HD Transits: 3 to 9 May 2023

This week we get our lunar eclipse, like a bookend to April’s solar eclipse. The lunar eclipse energy tends to be internal and personal, often impacting our relationships. Our emotions might be stronger than usual, bringing urges to act on our own needs. It’s important to wait a few days (even for those of you who are emotionally undefined) until the strongest part of the eclipse energy has passed.

But this week’s eclipse is not just personal. With Gates 1, 2 and 3 all active, it ushers in the pattern of what is to come. Tiny changes now will determine where humanity finds itself later. We are in the midst of a pivotal moment, where human consciousness shifts streams.

I’ve been writing about this for over a decade and it is truly amazing to be actually experiencing the lived reality. Let’s go look at the Full Moon and Eclipse chart.

(Quick note: the Lunar Eclipse is at 17:22:47 UT and the Full Moon is at 17:33:50 UT. Because there is only a ten-minute difference between the two, the charts are essentially the same.)

View the Taraka chart for the Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse here.

Why is there no Gate 0?

What did life, the universe, and everything arise out of? What existed before time and space? We could call this Gate 0 in Human Design. And although it doesn’t show up on your Human Design chart, in terms of Human Design cosmology, it does exist as a conceptual base.

This week’s Full Moon and Lunar eclipse happen in Gates 1 (Sun) and 2 (Earth and Moon). Jupiter is in Gate 3. It is the relationship between these 3 gates that will shift our human experience. But this can’t happen unless they arise from something: Gate 0.

Let’s start with Gate 2: The Receptive, Pure Yin. Nothing can come into form without time and space and context. Gate 2 shows our ability to surrender to the field of what is and discover how it guides us to action. It creates a fertille imagination that is quashed if we try to get something only for ourselves.

Gate 1 is Heaven, Pure Yang. This is strong decisive action that creates the conditions for success. We go out into the world, acting with boldness and individual ingenuity.

If Yin energy doesn’t partner with Yang, it is potential unused. If Yang energy doesn’t partner with Yin, it is action without wisdom, harnessed to nothing but it’s own wilfulness. Gate 0 brings them into initial relationship. Gate 2 is context, relationship, the timing. Gate 1 is the wisdom to use our individual gifts to draw out the inherent potential in our own lives.

And then we meet up with something new – Gate 3. This is the home of Individual Mutation in Human Design. Think of it as the first few months after bringing home a new baby. Where there was a single relationship (Yin and Yang), now there are relationships between relationships. A new pattern of living that must be lived to be understood. This is where we are. In the birthing of something that will create chaos, and we have to learn how to draw out the cosmic intelligence, the co-creative patterns of this unfamiliar new world.

If you think of Yin as a circle and Yang as a straight line, their relationship gives birth to something that has potential beyond our imagining. A spiral.

What is happening feels strange, nothing you’ve imagined, and it seems impossible to know where you might be going. The important thing is not to reinvent, but to learn. Yin – the Sun in Gate 2 – suggests you accept what is, rather than trying to impose your will on the situation. This is about drawing out the potential of what’s on offer. Denial of reality blocks change, and right now, living reality is speaking to you.

Yang – the Earth and Moon in Gate 1 – brings the capacity for strong and decisive action. We are creating the conditions for future growth, opening new dimensions of possibility.

Yin and Yang, in partnership, create the basic relationship of duality. But we are not stuck there. Change comes when they interact. It is here we meet Gate 3: Difficulty at the Beginning, where chaos seeks to be converted into order; a new space filled with abundant potential, acted on with careful intent. At this stage we can’t take things too personally. We can’t take the easy way out. We have to notice what’s available, persevere rather than flounder about, and bide our time until things become clear.

Is this the end? Or the beginning?

Up in the transitional gates – Gate 63 and 64 – we can see this story repeated. The asteroid Pandora is in Gate 63 reminding us that it is inevitable that things will go wrong when we are walking new ground. If you’ve ever landed in a new city and gotten lost, you’ll know exactly what she means. It’s no reflection on you as a person, you’re just finding your feet!

Pandora is joined by Echo and Sisyphus, both in the Gate of the Young Fool (4). These three asteroids bring the potential for feelings of shame and humiliation – I’ve failed again! But. This is not where we are. The key is, despite these tender feelings, to take a new look at what supports you. Orcus in the Gate of Almost Across (64) is bringing us a new soul mission, and his message is not to underestimate the scope of change. You have to recognise your commitment to the new direction, your intention to step onto this new pathway. And set off. This is how things fall into place. You can’t force anything, but you can be part of the process of change. It will be awkward before elegant, as they say.

On a lunar eclipse, the energy is inward, so for now it may be a quiet space you desire. We need to grow beyond our current limits, to honour the hesitancy, the unsureness, the vulnerability of where we find ourselves. We should choose only what suits the slow pace of growth we need as we find our way. We should choose only the people and circumstances that support our new situation to come to fruition.

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Why is life so intense right now?

There are minor planets galore playing in the field right now. It’s why things feel extra intense. Let’s go explore what they are up to.

Back in 2005 Pluto got demoted to dwarf planet. He was joined by a whole lot of new planets. You’ve probably heard of Sedna, Eris, Haumea and Makemake. They joined Pluto and Ceres in the dwarf planet classification. But there are so many more planets out there beyond Pluto, who acts as a galactic portal to funnel that energy into Ceres and to us.

Right now, Pluto is activating Sedna, Mors-Somnus and Haumea. The North Node is making a channel with Haumea. The Lunar eclipse is sitting on top of Albion in Gate 2.1. And Uranus is about to shift into the Gate of Splitting Apart (23) with Typhon and Lempos. If there is a consciousness infusing the field of human consciousness, these are the portals through which the neutrinos are feeding it to us.

So what does it mean?

Sedna and Mors-Somnus (in Gate 8) are both shamanic energies, dissolving blockages to our capacity to build a new type of relationship. Haumea (in Gate 50) brings irrevocable change that taps us into the power of our own unique creative energies. Albion (in Gate 2.1, right on the eclipse point) brings a pivotal moment when we emerge from a rules based society (religion for example) and develop a consciousness more aligned with universal law, and a convergence of individual consciousness within a larger collective. Typhon (in Gate 43) and Lempo (in Gate 23) will be most active after Uranus shifts into Gate 23 on May 9. They both represent a breakthrough of powerful primal forces, previously held in check. With this, Albion and Haumea at play I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there is some major weather event around the time of the eclipse. On a personal level, Typhon and Lempo are activating the Channel of Restructuring, which is about speaking truth to power and letting the chips fall where they may. In your own life, this eclipse is likely to bring truth to the surface about your need to express who you are truly here to be.

Let me try to summarise this minor planet influx. Dissolving, restructuring, tapping into primal creative energies. Things will never be the same again.

More on Beyond Pluto and the minor planets here

One More Thing: Uranus in Gate 23

Uranus shifts into the Gate of Splitting Apart (23) on May 9. I have a full post coming to you about this one. This gate is about the natural forces that will strip away what is no longer sustainable. Uranus is a planet that can bring sudden change, but only after Saturn has done the slow hard work to create a transitional point. If things need to change they will. You won’t be able to prevent that. The most important process this week is the recognition that you created the possibility for this change. You’ve worked hard to build the pathway to this moment. You have everything you need to move through it, engaging with lived reality, taking mutative action at the right time. Perhaps you haven’t met them yet, but you have allies. You can’t hide away from this, but you didn’t come here to be on the sideline.

More on Uranus in the Individual Circuitry – 2020 to 2025 – here

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4 thoughts on “HD Transits: 3 to 9 May 2023

  1. Wowww……. ci sono dentro in pieno tsunami. Grazie infinite per le valide indicazioni.❤️

  2. Hi Kim…thank you for this amazing article. Always looking forward for your writings.
    Can you please enlighten me a bit? It’s my first time writing you here. 🙂
    This lunar eclipse is right on my ascendant, 1.2 🙂 and very close to my Chiron in 2.3 in the 7th house. Can you tell me if there’s sth I can’t see? I mean, can you sense sth in here? I’m an Emo Generator, 4/1..Thank you kindly for ur response.

    1. Hi Sorina, I work with the Ascendant in HD as – ‘how I do things’. So your go-to approach to things comes from Gate 1.2 – which is about taking bold creative action. That Chiron in the 2.3, it’s saying pay attention to what supports you, its possible you might be missing important clues if you go too fast or try for too much all at once. Gate 2 is the quantum void, or the field of cosmic intelligence, it hold everything, all possibilities, it’s generous and unconditionally inclusive. If you rule things out too soon, or because you have a fixed goal in mind, you might be busy heading in the wrong direction.
      The eclipse energies are active for about 3.5 years, so this will be a personal theme for a while!

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