HD Transits 27 March to 3 April

Chaos Magic

We are heading into some very interesting times, particularly over the next few weeks. I expect the epicentre to be in the US, because the upcoming solar eclipse passes through Mexico, Texas and up into Eastern Canada. This is a moment of chaos magic, where the fundamentals of human society shift on their axis. It’s not something that happens outside of us, but an inner shift in how we experience reality, that changes reality forever.

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The lunar eclipse happened on 25 March, and it was in Gates 17.2 and 18.2. I explain those gates here in this post.

View the Lunar Eclipse HD chart on Taraka.

The Cause Lies With What’s Hidden

From now to 29 March, Mercury is in the Gate of Increase (42) with dwarf planet Eris, bringing chaos and discord. They will both be in Gate 42.5 on 27 March – receive your blessings and do something good with them. Don’t argue against them! Don’t tell yourself you don’t deserve them, or they are piling up too quickly, just flow along and spread the goodness about.

Eris is one of my favourite planets, but she’s often described for her shadow alone. Her gifts go unseen, which is funny, because her whole reason for being is to point out what’s gone unseen.

Eris brings to light the shadow aspects of any system, she points to the chaos and says – this is what caused it. It’s hard for people to see the gifts of Eris because we have to see what’s hidden, the invisible hand at work. It may be something in ourselves that we don’t want to see, a shadowy self-sabotaging part of us. It may be global corporations seeking influence over legislation. There is nothing inherently wrong with this shadow, other than the fact that it’s hidden. And what it does under that cover of invisibility. That shadowy part of you is a force for good, pushed into darkness. Global corporations are not inherently bad, it’s their tendency to operate out of sight that creates evil.

In the light of day, everything can be a blessing, working to the good.

You Are Not The Problem

On 29 March, Mercury shifts into the Gate of Difficulty at the Beginning (3), making a channel with Pluto in 60.6. Bringing Mercury and Pluto together in this channel is a bit like watering a seedling that has been struggling to poke its head out of hard unyielding ground. We begin to see the relationship between the seed’s struggle and the ground it is trying to grow in (hint, it’s not because it’s a bad seed).

This is really a perfect metaphor for this week. Imagine you are the seedling. You’ve been told that the reason you’re in crisis, the reason you can’t grow, is because you’re not good enough, not trying hard enough. And then suddenly you realise, that’s not the problem!

For most of this week, the Sun is in Gate 17, the Earth in Gate 18. These gates are about correcting things to allow a return to the flow. Which sounds nice! But it’s probably not what you think, and this is where the profound shift happens this week.

You are a complex living system, nested into many other complex living systems. Living systems do not exist in perfected harmony, and this is where we have gone astray. Life loves decay. It makes compost that creates fresh new soil. Life loves imperfection. It gives rise to new ideas, adaptive mutations. Evolution is a learning process. We are not its helpless subjects – we are evolution.

You as an individual cannot perfect yourself to a point where you are in harmony with ‘the flow’. Perfectionism works against flow, synchronicity and evolutionary growth. Trying to create harmony and equilibrium – a stable safe state of being – places a filter on what you can see. There’s no scope for exploration and experimentation, no capacity for structural change.

And these gates – 17 and 18 – are all about the capacity for structural change. They carry the instinct to correct (18) the pattern of thinking that has become rigid and unseeing (17). Living systems are learning systems. As they learn, they feed information back into the system, and that constant feedback creates the process of evolution. Living systems have no place for obedience, for fitting in, for not noticing important details, for not paying attention.

Adobe Stock Image – Jorm Sangsorm

On another level entirely – economics and government – we have been trapped in the illusion of stability that comes from top-down command and control. If we do as we’re told we’ll be safe. If we invest in those at the top (trickle-down economics) we’ll keep the system alive and humming along. If just work harder we can perfect the situation.

Inequity is the main driver of chaos in the world right now, but we’re still feeding the idea that we can ‘manage’ our way out of it from the top down. We live in a world where we believe if we successfully suppress the things that we don’t like, we’ll find happiness. The things we try to suppress range from refugees right through the spectrum to our tendency to snap at our children.

And then, of course, crisis seems to come out of nowhere and we feel powerless in the face of it. Unless, that is, we notice what we are trying to hide from.

I love this description of Gate 42 (Increase – where Mercury and Eris are):

Increase simply flows, without limit. There is no need for restrictive frameworks to contain it, but only for tools to work with it. Respond with purpose and movement. Participate in the flow. Let yourself imagine where you want to be and take the first steps that commit you to going there.

Breaking Down False Certainties

Ceres is in the Gate of the Marrying Maiden (54) this week, which is all about coming to terms with a sudden shift in our reality, realising how we have to grow into it quickly. It’s creating a hookup with Mercury and Eris in 42, accentuating these themes. (Two channels – 54-32 and 53-42 work in tandem).

Ceres asks us ‘what makes your life worth living?’ – and your answer this week will depend on how you want to grow into the new situations arising in your life. How do you want to use your blessings as you move, step-by-step, through chaos and crisis? You may feel things are out of your control, but if you pay attention and do what you can, you will find your way.

Opposite Ceres, and making a channel with Mercury and Eris till 29 March, is centaur Echeclus in the Gate of Gradual Progress (53.6). Echeclus breaks down false certainties, shifting your mind frame so that you see the illusions and can be released from the lies. It’s just like a caterpillar believing in its cocoon until the cocoon begins to dissolve. And then comes the dawning realisation that you are a butterfly emerging from the goop.

What You Can Leave Behind

Between now and 8 June, Uranus is completing its time in the Gate of Splitting Apart (23). This week Uranus is in 23 line 3. While we may feel under pressure, uncomfortable, at times, it’s important not to rush any change. Rushing is a way of avoiding the imperfections which announce the arrival of a new time. Let things be imperfect. Let time and flow do their work. Fill the space you are in, even when you might prefer to be elsewhere. In particular, notice what is getting in the way of your best tomorrow, and allow it to dissolve away.

It’s particularly important to tread carefully for the next few weeks, as Mercury takes its retrograde stroll through Gate 51 (with the North Node and Chiron), Gate 42 (with Eris and Echeclus), and Gate 3 (with Pluto). It will be in Gate 42.5 with Eris on the day of the solar eclipse.

.This is where Eris is at her best. At first this seems like disorder, chaos, crisis, perhaps even shame that something hidden has been revealed. Then it gradually becomes new possibilities beyond your previous imagination. And more, it takes you out beyond the known, where the previous stability (rigidity) is no longer your outer perimeter of self.

Diversity Arising From Chaos

The overall theme this week is about inverting the hierarchy. Greed becomes less aspirational. We are not all climbing over each other to reach the top. Those at the top, those with way too much accumulated wealth, tumble. Gate 17 holds important lessons about how true leaders pay attention to, and learn from, those they lead. Otherwise, it’s simply about the leader ‘knowing best’ and imposing their will on their followers.

Staying with our theme of crisis averted this week, Venus will be in Gate 36, exactly lining up with Neptune in 36.6 on 3 April. This line speaks of the forces of darkness in decline, bad times coming to an end, the seeds of change emerging and bringing hope for the future. Which, yeah. 😀

Vesta, a minor planet that speaks to us of how to share our brilliance, is moving into the Gate of Modesty (15) this week. Neptune has almost finished its lesson in protecting our brilliance from those who use it against us. Vesta now comes along to let us know that we do best when we share our gifts for the sake of contributing, not self-enrichment.

Gate 15 is a bio-rhythmic frequency that shifts chaos into the patterned diversity of life. When we get caught up in competing we are not adding to the whole, but trying to over-ride someone else, pretending we are more important than life and its processes. One of my favourite asteroids, Prometheus, is in Gate 5 creating a channel with Vesta. Prometheus is the creative fire of humanity. The frequency of this channel suggests a huge change in how we experience and share our gifts. Remember too, that Jupiter is in Gate 2 (Receptive) reminding us that our gifts and talents are freely given, as if falling from heaven. But we can only grasp them fully if we make space for all of us, not just the parts that we think we can profit from, or that we can use to stay safe.

The transits speak to a re-arrangement of frequency – from object to process based, from fear to kind-heartedness and humble sharing, from top down control to filling the space you are in until you reach a tipping point. Chaos and crisis may be at the heart of it, but it’s our capacity to release perfectionism and understand the true nature of creative flow that will lead us through it.

Just a reminder about Gate 51 – Shock. This gate is not about shocking events happening to you. Gate 51 is the double thunder hexagram. The quality of thunder in the I Ching is arousing, not debilitating, and definitely not punishment. It lets you know something is awakening, pointing the way to action. So much relies on the quality of your attention and the courage of your gaze. As we begin to notice differently, the old structures no longer make sense. And that’s how change happens – slowly and then all at once.

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15 thoughts on “HD Transits 27 March to 3 April

  1. Grazie infinite…..il tuo post è veramente un dono. È il caos che ora prende il sopravvento e con chiarezza vedo che è il mio sobottatore 🙏

  2. Hi Kim… Once again, your blog/reading here is very potent and very poignant. I have recently, on March 1, moved into an apartment a space of my own, which I have never experienced in this lifetime. I am literally learning to fill this space. Multitude of emotions and physical/ physiological experiences are arising as I write this. I have been experiencing heart palpitations, intermittently, for a few weeks now. And in the moments of the heart palpitations occurring, and beyond, I am learning to be with what feels like chaos. I am doing my best—using the tools I have acquired through many years—to sit with and investigate as best I can why what where these heart palpitations arise from. Thank you so much!

    1. Filling the space we are in Lucy, such an amazing and at times scary experience! Enjoy your new space. I’ve been having a lot of heart palpitations as well the last few weeks. I think maybe since Jupiter went into Gate 2 perhaps.

  3. Hi Kim! Thanks for another great interpretation and the guidance. Going deeply within, surrendering and releasing resistance is key, which I found out during the days leading up to and following the March 25th lunar eclipse/full moon. I feel renewed and yet cannot explain how… yet. I am in Eastern Canada, Ontario to be precise. Flow, flow, flow… Thanks for the guidance. Hope all is well.

  4. “From now to 29 March, Mercury is in the Gate of Increase (42)…”

    No wonder I felt that I was… carried energies of… a “disruptor”.
    I could see that a “new” darkside of being a “destroyer” was seeding/blooming (since 2021?) in my dark depths, but this (disruptor) was very different, even though it felt like a part of the destroyer energy.

  5. Ahhh, so good to read this, Kim. Thank you.

    ‘Eris is one of my favourite planets, but she’s often described for her shadow alone. Her gifts go unseen, which is funny, because her whole reason for being is to point out what’s gone unseen.’
    Yes!!! Oh, yes!!

    Love to you.

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