HD Transits 28 February – 5 March 2024

Human Design is a Change Agent

We all know we are in a time of great change. This week, as the Sun and Earth move into the Head Centre, I was thinking about change, and how Human Design helps us navigate it.

Each gate in the Human Design System is based on one of the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching. Ra Uru Hu originally called them hexagram-gates.

The I Ching, an ancient book of Chinese wisdom, is also known as The Book of Changes. Its wisdom lies in millenia of observing and describing the relationship of humans to the cosmos. Each hexagram-gate describes a type of change, and how best to navigate it. Each of your active gates in your Design describes a kind of sensitivity you have to that particular aspect of change, and what your natural role is in supporting the process.

The transiting planets bring a slightly different lens on how we experience the gates. Instead of it being a personal sensitivity that lasts a lifetime, transits bring a more global focus on a particular type of change – transits are an influence that is happening to us all at the same time. It affects each of us differently though. For example if you have Mars in Gate 6 and the Sun transits over it, that’s a whole lot of energy and you’ll probably find yourself in a few more arguments than usual. If you don’t have that gate active in your Design, you might not even notice the transiting Sun moving through it.

Transitional Transit Time

Image: Adobe Stock – Jorm Sangsorn

Back to our Sun and Earth in the Head Centre. On 1 March, the Sun will shift into Gate 63 and the Earth into Gate 64. Mercury will also be in Gate 63 from 29 February to 3 March.

I call these the TRANSITIONAL gates. There are 64 ‘hexagram-gates’ in total, and in the Head Centre we find the last two – Gates 63 and 64. The change they highlight is the ending of things, and our sense of what comes next.

Gate 63 tends to look to the future. Here, on the point of transition, what (conscious or unconscious) intentions have we set for what comes next? What is our instinct telling us needs to change? Where can we shift our doubts away from making ourselves wrong, and instead turn our minds to how the systems we exist within have not lived up to our expectations?

Gate 64 tends to look to the past. What did we learn? Where might we still not have integrated the meaning and purpose of our past experience? Where might we be limiting our ability to make sense of our lives by being too logical, rather than allowing our feelings to inform us?

The Head Centre is the only Centre that is located outside the body. It is what’s called a Pressure Centre – the pressure being INSPIRATION to think differently about things. We could also call it IN-SPIRIT-ACTION, spirit supporting us to evolve and take action out beyond our current thinking.

If you’re feeling – I’m going to call it ‘mentally frustrated’ – this week, it’s likely that’s the Head Centre trying to get your attention. Confusion indicates a need to get more into what your feelings are telling you. Doubt indicates you need to look outwards to what’s not working for you and what needs to change.

If you’re mentally undefined, you can have the week off. 😀 Unless you have the Ajna gates 47 or 4, in which case you’ll be thinking more than you’d probably like.

Finding our Fellow Travellers

Image: Adobe Stock – Jorm Sangsorn

Venus and Mars have been travelling closely together for the past few weeks, but they are beginning to move apart. Venus moves up into Gate 13 on 27 February. Mars follows later, on 1 March.

Gate 13 is called Fellowship, and to stay with our theme of change, is about finding a shared vision that gives us the courage and hope to venture into new territory together. Gate 13 releases information previously kept secret. I wrote last week about the un-forgetting energy, about coming backwards away from the Cave of Hypnos and remembering things we have been suppressing. This week, that new information, the fresh new telling of old stories, changes our vision of what’s possible.

The other, and perhaps most important thing about Gate 13 is this – as we use its energy to come together and tell our stories, we begin to see our shared humanity. This Gate of Fellowship shifts us out of a strict belief that there is only one truth, and into the wide open lands of lived experience.

Chariklo is also in Gate 13 – a minor planet which is about opening a doorway into a new reality, trusting that it’s safe to go beyond your usual boundaries and into the unknown.

There are some family expectations to get past. We still have Saturn (the patriarch) in Gate 37 (family expectations), and in Gate 63 with the Sun we also find Antigone (being worthy of one’s parents, and also working through ancestral shame and oppression).

As we approach the Saturn-Neptune conjunction, which is happening in Gate 25.3 on 20 February 2026, we are learning more about the benefits of feeling safe in the world. We are coming out of a time when cruelty and intimidation have been the go-to tools for a top-down extraction-based society. One of our main ‘weapons’ against the tyranny of this culture is to create safety with each other. To keep each other safe. To share our stories and honour the lived experience of others.

You can view the Taraka transit chart for the Saturn-Neptune conjunction here.

Gate 13 has some part to play in that shift. When we feel safe enough to release our secrets, and to find common ground with our fellow travellers, there is little we can’t achieve.

Before the Shift – Mutation

To support us in our young and inexperience growing into this new world, Pluto has been in the Gate of Limitations, providing us with guardrails. He is joined this week, in the Gate of New Beginnings (3) by the asteroid Pandora.

Pandora’s Box, by Charles Edward Peregini – Creative Commons

Pandora has such an interesting story. It starts with Prometheus stealing fire from Zeus and giving back to the humans. Notice I said giving it BACK to the humans. That’s because it was rightfully theirs. Zeus had taken it from them and Prometheus wasn’t having any of that. To get back at Prometheus, and those pesky mortals, Zeus asked the blacksmith Hephaistos to create a woman. She had to be both beguiling and dangerous. She had to be an irresistible honey trap.

Here’s where it turns dark. Zeus also had Heiphastos create a jar filled with all kinds of evil – and made Pandora curious enough to open it. In a clever sleight of hand it is Pandora who is blamed for releasing evil into the world, rather than Zeus. How is that even possible? What makes Zeus immune to blame? Is it his hyper-masculinity? His rugged good looks? His wealth and influence? We’ll probably never know.

Pandora in the Gate of New Beginnings (3) this week, meeting up with Pluto in the Gate of Limitations (60) in the Channel of Mutation (3-60) tells us this. Things are never easy at the beginning. Chaos swirls around us, filling us with the uncertainty of what to do next. Paradoxically, it is the limitations we encounter that guide us.

Pandora means all gifted – Pan (all) Dora (gifted). Before the Ancient Greeks turned her into a curse she was the Goddess of the Earth’s gifts to us. In your Human Design she represents a place where you are naturally gifted, but have learned to see your gifts as a curse and keep the lid on them.

I’ll give Pandora the last word this week:

The creative drive of Heaven and Earth come together this week. It begins as a tiny seed, burgeoning with life and great desire to achieve full growth. It’s too early to narrow down all the possibilities into a single destination. Explore everything that brings you support and expands your sphere of awareness and influence. This is how you enrich and strengthen the seed (your centre) as growth begins.

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7 thoughts on “HD Transits 28 February – 5 March 2024

  1. Grazie infinite…..la pressione dei cancelli 63 64 la sento tutta. Poi i cancelli 60 -3…..mamma mia che frullatore. 🙏❤️

    1. Carla I have all those gates so don’t notice it so much, but even I’m dealing with it. I like to think of it as an evolutionary force for good 😊.

  2. Hi Kim I’m also feeling very drawn to Pandora. Just finished watching a Belgian Walter Presents series called Pandore on channel 4 over here. Not sure if you can get hold of it but it highlights your points perfectly!

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