HD Transits 6 – 12 September 2023

Can we create a happy ending?

Fairy tales are full of happy endings. Unlike the Greek and Roman myths, which are cautionary tales, full of curses and unhappy endings for those who angered the gods. Some, like Psyche, are prepared to take risks, make their own luck, and achieve the safe ground of immortality. Others, like Arachne and Medusa, threaten the fragile egos of those who are clearly uneasy about their divine nature, and end up turned into spiders or stone.

This week, we get to do some recoding of the patriarchal cautionary tales, and follow Psyche to the place where courage and true love win the day, innocence is never a curse, and ordinary people have happy endings.

The Nature of Vast Beginnings

This is the beginning of something. Beginnings are always uncertain, chaotic, challenging. And this one, being epochal and vast, is just that.

But we are never just at the beginning. We are always in the middle of things, between past and future, partly in harmony and partly in confusion. Complete emotional clarity is a nice story, but it’s not really a thing. In the midst of all this, though, we always have the promise of success. But only if, like Psyche, we take a risk and act on our true desires. We are all alchemists, turning every emotion to unconditional love.

The Sun and Mercury retrograde are in the Channel of Abstraction this week (Gates 64 and 47). The life force (Sun) flowing down through the Head Centre inspires us to imagine new worlds. This is not a logical process – no spreadsheets or flowcharts! It is abstract, non-linear, imaginative, artistic, story-based, emotional, non-sensical.

The Earth is in the Gate of Already Across (63), and in the logical circuitry, our ‘sensible’ minds might be telling us it’s over. But that’s only one half of the story. We also have to notice the new beginnings (Gate 64) where there is a new world coming into being via our active imagination.

Art: Adobe Stock – Soulmyst

How to Engage With Chaos

There are undercurrents of chaos, constantly emerging into order. But they can’t do it without you. They need you to tap into your true desire, to use your imagination (not your logical planning brain) to draw out the threads of possibility and give form to the world you are here to create.

The Gate of Not Yet Done (64) is in the Head Centre. It’s inspiring. It wants you to think new things, or think old things in new ways. It’s energy potential comes from the tension between how things are now and how they could be. How can you draw the unknowns into the shiny new? How can you take the simple disorder and create a new coherent complexity?

Well, I’m so glad you asked.

What happens to us when we aren’t sure? When we believe we should know and be certain? But we don’t? And are not? This leaves us in a place where we are potentially always about to go wrong. In the face of that, we can tend to get overwhelmed and switch off. But what if not being sure, feeling a lack of clarity, not knowing everything – what if that was normal? And if it was, how would we know what to do, and when to do it?

The answer is to stay awake. This is a moment of innumerable possibilities. It’s your job to notice the little miracles that announce their coming into existence. Your role is to bring your attention to what you want to create, and how apparently random elements might be shaped in that general direction.

That probably means you need to let go of responsibilities you have considered ‘normal’ – the ones that have made you a good person till now – and find a new responsibility at the level of your own soul.

Gate 64 flows down into the Ajna, into the Gate of Exhaustion, Oppression, Feeling Trapped (47). So cheery! What hope is there? Well, here’s the thing. Gate 47 is about taking some time to yourself to integrate all that new inspiration. We only get exhausted and oppressed if we think we have to keep going on and on … and on, in the old ways. There is something new coming through.

And, this is important – Orcus is there. Remember Orcus? He’s handing out new soul missions at the moment. Your sense of what you are here to do is having a major revamp. The story of who you are, and where we are going, is changing from one of curses to one of blessings.

You don’t owe your life to anyone.

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I spend a lot of time explaining to people that their WHAT is fine. It’s their HOW that needs some work. And that’s because we’ve been conditioned to believe we should push and work and try harder, that we should try to fix ourselves. The real game here on Earth now is how we connect with the natural wholeness within us.

The HOW is important for this week. Because its not so much about your direction, as your belief that you should know where you’re going. Instead, focus on where you are, and what’s emerging here. The future doesn’t exist yet. You, in fact, are busy right now creating it. So it’s impossible for you to know where are you are going.

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

I mentioned Psyche. She’s a big part of this week’s story. Psyche is transiting in the Gate of Deciding (43) until 17 September. Uranus is in the same channel – in the Gate of Splitting Apart (23). This channel is about acknowledging our own unique individual truth (in Gate 43) and then allowing life to rearrange itself around that (in Gate 23).

Psyche was so beautiful it was rumoured she was the unacknowledged daughter of the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite. No eligible bachelor wanted to anger Aphrodite by presuming to be worthy of Psyche, and her family were at their wits end trying to marry her off. Apollo had a suggestion. Why not dress her in funerary attire and leave her on a mountain, where, it was foretold, a monstrous dragon-like husband would arrive to claim the young maiden.

You can read the full story here. The most important part of Psyche’s tale for us this week is that she began as a passive and obedient young woman, but through her experiences awakened into her true power. Not through force, or dreary work, or trickery. Psyche’s motivation was always love.

I’ve been writing a lot about a shift from the hero’s journey to the heroine’s journey. We don’t need to work for the gods. We won’t anger them if we peel off into a new reality. Psyche’s courage was in turning up as herself, surrendering to life’s greater forces but gently shaping them in the direction of her dreams. We can all do this.

Think about what’s at stake here: it’s our very ability to create reality.

Eros, the God of Desire, is in the Gate of Approaching (19) – about meeting the source energy and partnering with it. Eros has two faces. In one he is a young man, afraid of his powerful mother Aphrodite, and willing to do whatever she asks. In the other he is one of the four primordial beings, along with Gaia, Chaos and Tartarus (the Abyss). One of the fundamental causes of creation, Eros mated with Gaia and brought forth the human race.

That mature version of Eros is the desire that draws form from chaos. The position of Eros in our Human Design shows the way our own desire shapes the worlds we create. It is the most powerful place for our Quantum attention – it draws out the form of new things.

More on Consciousness, Culture and Cosmology for the 21st Century and stuff about how we create reality.

The 10th and 11th September are powerful days, with a lot of activations – Venus meets the Goddess of Marriage, Juno, in Gate 33.6.

Only in retreat can the spirit find its inner riches. Places full of noise and people are never spiritually rich places, but even there one can stay rich if one can stay aloof inside. Sometimes it is necessary to leave a situation in order to find yourself back. (Lise Heyboer, 33.6)

Clearing Old Stagnation

Also, this week:

Mars makes contact with Makemake, which is about retelling your story in a way that releases your true purpose. The sense of this lines up with Saturn in the Gate of Abundance (55) and this week’s theme, which is about how you know what (and when!) to do if you’re not following the old rules? With Venus moving back over Gate 7 (The Army, or as Master Huang calls the hexagram Multitudes), from 12 to 24 September, we will get a much better sense of this later in the month.

Ceres (in 50.2) lines up with Haumea (in 27) exactly with Panacea (in 27.2) who is the Universal Remedy – the solution to all problems. This channel is about creating a new more regenerative (Haumea) and caring culture. It starts with you. Gate 27.2 is about rejecting what is considered ‘normal’ but doesn’t nourish you. Life supports life. How can you treat yourself as more sacred and take even better care of yourself in a way that really feeds the life within you? Notice how the influence of your more caring self spreads out into the world.

On 11 September, Mars moves into the Gate of the Well (48), where old stagnant energy that’s been held apart from the pure flow of universal consciousness comes free. We can’t hold ourselves apart from the truth and power of reality anymore. Even if the gods aren’t too happy, it’s time for us to grow into our new creative power. And just like Psyche, we can allow love to be our guide, and magic to help us on our way.

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  1. Yet again, Kim, perfect words with perfect timing for me! ‘Complete emotional clarity is a nice story, but it’s not really a thing.’ Er, yea, must pin that on the wall! 😂
    And your paragraph beginning ‘What happens to us when we aren’t sure…’ went in so deep and I felt a release and relief… Thank you, thank you.
    (Barge-life is so different – but great – and I forget there are ‘big differences going on ‘out there’ too’! Reassuring to be reminded.)
    Love to you. 💝

    1. You’re on the barge! I’m looking at tiny houses atm, and my bulging closets full of things I don’t need! I can imagine it must be such an adjustment, but I think a good one overall.

  2. Each and every week your ‘newsletter’ is a true gem, full of reassuring & loving energy, bringing hope & inspiration even in the moodiest of days!!
    I am so happy to have your book on Asteroids in my hands since last Monday (64.1)… great timing!..
    I am enjoying every minute!..
    Thank you for your great work and inspiring words..
    Sending warm regards from Greece..

  3. I’ve been following your posts for quite sometime and I always get immense value from them, but this is one of those that feels so deeply validating that I could practically cry about it. Many thanks for your devotion to spreading the love in this way!

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