HD Transits 31 May to 6 June 2023

It’s not the amount of light, but our skill in making use of it that matters.

Bradford Hatcher, I Ching (emphasis mine)

Almost exactly a year ago, I spent a cold rainy weekend in bed listening to podcasts on autism. As it turned out, I didn’t resonate with the lived experiences of those autistic people (or those with ADHD). What I really did identify with was being neurodivergent in a more general sense. I was particularly struck by the similarities between autistic masking and the idea of Human Design conditioning.

In April I wrote a piece on Neurodiversity and the Human Design System and linked to a great article on the complex trauma experienced by neurodivergent people.

Everyone has experience of masking. One might choose to tone down their energy in a library or may fake appreciation for a bad gift from a loving grandparent. But when masking is necessary in almost all contexts, in order to remain safe, a person may lose contact with their Core Self and only know themselves by how their masks respond to others.

Terra Vance

These past few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about this idea: masking, conditioning, the birthing of a new way of being real–not just with yourself, but also out there in the world.

The Wisdom of Your Own Story

This week’s Full Moon is on 4 June. The Sun is in the Gate of Progress (35) making a channel with Neptune as part of the Experiential Circuitry.

You can view the Full Moon chart on Taraka here.

This channel forms part of the greater Wisdom Circuitry; we develop wisdom when we are able to make sense of our experiences. And we can only make sense of our experiences when we can tell the story of what happened to us in our own words and from our own perspective.

I’ve been invited to a Fairy Tale Writers Conference, which I’m so excited about. I was drawn to writing more fairy stories because I can feel I have something quite magical wanting to emerge. And it occurs to me that to tell our own stories, we have to add a bit of magic and make believe. If we could have told those hidden stories of ours in a logical way, well…we would have done so by now!

This week we shine a light on our own demons and discover that they are not so scary after all. In fact, our own personal, magical fairy tale just won’t be complete without them!

The Light Returning

Ceres has been transiting in the Gate of Conflict (6) since 31 March – a very long time! – creating an opposition to Neptune. This gate brings into play emotional experiences long since stashed away where they wouldn’t upset our nice lives. Mostly they’re aspects of ourselves that we’ve demonised and made so shamefully wrong that we secretly longed for them never to see the light of day.

My quick hack on working with Ceres energy is this question: What makes your life worth living? In Gate 6, she is letting us know that there are emotional streams we haven’t been safe to express. Cut off by early conflict or disapproval, or perhaps even indifference, these ‘monsters’ are peeking out from under our beds and wanting to come play. We find that life isn’t worth living without them.

This week, it’s all about the light returning.

More on Neptune in Gate 36 : Reclaiming the Dark.

This is happening on a cultural level as well. We see it here in Australia with a resurgence of racism because of a proposed constitutional change to incorporate a First Nations voice to parliament. We can also see it in Florida’s demonisation of certain books. As you and I allow the first tendrils of light to enter those darkest of inner places, our culture also shifts. More and more of us are unafraid of the monster under the bed, and we can’t be manipulated by our fear. The shift this brings to our world is immeasurable.

There is a sense of hope, a feeling that there may be a way through the mess we find ourselves in. This is coming from within and arises from the incredibly hard emotional work many of us have been doing lately. Your own inner light begins to emerge from your character, and it sustains everything you do. You have developed the courage to leave things empty and uncertain, to create space for new blessings to form. You have built within yourself the capacity to move in your own unique direction. Don’t underestimate what you have accomplished.

Approaching Soul Unity

The Moon and Earth are in the Gate of Waiting (5.3), exactly on The Great Attractor. Jupiter sits opposite the Shapley Cluster (28.1), and Ceres is about to move over the Super Galactic Center (in Gate 46.5). I wrote about these Galactic Points last week.

More on Galactic Influences in your Human Design

The Great Attractor connects with core soul unity. It bends space and time, bringing all lifetimes and dimensions into one focal point. When it is activated, a choice occurs. Curiosity pulls you towards something that captures your interest. Once you connect you are inexorably drawn into a journey which begins with a single idea and soon leads into vast landscape.

The crucial point in working with the energy of the GA is that although you are conscious of the entire range of frequencies available in your chosen area of interest, you must choose only one specific and critically important (to you) area of focus in order to make use of the energy. This is not the same as having a narrow view, because the GA doesn’t support such a thing.  It means having a specific focus within an immense spectrum of meaning.

Philip Sedgwick, Astrologer

Gate 5 is about waiting expectantly, not passively. When you hold a belief that you are blessed (gate 35) and work to bring yourself into harmony with the outcome you need (gate 5), you will always be ready when the moment arrives. The real problem is not how long things take, but your belief that things should happen sooner or arrive earlier. If your big moment (your relief, your blessing) hasn’t yet arrived, focus instead on nourishing yourself, taking care of yourself, and preparing for a more active and engaged time.

We are in a time of discovering the way to access our individual mutative energies. Part of the time is an inner process, and we have been so conditioned to need outer validation. Mercury and Uranus are in the Gate of Stripping Away this week. Mercury in line 1 says, “Honour your inner knowing; it supports you when external validation is stripped away.” Uranus in line 2 says, “You experience a loss of identity, but gain a simpler, deeper inner way of knowing who and where you are–and a way of honouring your own needs differently.”

More on Uranus in the Gate of Splitting Apart

More on The Era of Individual Mutation

There are more monsters here in this channel: Typhon, the monster of our own personal hell, and Lempo, the monster of our most potent, fiery selves. Both of these monsters are demonised primal forces that are entirely natural to humanity and life itself. We cannot recreate ourselves without them. We literally cannot live without these energies.

A lack of hope and negativity stagnates energy and prevents self-organisation. When energy circulates freely, it will go where it is most naturally creative and alive. Basic needs are met in good order, and life is set free to move into its higher purposes.

This is a moment when we learn to let go of mourning what isn’t happening right now and discover how we can prepare ourselves for the moment when it (or something better, as we say) does happen.

Queen of Wild Blessings

I couldn’t resist one more lovely thing. Venus is in the Gate of Wandering (56) this week, an energy of learning how to fit in with others without losing yourself. She is joined by Aphrodite in the Gate of Peace (11), an energy of bringing heaven to earth.

Aphrodite is the lost civilising influence of beauty, pleasure, the longing for love and connection. She is the key to recovering our true humanity. Originally Venus was a minor goddess who ruled over neatly cultivated gardens. Aphrodite, on the other hand, tends more to the wild aspect of female sexuality, roaming beyond disciplined cultivation. This week they meet in a channel that draws out the true and complete story of our life.

What do you value most? Where is the beauty, love and connection in your life? How can you multiply your blessings by focusing on more of these things rather than chasing what you lack?

Minor planet Varda is also there, in the Gate of Peace (11), with Venus and Aphrodite. She is Tolkien’s Queen of the Elves: bestower of blessings, she who hears more clearly than all other ears. When we call on Varda, we sense the true currents of any situation and move forward without resistance.

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2 thoughts on “HD Transits 31 May to 6 June 2023

  1. Ahem, Kim, there are so many gems in there and such awesome integration of all the movements. Loved your way of articulating the necessary engagement with our conditioning, your so insightful way of connecting Sun, Neptune, and Great Attractor (G5) working together to help us dig up and engage with Gate 6 coffins & dropping our habits of external validation with Gate 23. One could write a book from each such blog ! And yes, I am beginning to see the little little light at the end of the long tunnel. Best.

    1. Sanjay, there are definitely many books in my head, and many of them start as researched and intuitive blog posts! I’m so glad you’re seeing a glimmer of light, too. Keep following that light.

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