HD Transits: 30 March to 4 April 2023

We are entering a period of meta-evolution and that means the rules are changing.

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I wrote a piece, back in 2011 about the rise of the machines, it’s been bothering me for a long time. I’m not against technology, in fact I love using it! Its just that I believe we need to be more careful about what we do with it. Remember Icarus? He didn’t have a good handle on the technology, flew too close to the Sun and lost everything.

I was listening this week to interviews with the creator of Chat GPT and the creator of Instagram. They were really thoughtful lovely men who wanted nothing more than to do good in the world. But as Pandora discovered, once the lid is off you can’t put that stuff away again.

With Pluto moving into Aquarius, we have the opportunity to grasp hold of technology and use it for it’s best possible purposes. But before we can do that, we have to see the hidden networks of people who want to take everything sacred and make money from it.

And to do that, they have to weave a narrative that denies the creative wonder that you are!

The last time Pluto was in Aquarius, the French and American Revolutions took down the aristocracy. This time we take down the hidden aristocracy – the plutocrats. But first, we have to be prepared to see them. Because they are able to hide in plain sight.

Spring Arrives – it’s a Wake Up Call!

(It’s actually Autumn here in Australia, but moving right along.)

We are gently sliding in towards next week’s Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on April 6. You can view the chart here.

If you do go check the chart out, you’ll notice that the Sun, Jupiter and Chiron are all in the Gate of Shock (51). I think we can agree, that’s a wake up call! The Gate of Shock is designed to let us know it’s time for some spring-time movement after a long winter’s nap.

It’s also part of the Channel of Initiation, and a time when our sense of self is getting a massive makeover. Who are you now, and who are you becoming?

Medusa is in the Gate of Innocence (25), perhaps suggesting we wake up and grasp our true power. How do we do that? I’m glad you asked! Medusa is frozen with fear, but Mars in the Gate of Keeping Still (52) is warming up her living core.

These are Radical Times

Mercury, Vesta and Eris are in the Gate of Increase (42), under pressure from Pallas in Gate 53 (Gradual Progress). This is another initiating energy; it’s in the Root Centre, so it’s an impulse to get moving. Pallas wants nothing more than for us to use our strategic brilliance to take down the patriarchy. No seriously, she loves her father, Zeus, but she’s had enough.

And Eris is ready to blow the whistle on those invisible drivers of chaos and destruction. If there was a dwarf planet designed to wake us up, it’s Eris, who was discovered in the Gate of Shock (51).

More on Eris here

But there’s no need to rush!

We might feel we should be rushing around doing all sorts of things, but the Gate of Gradual Progress (53) doesn’t take off from the blocks like a sprinter. It’s more like going for a nice walk, taking time to look around, to notice what is evolving, and consider how we can grow into the possibilities that we see presenting themselves.

We’ve spent a long time preparing for this transitional time, and we are gradually being drawn towards the moment of change. The biggest danger is not going too slowly, but straying from our true destination as the journey unfolds.

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Who Owns the Chaos?

There are two types of chaos here. Firstly there’s the chaos created by people like Boris Johnson, Trump and Putin, designed for no other purpose than to steal from you and I. But there is another kind of chaos and that’s where you come in!

In May, when Uranus shifts to Gate 23, called Splitting Apart, and Jupiter joins Pluto in the Channel of Mutation (3-60), chaos will be upon us.

Right now we are growing strong roots so we can participate with integrity, noticing and responding from within our own unique role. We need to be ready to work with what Katya Walters calls co-chaos – the moment when two attractor points come together and nothing is ever the same again. In that initial state it feels as if anything is possible. Slowly and organically, something new begins to take shape.

This is where the Gate of Shock is so important. It’s simple message is – don’t panic! Take some time, consider your best response here. Stay in integrity, allow your imagination some play. What’s possible?

This is how we change the rules of engagement!

You know that thing where people say – I never saw it coming! That’s us. Stealthy. Ninja. Like Joan of Arc (who is an archetype of Eris by the way), we are not what ‘they’ are expecting. Slowly gently engaging with the living cosmos, we are changing the rules of play.

The trick is, as Einstein reminded us, we can’t resolve duality on it’s own level. We will always tend to favour one pole or the other. If we are patient, we can learn to hold the two poles in complement to each other, and then we are on our way to understanding their emergent potential. Evolution is continually creating the circumstances for that third transcendent state. The trick with this kind of emergent consciousness is to embrace and engage with both poles, rather than trying to beat one of them into submission.

This constant division, us-against-them, keeps us from noticing that third emergent point of co-chaos. And keeps us stuck in the devolutionary aspect of chaos which suits some (very, very few) people just fine.

We are entering firmly into the space of co-chaos this week, moving into the complexity of life, and the truth is we just can’t predict any outcomes. That’s why it might be difficult to imagine where you are going.

But that’s fine. We have to let go of the old idea that there is a destination. Watch, instead, for newly forming patterns in random events.

What we can do, and this is where our power lies, is stay loyal to our journey while making constant small adjustments. This process-oriented attitude gives us the space to engage imaginatively with our daily life (aka universal consciousness). These two channels – 53-42 and 54-32 – propel us out of the world of cause and effect. It’s no longer a case of doing this (work) to get that (outcome) but much more about living integrity in each moment.

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But wait, what about the meta-evolution thing?

This week Mercury is in Gate 3, which some of you will know as Difficulty at the Beginning. I call it the Big Bang Gate. Because that’s where Gate 1 (yang) and Gate 2 (yin) first meet. It’s exciting, there’s thunder and lightning and love is in the air!

Yesterday I drove past my old high school and I was looking up at the very spot I sat at the moment when realised I was in love for the first time. How my world shifted! I had to completely rethink who I was. and in some way, that’s where we all are now. Redefining ourselves in the face of immense challenges and unimaginable opportunity.

Despite centuries of being put to work in increasingly machine-like ways, humans are living systems. We have connections with cosmic intelligence that (I hope) machines will never have. All living systems are primarily interested in renewing themselves, in their own process of becoming. We are open systems, with unlimited blessings of resources and allies. It is profoundly natural for humans to change ourselves, and change the rules. And life itself, even the very rules of evolution, are designed to be self-organising. Which means they can change.

As I Ching scholar Bradford Hatcher says about hexagram 3 – note your losses and count your blessings.

Just one more thing about Gate 42 before I go.

Increase simply flows without limit; there is no need for restrictive frameworks to contain it but only tools to work with it. When you are blessed, it is good to respond with purpose and movement.

Hilary Barrett I Ching (my emphasis)

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3 thoughts on “HD Transits: 30 March to 4 April 2023

  1. Really value your overview and insights, Kim. My 17 natal Eris busy in the sun’s bright light! much love from out here in the cosmic spin and tumble dryer, midi.

  2. Out of chaos comes order. Note the political unrest in France at this time.
    What makes France a key player in getting the movement in motion?
    Thank you for your perspective, it always finds the balance.

    1. I agree – it’s an interesting and notable pattern to reflect upon. During / around the time of the American Revolution, both Russia and France were also undergoing a lot of upheaval and revolutionary activity. We’re seeing it all play out again right in front of our eyes.

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