. I started out this year knowing that something will be different by the end of it…but I don’t know what that looks like yet.

  5. Hi Kim ~ As always a powerful and supportive reading!! I am presently feeling betwixt and between the house I presently live in and My Mew Home. Feeling so very determined (and sometimes very frustrated) to move on but to where and when….?? My cards of life spread for this year say the end of this year will look completely different from the beginning of this year. It’s all so very exciting and a tad nerve racking 🌝🌚 thank you for sharing your gift of insight!

    1. Lucy I feel like that sense of … where to and when? is everyone just now! I hope you get some clarity and certainty soon though!

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