HD Transits 31 January to 6 February 2024

The Good Things Lurking Beneath

I have a good friend who I call if I want to avoid going sane. Sane as in – sucked into normality with a complete loss of what makes me truly me. But two simple polarities of sane or insane just don’t provide enough space to explore who we are these days. And this week is definitely going to be a week for exploring that space!

On 1 February Mars joins Mercury in the Gate of Inner Mysteries (61), which is way up in the Head Centre. A few days later, on 4 February, Jupiter also pops into the channel, in the Ajna Centre Gate of Returning (24). It looks like this:

This channel brings an inner resonance of truth. It’s filled with the light of cosmic knowing, filtering through your own individual connection with Source. As the light moves into the Ajna Centre it becomes thought.

This channel requires trust in yourself, in your own knowing, in how you can effortlessly integrate all you know into one moment of truth. It can feel like navigating the space between sane and insane. Will your own unique and individual truth be too far from the shared reality of others? Will you have to go live in the wild and eat berries for the rest of your days?

The planets at play here – Mercury, Mars and Jupiter – speak to a more conscious connection (Mercury) with your part in the greater mysteries (Jupiter). Mars represents an evolution of what it means to be active, creative, passionately engaged.

Later, on 5 February, Mercury lines up with Pluto in the Gate of Limitations (60 line 5). We are still in the Individual Knowing Circuitry, but now we are in the Root Centre. Instead of bringing in light we are embedding our truth into the material realm. There is a falling away of glamour, ambition and over-doing things from a need for external validation. We trust ourselves, and can lead by example, changing our notion of what success looks like.

There are some big things lining up for us and, as this week’s transits are a bit quiet I thought it was the perfect time to share.

Some Big Events in April

To start things off, on 8 April we have a total Solar Eclipse passing over North America. https://taraka.io/transit_charts/60698

On 10 April Neptune shifts into Gate 25.

On 12 April Pluto shifts into Gate 41.

On 21 April, Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct in Gate 23.4.

April’s Total Solar Eclipse

shaking us out of our sense of entitlement

Let’s start with the total solar eclipse on 8 April. It’s in the Gate of Shock, in the same line as Chiron (51.5). The North Node is also there, in line 1. This gate is about being adaptable in changing circumstances. It’s a skill we’ve lost in our capitalist world where we have come to believe that our leaders owe us absolute stability, safety and continued so-called ‘progress’.

This is about feeling so entitled that we lose our ability to accept that change can happen. It’s about our need to feel special, because we worked so hard, are so brilliant and deserving, or have suffered so much. It’s the way in which we prop up our sense of identity in the old tribal structures, and get stuck in competition with each other.

You may not be aware of your sense of entitlement at this subtle level, but expect it to start to be more obvious to you.

The Sun, Moon, North Node and Chiron are all in the Gate of Shock. But wait! In the adjoining gate – the Gate of Innocence (25) is Manwë – the Lord of Grace.

Manwë is named for the chief of the Valar in J.R.R. Tolkien’s mythology of the creation of the world. The Valar are the 14 archangels who came from the throne of Iluvatar to enter the world, and to create it. His mind is of the highest Divine Intelligence and most closely tuned to the original divine vision.

Kelley Hunter – https://www.astro.com/astrology/tl_article220727_e.htm

In Gate 25 line 5, Manwë’s message is this – you are assuming there is a problem, and it’s your job to intervene to fix it. This is a very ‘entangled’ way to be. Instead of focusing on fixing the problem, simply return to your own pure heart, the place where the problem doesn’t exist. If you let the natural process follow its course, the problem will resolve itself.

Neptune in Gate 25

a higher resonance of you

On 10 April, Neptune shifts into Gate 25 (joining forces with Manwë!). Neptune is a culture-creator, he raises the bar for what’s possible. We can descend into glamour and delusion, or we can raise our vibration to encompass and manifest the new potential.

Gate 25 – Innocence – is the gateway from the old tribal identity inherent in the Heart Centre and into the collective identity of the G Centre. In the Kabbalah (one of the 4 structural components of the HD Bodygraph), every other Centre is moving their energy towards the G Centre, where it forms a torus field and connects outwards into the cosmos. This is the place of recognition of the beauty and precision of being you – anchored in this body, in this time and space, living this life. Neptune is about to open us up to the possibilities of that realm.

Pluto in Gate 41

moving with change

On 12 April, Pluto shifts into Gate 41. Pluto is both deep transformation, and a gateway to our cosmic heritage. He holds the keys to how we integrate our deep human history of living on earth with our current global challenges, and beyond, into the stars. Gate 41 is called Decrease, because it’s about giving up all that doesn’t align with our highest potential. This gate has an ecological component. Imagine a forest without falling leaves, or an ocean without tides. Change is what keeps life alive, and change means giving up one thing so we can have another.

Pluto is only in Gate 41 till 24 May, when it pops back into Gate 60 (Limitations). It finally returns to Gate 41 in January 2025, so enjoy this short burst of transformative Decrease!

Jupiter and Uranus

disentangling from danger

On 21 April, Jupiter is conjunct Uranus in Gate 23 line 4. Uranus has been in this gate since May 2023, so we know the energy. The gate is called Splitting Apart, and it’s about stripping away everything that is no longer alive, till we are left with the living core. All the things that we thought were essential, everything we relied on to feel safe and secure, all the ways in which we understand who we are, can all suddenly be taken from us.

If that feels a bit scary, well let’s look at it another way – why would we hold onto old dead ways of being? Why would we resist the opportunity to move with such incredible change? Why would we co-create this moment and then decide we don’t want to play?

Jupiter and Uranus meet up in line 4 of Gate 23, which warns against seeing things only in a positive light. Remember Manwë in Gate 25? He advised us not to get entangled in negativity. The manifest skill here is that we have to see the negativity to untangle from it. We won’t walk away from things if we can’t see the danger they pose to our integrity.

Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct every 14 years. When they meet up, they bring big radical ideas, particularly about individual freedom. Jupiter is religious and Uranus is irreligious, so I would expect some movement around fundamental Christianity. Especially as Lempo is in the mix (in 23.5) and I have a theory that this important minor planet ( a Finnish Goddess of Sex) relates very strongly the Christianity’s attempts to control women.

But coming back to this week, It’s a good time to be present in the moments of your own life, noticing the currents of change weaving something new.

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4 thoughts on “HD Transits 31 January to 6 February 2024

  1. Kim, your pointer to the subtle conditioning of being entitled to to be secure, happy, free is so brilliant ! My Guruma used to say that we take birth to contribute to the universe, not to be indulged. Best.

    1. Sanjay I’ve been picking this up recently, an aspect of the entitlement we all need to shed, and also a result of the trauma of living in a culture where we have all become clients rather than citizens! Your Guruma was ahead of the curve!

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