HD Transits 5 – 11 April 2023

Remembering Who We Are

I went for a walk today along the break wall of the Nambucca River, on the country of the Gumbaynggirr people. There’s a saying here in Australia – always was always will be (aboriginal land). I walk on country that has been cared for by Gumbaynggirr people in ways I can hardly imagine, since before the last ice age. I’m grateful for that. I benefit from thousands of generations of people singing the land and waters so that I can enjoy my walk.

A lot of what is going on in the world right now is because people don’t want to recognise what came before. It’s not even that they don’t want to take responsibility for what their ancestors may have done. It’s much more that they don’t want to acknowledge how much of the life they enjoy, the prosperity they feel entitled to, has come from the accumulated wisdom of humanity. This goes deeper even than fossil fuels. A small proportion of people are perfectly happy to mine our sacred human inheritance and spend it on superyachts.

In Australia it is common these days for a local elder to do a ceremony called Welcome to Country. It extends to each one of us the traditional welcoming of neighbouring tribes to ‘country’. I marvel at their generosity. Walking on Gumbaynggirr land means more than enjoying the beautiful view. Ancient cultures thrived because of their accumulated wisdom about humanity’s part in the greater cosmos. That wisdom was not gained through conquest and control, but through love, care and cooperation.

Last week I talked about AI perpetuating the idea that intelligent bots are ‘making up’ the information they spit out, as if it came miraculously from who knows where. In fact, they are trawling the web and stealing it. In the same way, we have to recognise where we have made our human roots invisible, whilst still expecting to take advantage of them. Where we enjoy things that seem to have miraculously turned up in the shop as if they just suddenly sprang into being from nowhere.

And just while we are on that, this technique also works for the suppression and invisibility of the wisdom of women. Do you know it took over 1000 years of cruelty and intimidation to suppress the goddess spiritual traditions? They didn’t go away, but were turned to the advantage of others. Just look at how Christianity repurposed mythology to demonise women!

Pluto in the Root Centre is giving us a clear message. We need to re-establish our connection with the sacred nature of human life, and its part in the universal cosmos. If we continue to pretend those roots aren’t there, that they aren’t ‘civilised’, that they were not as intelligent as we are, we will have no path to walk into the future. The Gumbaynggirr people survived the ice age, and colonisation, through intelligent adaption. In contrast, our culture – the only culture to celebrate death, Armageddon and the childish necessity of an external saviour – has stumbled into a place of doing even more of what’s not working.

This next period of human evolution isn’t about going back to ‘traditional’ ways or reclaiming the anger of past feminist revolutions. It’s about remembering our deeply human capacity for cooperation and intelligent adaption.

More on Pluto in the Root Centre

We are in Eclipse Season!

This week we have a Full Moon on 6 April. On 20 April we have a total Solar Eclipse followed by a Lunar Eclipse on 5 May. We have eclipses every year, and they are always powerful, but these are particularly potent. There is something being released into human consciousness, a part of the dark web coming into the light. You’ll feel it as something coming back to life within you, looking for it’s creative role in your future live.

Here are the links to all three Taraka transit charts:

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Full Moon in The Channel of Initiation

On the Full Moon, the Sun, Jupiter and Chiron will be in the Gate of Shock (50), a gate that is about waking up, being initiated into the next level of who you are becoming.

The Sun represents the personality, the way you gradually grow into your full potential. Jupiter helps us embed our personal need for success and growth within a greater and more meaningful story. If you are looking for a personal quest – Jupiter is your planet! When Jupiter is active, it brings opportunity for rapid progress. Chiron shows where we have trouble applying our knowledge to our own lives.

This week we may feel we have lost something, that the soft comfort zone of our normal existence has been disturbed. At first the shock of this loss could be confusing and hard to assimilate. Chiron is drawing you towards something you may not recognise at first. This is not a time to rush to repair things, but instead to draw towards your original source, connecting with your own deep roots.

What you lose will be gone forever. Or if it’s important, it will come back. Either way, the world will become much bigger than what you lost. Understanding will gradually evolve from these beginnings as you become aware of how the new pieces fit together and you can create from them a secure stable foundation for future growth.

In the adjoining Gate 25 we find the centaur Okyrhoe, daughter of Chiron and Chariklo.

Okyrhoe represents accelerated processes once information (which perhaps not everyone wants out there in the open) is revealed. She will uncover and reveal things that have previously been hidden, leading to an acceleration of our path to a new future.

Jupiter is bringing profound change

On 8 April Jupiter moves to the Gate of Increase (42). This is the energy of super-abundance, being in the flow of life so that anything is possible. Dwarf planet Eris is also there. Eris is the whistle blower who points to the perpetrator and says – yes, we see you. It feels like chaos because we can suddenly see so much more, and particularly we can see previously hidden ‘drivers’.

More on dwarf planet Eris here.

On 1 May Jupiter moves into the Gate of Beginnings (3), activating the Channel of Mutation with Pluto. This will bring an even greater sense of chaos, as new energy becomes available and those who are most grounded will have the most information about how to map that energy and create order. It is this time that we are preparing for right now. I’ll be writing much more on this.

Why you are hungry

Ceres has just shifted into the Gate of Conflict (6), allowing you to sort through a whole lot of emotional material that may feel like it’s swamping you. The Child asteroid is in the Gate of Dissolution (59), making a channel with Ceres. Ceres is the mothering principle, the way in which we learnt to nourish and nurture ourselves. It’s understandable that the child within us would cling for dear life to those protections. This week, the energy is here for you to recognise your own unique needs and to choose only those. You can safely reject what is no longer feeding you.

The Child asteroid sits exactly opposite Saturn in the Gate of Abundance (55.4). It is helping us dissolve the rigid and hard blockages (Saturn) that we have used to protect the innocent child within us. That childlike wonder is our best tool, helping us find the dark and secret places, the young unlived visions they shelter. Using this new energy we can draw a new map for a brighter future. When it feels like you are dissolving (59), look for a playful way to meet what you fear and bring it into alliance with you.

If we look at the other side of this Tribal Circuit, we have Mercury sitting exactly on the North Node in the Gate of Nourishment. This is shifting how we care for ourselves and others. When we try to fit ourselves to the rules of others we end up starving. We are hungry for a sacred container to hold us, to nourish us, to show us who we are.

These secrets within us have been increasingly uncomfortable. There is nothing more you need to do now than be ready to relinquish control and turn towards what is arising from within you. We don’t have to round everything up and make sense of it. Instead we can occupy the central ground around which apparently opposing forces compete for dominance. It’s as if we are entering the problem at the moment of it’s resolution.

Mars is in the Gate of Keeping Still (52). I love this description from Bradford Hatcher:

The real is contained within the obvious and apparent. The mountain range is a spine, the pivotal points do not move. The mountains at rest host their forests, valleys and streams. The time has come to recapture the centre of your being and your peripheral life must wait.

Bradford Hatcher I Ching – http://www.hermetica.info/

In line 3, we have learnt to be rigidly protective rather than still. We have turned our back on ourselves in a denial of life. Such obedience is over now, and it’s time to strip away the extraneous and find the correct arrangement for what remains.

With so much dissolution it’s not surprising to find Venus in the Gate of Decay (23). After all the chaos, if we find the means to move freely we can come upon the best of things, untouched by those who are looking for quick gains. We can move away from the destruction and find open fields where real potential can be realised. The asteroid Pelion is there too – Pelion, the mountain country of the gods, far from the madding crowds.

Up in the Vault of Secrets (Gate 13) is asteroid Tantalus. The tipping point gate of Aquarius, this is where we come together and realise what we have in common and how we can work together to do more than we possibly could alone. This week Tantalus carries the simple secret of desire, and the torment of something that seems always beyond our reach. I could talk about this all day, but I suppose one simple interpretation is the fading mythology of the American Dream, despite it’s having captured the entire world.

Just in case the message isn’t as clear as a bell, the asteroid Deucalion turns up to make a channel with Uranus. He is the Greek version of Noah, and represents the floods that carry away what is no longer necessary. He says your wealth depends on your ability to feel the aliveness of life and adapt to it, rather than on your ability to accumulate anything. The only mistake this week is to believe you are trapped and can’t move on.

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8 thoughts on “HD Transits 5 – 11 April 2023

  1. Oh my goodness, Kim! You’ve done it again; written about and found the perfect words to describe so much of where I am, but was feeling very lost. Thank you!

    Yes, this: ‘Where we enjoy things that seem to have miraculously turned up in the shop as if they just suddenly sprang into being from nowhere.’ It’s something I love to use in my work* when suggesting spending ten minutes with a kitchen drawer and becoming aware of just how many people, and how much time (often centuries), energy, creativity, skill, and more has been involved with everyday things like sieves, potato mashers, vegetable peelers, and even the spoon…. So many lives, and lives depending on and coming from lives, so many ideas, so much care, so much built upon so many lives, and taken for granted 99.9% of the time.

    The * is because few have wanted this, my work, but it’s beginning to dawn on me, or have me wondering anyway, if I was just a bit too early….. I’d given up, but this post has had me realise to just hang onto the end of the thread just a bit longer, because, just maybe…..

    I’m on the move again house-wise, and feel much encouraged by your last paragraph, which carries, for me, myriad messages.

    Thank you, thank you! <3

    1. Annie, timing is a tricky thing. I wish you all the love in your upcoming move and the awareness that’s springing up around and within you.

  2. After reading the words it makes so much sense of where I am. Lately there is a deep surrender of what I was fighting. There is a deeper way of letting go of the male energy in my life. Trying to survive and I can see how much I pushed myself. Now it’s a body experience. I feel the pain, physical pain. Pain is a poor perspective. It’s guilt taken out on the body. I feel it… I feel it and that’s a miracle. It was always a mental proces I tried to change, but never succeeded. It is an awakening of my femininity….. in receiving what has been given all along.
    (Jupiter in gate 50)

    1. Magdalena, I know what it feels like to get wrapped up in a certain type of energy. It makes me unspeakably happy that your awareness has opened to the feminine.

  3. Interesting!! So much in this news. Back to sanctity of Human Being. Remembering where we csme from….
    How did Christianity demonise female divine goddesses?
    Childish to need an external saviour. Jesus?

    1. Yes, Ernestine, we often forget our own divinity admidst everyday life. Your latter two questions require more time than I can give right now, but I’m sure they will lead to fascinating conversations in the future.

      All love.

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