HD Transits 26 September to 3 October

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It turns out – you can get there from here!

Some people think fixing things means making them stay as they are, or winding back the clock. The truth is, life is always changing. When your identity is invested in the old ways, and you feel those ways crumbling, that can be challenging. You and I are up for that challenge. It’s why we are here.

This is a watershed moment, where we can no longer get our sense of identity, or our sense of security, from the old authoritarian worldview. Where to from here?

Remember how Orcus has been giving us a new mission? And we’ve all been getting impatient – when do we get to move on??? It’s time.

Life is a Verb, not a Noun

Apologies to John Mayer, for reworking his song Love is a Verb. Life, too, moves constantly. And exists in the living of it rather than in any attempts to grasp it and keep it still. You can’t own life, no matter how consequential your bank account.

Let’s talk about systems theory for a moment. I know! You love the quantum stuff, it’s the darling of everyone. But systems theory is incredibly cool too, in fact, it is the science behind HD’s individual mutation. October’s two eclipses are all about systems theory, and how it creates tipping points. Structure is not solid, it’s a dynamic process within a matrix of fields.

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You are not an object to be plundered, intimidated, extracted from. You are a dynamical process in the complex field of life. You are not just living. By living, you are creating the rules of life.

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The New Creative Current

We have a Full Moon on 29 September – the Sun in Gate 18.3, the Earth and Moon in Gate 17.3. You can view the Taraka chart here. These two gates are complementary, and represent our capacity to do a reset, to let go of who we think we are and realign with a new creative current.

Gate 18 is called Correction, and also Corruption, and Working On What Has Been Spoilt. It’s not hard to find aspects of our world that have been spoiled right now. Line 3, where the Full Moon lands, is about energetically calling out authoritarianism. Certain groups of people are pushing back on the creative flow, trying to turn the tide back. And that has it’s own reflection in our own inner worlds, because we all hold remnant inner fragments of this energy or it wouldn’t be manifesting externally. (The good thing about that is we can work on our own inner space and change the world).

Pallas, Makemake and Riphonos are also in Gate 18.

Inner Stockholm Syndrome

and how to escape it

I suspect Pallas suffers from Stockholm Syndrome. Pallas was the daughter of Zeus, but she wasn’t born and raised in a loving home. Zeus kidnapped Pallas from her mother, the Goddess of Wisdom, Metis. Pallas represents our tendency to believe the patriarchy loves us, will care for us, keep us safe. And our ability to reconnect with our own deeply anchored wisdom so we can break free.

Pallas reminds you of the wisdom you have developed, and how you can use that wisdom strategically, to imagine and create a new future.

Dwarf planet Makemake has two aspects. Firstly, it brings the courage to align with your own stars. You have a destiny, and you feel it’s pathway within you. Sometimes it feels like the way is lost, but there is always a small tiny infinitesimal next step available to you. Secondly, Makemake brings our attention to attempts to dismiss the wisdom we have gained from our own lived experiences (Pallas) by saying it didn’t happen. We’ve learnt to believe that we are somehow less real than those with the authority to tell the story of who we are.

Makemake has been in the Gate of Correction since 2016, and is about to move to Gate 48 – The Well, where it will stay till 2030. In Gate 18, Makemake has been making the lived experience of minorities visible, and weaving them into the collective story of who we are.

Rhiphonos is a Centaur (like Chiron) and is about rediscovering your passion when things seem at their most bleak. First you feel stuck, then you realise – wait a minute, I can just leap free! When life has become too much of the same old, and you feel hope fading, Rhiphonos brings a sense of courage and reveals the pathway to renewal.

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You Bring the Chaos

The Earth and the Moon are in Gate 17.3. This is called Following. Having been conditioned to believe that we must ‘work for a living’, following the creative current can feel as if you are doing nothing. And then there’s the discomfort when it doesn’t play nice with who you think you are – when things don’t happen fast enough, when you want something and it doesn’t turn up. There’s a need for humility in Gate 17, a recognition that the context in which you are flowing and creating is larger than you can possibly grasp.

Let’s wander back to our systems theory again. We are not evolving. We are co-evolving. But living under the wing of patriarchy for millennia has left us blind to what supports and nourishes us. Our apparent isolation keeps us trapped in a random universe, rather than one filled with synchronicity – order forming from chaos.

We are self-organising systems – all of life is. If we are moving in alignment with an external force rather than our own interior logic, we lose our creative power. People experienced the difference between these two states during the pandemic. The push from outside of themselves was removed. They were stuck at home and they had to find their own self-organisation.

The situation raised novel questions for them. Where is my own internal chaos? How can I apply my creative intelligence to bring that chaotic potential into a unique sense of order that feels like me?

The good news is that you don’t need any additional equipment. No VR goggles or AI apps. You are already equipped with a holographic mind that is fully operational and tapped into emergent reality! The best way to escape the metaverse is to go out in nature and daydream for a while every day.

The Earth and Moon in Gate 17.3 want us to put aside the old familiar habits of thought, to ask questions in a way that we can be surprised by the answers.

We have universal leverage at the moment. Huge universal leverage.

How to Get There From Here

Image: Alma de la Melena Cox

On 28 September, Mars is moving into Gate 32, known as Continuity, and also Duration. This is a trigger point. Perhaps not for external change (although it is Mars), but definitely for a MAJOR internal shift. The Solar Eclipse on 14 October also happens in this gate (with Isis, Persephone, Lilith, Medea and Zeus in play). The Nodes are there. Eris is there (in complementary Gate 42).

That’s dwarf planet Eris, who I call the poster child of systems theory.

These two channels – 32-54 (the Channel of Transformation) and 42-53 (the Channel of Maturation) are inextricably linked. And they are all about systems theory.

How Living Systems Change

(hint: its not linear, and it requires little of the old kind of effort)

Living systems (which includes you) are always changing. And also staying the same. When you wake up in the morning you are not the same person you were the day before, and yet your family still recognises you! (that’s Gate 32) Whether we realise it consciously or not, we live in a world of superabundance (Gate 42, Abundance) and are always making choices, imagining which ones will maximise our opportunity to fulfil our potential (Gate 53, Gradual Progress). We change slowly, ever so slowly. We fill every niche and nook we can find.

And then we are done.

I want change! This is boring!

The strong roots we have developed (Gate 53) hold us through the transition, as we leap into a new reality (Gate 54, Marrying Maiden). We could call it a quantum leap. We could call it a tipping point, or a paradigm shift.

This is the energy Mars is triggering this week. Potential shifts that will have us rushing to keep up with the change. It’s likely to come from a new more enlightened perspective, something hidden away but now visible (that’s Eris). It might just be a new take on your own possibilities. It could be about taking back the power of your own perspectives on life.

Watch on 4 October, when Mars is exactly opposite Eris. There is a moment of transition into new territory. A reclamation of your own psychic energy, channelled again into the lively flow rather than the dead empty forms of capitalism. Eris is also the whistle-blower, so watch for exposes!

A Moment to Bear Witness

And last up, in a big week, is Mercury. On 1 October, Mercury shifts into Gate 6 and makes an exact opposition with our friend Neptune (in 36.3) on 2 October.

Image: Jennifer Joswa

This is a moment to rediscover being drawn to something by the feeling of it’s truth. We liberate ourselves from the cramped confines of the known, and change our frame of reference. We no longer have to linger amidst the old emotional ruins. We suddenly realise we carry the seeds of change within us.

Dionysus is at play, so you may worry you’re going mad, but really you are going sane. And you somehow know this. Mercury transits wake us up to something we were previously oblivious to. Neptune is about integrating our personal and very subjective experiences of universal consciousness into our waking reality. We can be overwhelmed by the higher frequencies, not knowing how to deal with them. We can be overwhelmed by our openness to psychic forces that may feel cruel and difficult. We can retreat, choosing the dream over facing reality.

This is a challenge to us this week – to allow Mercury to show us where we we have bought into the story that we are powerless, and to reconnect with the larger possibilities Neptune offers. Bring your perceptions and wisdom out into the light of day, into a world that is calling for them.

I have to mention Venus here. Up in Gate 4 this week – the gate of youthful exuberance and inexperience – she is asking all the right questions, despite the risks. Very ably supported by Hekate and Juno, she faces off with Nessus (old abuse patterns, family patterns that no longer serve, operating without consent). We might stumble over the old fears – rejection, humiliation, isolation – and yet, there is so much desire here to reach out to like-minded others and explore.

Juno questions the old bargains. Lawyers know that agreements made under duress can’t hold. And Juno remembers how the daughters of matriarchy were traded for safety in the face of violence, when people began to be plundered and traded as commodities.

We live in the end times of this culture. We are not bound by it.

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