HD transits 30 August – 4 September 2023

The Complexity of the Collective Individual

The Full Moon blasts off on 31 August, moving us a step closer to completing the emotional mutation of 2027.

You can view the Taraka Full Moon chart here.

There’s some deep inner work to be done this week, as we move away from compromising ourselves for the sake of love, inclusion or belonging.

The Full Moon holds the keys for the shift of the Individual into a more complex Collective nature. This requires healing of the old tribal wounds, and a reconnection with and anchoring into a core Individual self. A huge part of that process is to know who your people are within the Collective Matrix. We won’t know this if we are still psychically attached to the old tribal expectations.

Luckily, this week’s Full Moon is all about fixing that!

Once In A Blue Moon

Just a quick rant from me about how this week’s Full Moon is also Super Blue Moon. These are not extraordinary events, but they do have some astrological meaning. Super Moons happen 2 or 3 times every year. They are a normal thing, and happen when the Moon is closest to the Earth in its orbital cycle. Blue Moons happen every few years. The Moon regularly squeezes in an extra Full Moon, and so in August we have two, rather than the more usual one Full Moon. Also, it was common for names to be given to Full Moons. For example the Strawberry Moon was named in the Old Farmers Almanac, designating that it was time to pick those strawberries!! So don’t attach to much significance to these names.

Back to the Full Moon

It occurs in the Channel of Community. The two gates in the Channel – 37 and 40 – are complementary in nature, but can seem to be in opposition to each other.

Gate 37, called Family and Friendship, represents an unconditionally safe space, where we feel at home and can speak from the heart to those who care about us. On an emergent level, this is the healing crucible, the developmental space and time in early childhood when we are designed to develop wholeness. And in that wholeness, feel safe to go out into the world as a well-integrated individual, acting from inner clarity.

For most people, that development stage didn’t happen smoothly, and our desire for soul healing has us returning again and again to try to recover those connections. This is a highly relational gate. It’s about belonging. And the reality is, humans are communal. We need to feel we belong somewhere, that we are important to the weft and weave of things.

Gate 40, called Deliverance, represents the moment when we are launched into the world to make our own rules and find our own way. We can’t navigate the energy of Gate 40 if we are clinging to an unmet and unconscious desire to really belong somewhere. It’s like that children’s book – Are You My Mummy? where the puppy is looking for love and belonging in all the wrong places.

The author, Mary Murphy, has Pluto, Psyche (looking for Eros), Isis (searching for her husband) and Echo (hoping Narcissus will love her) in Gate 40, and Pallas (separated from her mother, Metis), Persephone (separated from her mother, Ceres) and Orpheus (mourning his lost lover, Eurydice) in Gate 37. That’s a lot of separation in the channel that is about learning to safely and securely separate!

This channel may form part of the Tribal or Communal Circuitry, but it’s not something we leave behind. Rather, we need to recalibrate our bargains so they more properly reflect our Individual needs.

Healing from The Wrong People

A lot of people have been experiencing a lack of belonging and a sense of isolation, particularly since Covid. This can feel confusing. You can be spending time with some very lovely people, but if they aren’t your people, there is a kind of unmet hunger gnawing away. This week’s Full Moon is a culmination of the healing work we’ve been doing to find the people who open the way to our full expression of our highest potential.

To add depth to the process, Mercury is retrograde in Gate 47 – isolation, feeling trapped, oppressed and alone.

Just, because, let’s make sure we all get this!

Mercury retrograde brings our conscious awareness to some area of our life that needs our attention, but has been flying under the radar. This week, it’s about paying attention to who we spend time with. Are you just saying yes to invitations so you can avoid being alone? Or because you think you should? Are the people you’re spending time with giving you a balanced sense of give and take?

Later in the week, the focus shifts to making sure you’re not isolating too much.

Gate 37 – Family – brings a sensitivity to sensing who are your people. Gate 40 – Deliverance – brings a sensitivity to what you are happy to offer in return for their company and support.

This week is very much a time of thinking deeply about the unexamined agreements you might have with people, and the expectations you put upon yourself and others. How might they be creating guilt or resentment? This is the moment to free yourself from these old emotional relationship patterns.

Image by Divyesh on Adobe Stock

The Gate of Deliverance (40) releases blocked energy. You don’t need to make any great effort to achieve this. Pay attention to your daily life, everything you need is already here. This isn’t about grand plans or great adventures. It’s closer to home, relaxing into knowing where you come from and who you are. Giving yourself permission to make the choices that suit you. It’s about not being trapped into old unconscious bargains.

And that is enough, for now. This energy will radiate, as you find the centre of your being, anchored in a safe space of Self.

Increase is Much More Than Just Having More

The Nodes are shifting this week. Since late June, the North Node has been in Gate 3 (Beginnings), making a channel with Pluto in Gate 60 (Limitations). The Gate of Beginnings is about growing strong roots. It might seem like not much is going on up on the surface, but underneath you are becoming invincible and adaptable. This is individual circuitry, where our own weird type of uniqueness is anchored into the reality of everyday life. There’s a certain frustration with the energy of Gate 3, because we live in a culture that expects results, external proof. And that’s not what this gate is about, not at all.

This week, the North Node shifts into the Gate of Increase (42). Here we will see the results of the deep (and weird) roots we’ve been growing.

Increase (Gate 42) is about quality rather than quantity. It’s about tapping into a deeper and richer experience of self. It means noticing what adds to our lives, and what just junks it up.

To really get this, we have to embrace the South Node energy – in Gate 32 (Duration). This is the natural process of life, the way life moves through us, learning, adapting, increasing complexity. We live within space and time. There is context for everything, and your perspective on what has value is unique. No one else can tell you what’s most important.

Gate 32 has an instinctive understanding of what to weave into our daily lives. And as we move through our day, in our repeating daily patterns of being, we cohere to what’s most important.

Ceres is there this week, in Gate 32 (Duration), asking us to notice what makes our lives worth living. What is nourishing? What comes next must arise from who we are now. Each day is an exercise in sorting – what do I desire? What do I deserve? What will I keep, and what can go?

Eris is there as well, in Gate 42.5 (Increase). Eris notices where we have blamed ourselves, when it was the unspoken expectations and ill-fitting bargains that made us wrong. Eris is a dwarf planet, orbiting out past Pluto. She has a global (cosmic) influence. The North Node will pass over her on 21 October. Between now and then Eris will be very active. Eris is the whistle-blower, calling out everything we need to know but haven’t been able to see. Mostly because we’ve been looking at things through the eyes of someone else, rather than seeing things from our own unique individual perspective.

Remember Who You Are

Venus retrograde shifts back into the Gate of Retreat (33). This adds so much inner focus to the healing we are doing this week.

This is the Gate of Remembering – taking time to go back over your experiences and see them through your own eyes, from your own perspective. What’s your story about what happened? How did it make you feel? Even if you are undefined emotionally, all of this week’s transits relate to emotional clarity and the recovery of our own emotional truths.

There is a new complexity arising this week. We have grown deep roots, supporting our Individuality to flourish. Now, with the North Node in the Gate of Increase (42), we can bring that new sense of self into a greater flow. We don’t have to control life. Our great challenge is to learn how to stay grounded as we move with the energy. As we flow with it, we change life and life changes us. We are learning to hold to our own unique context, to be adaptable, and to live fully as our collective individual selves.

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  1. Hmm .. To build/have/attract, and have a safe ‘allies’ community that helps me grow and realise my potential. Will the universe really incubate such a bounty for us ? Inspired by this blog, I have written a poem, Kim. It feels incredulous but may we have the faith to let His Grace, fulfil this potency for everyone. Best.

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