HD Transits 6 – 12 March 2024

If it feels like somethings got to give, you are right on track!

I’ve seen a lot of talk about how humanity is in its infancy, maybe a child (Ra Uru Hu), maybe a teenager (Judith Anodea, Richard Tarnas). This week is a turning point for a shift into a more mature experience of being human. It turns on the idea of safety, and how that safe foundation provides us with the ability to come together to find solutions to our current dilemma. It’s in that coming together that we make astonishing new discoveries about what humanity is capable of.

We are shifting to a new evolutionary level. But like all good evolutionary shifts – we have to let go of all that defined our previous existence in order to discover what comes next. Apart from anything else, it’s exhausting just trying to keep it all hanging together. Why put our energy into that, when we could be using it to build a new world?

Beauty is Creation, Creation is Beauty

As far as we know, humans are the only creatures who experience beauty. Why would that be? Why is beauty so important to human consciouness?

This week the Sun will be in Gate 22, reminding us that our capacity to experience beauty is one of our most important human qualities. It is beauty that shows us how things are related, and what can arise from their relating.

The New Moon on 10 March has Sun in Gate 22.4 and the Earth and Moon in Gate 47.4. You can view the Taraka New Moon chart here.

The Gate of Grace and Beauty (22) teaches us that beauty is impermanent. Leaves bud and fall. Sunsets fade. Waves wash away. Everywhere in nature, beauty is born, fades, and returns again to begat beauty in a continuous, creative unfoldment. We create many problems for ourselves by wanting to demystify beauty and possess it, to make it permanent. We become stuck in a contrivance.

Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

Recapturing Some Independence of Soul

This is a time when we are changing the way we bring order from chaos. A time when we change the organising principles for our lives – both personal and collective. Which is just as well, because the Full Moon and Eclipse on 25 March tells us that our current situation is unsustainable, unfeasible and we best set out to recapture some independence of soul. Let’s notice where we are making do.

You can view the Taraka chart for the Full Moon – Eclipse on 25 March 2024 here.

Today, as I write this, the Sun is in Gate 63, called Almost Complete. We have reason to celebrate. We’ve done so much work to get here, to this place. A lot of it was done alone, recovering our uniqueness, honing our sense of our own individuality. But now, there is a light shining on something new. It doesn’t illuminate the full picture, we can’t yet see our destination or even the nuances to come. It does give us reason to celebrate that we have arrived at a moment where we can truly begin to create change.

Our path forward has a kind of two-way process. We have to pull away from group-think, from finding safety (and anonymity) in crowds. At the same time we must notice the people who are standing on common ground with us.

Finding A Collective Place of Greater Safety

It has so much to do with safety. In April, Neptune will shift to Gate 25 (Disentangling). This is a gate that heals shock and trauma through providing safety. A safe heart-harbour, a realisation of our own innocence and trust in life. Over the next few years we find we can do so much more than we imagined, because we have become safe enough in ourselves to drop our defences and meet face-to-face, authentically, creatively, with others.

There’s another important aspect of Gate 22, which we find mirrored in nature. Nature has no leaders setting agendas, handing out KPIs and to-do lists. It is not working towards any particular goals or outcomes. Nature lives in a state of emergence which arises from the circumstances of this moment. The Gate of Grace teaches us that exploring the beautiful ways our essence can flower is more important than working for results. If we can withdraw from a conditioned desire to grasp at things, our experience of grace becomes our source of inner nourishment, which in turn creates authentic interactions with others.

Aphrodite, Goddess of Beauty, is in the Gate of Illumination (30) with Venus for this week’s New Moon.

Image: Adobe Stock – Jujamal

I can hardly overstate how significant this shift is. We get our sense of safety and security from obedience within the hierarchy. That’s just how it’s been for about 5000 years. Every cell in your body attunes to this survival instinct. But there’s something coming alive that wants to live differently, to express in a new way. You don’t have to leap into anything right now, but you are being called to notice the small creative flame and what it’s calling you to pay attention to.

Exhaustion and Overwhelm

Whenever there is an activation to Gate 47 I hear from people everywhere – why am I so tired? This week, the Earth will be in Gate 47. The idea here is to recognise when enough is enough. Our energy is all used up. Sometimes, we just need rest and recuperation. But we’re not just flopping around doing nothing. This is time when we can water the seeds of what’s to come, pay attention to learn something by thinking about past experiences. There are some things we don’t want to repeat, and this is the week for figuring out what they are.

The other reason why we might feel tired and overwhelmed this week is because Ceres and the Child asteroid, which continue to travel close to each other, are in Gate 38 (Opposition). They meet up with Apollon in Gate 28 (Great Exceeding). Apollon will always want more, bigger, better. But we won’t get it by trying to do more of the same, that will just bring more exhaustion and overwhelm. Instead, we can rest with Ceres and ask ourselves – What makes my life worth living? Right now, what gives me a sense of purpose? Ceres and Child together want us to reconsider how we might still define ourselves according to what our mother valued in us, rather than by what we value in our lives.

Two more things for this week.

Realigning our Soul Geometry

On 12 March, Jupiter shifts into Gate 2, where it stays until 8 April. Gate 2 – the Receptive – is the home of the Magnetic Monopole. I was thinking about how, if the Magnetic Monopole creates a torus energy from our heart (which it does), then it’s possible that torus is misshapen here in this moment of human history, at the tail-end of patriarchy and it’s good friend global capitalism.

Jupiter brings the circumstances to realign our soul geometry. Always, in Gate 2, we must stay open and make space for all possibilities, not just those that fit our confirmation bias for how things should be.

Saturn shifts into Gate 63 on 13 March, and stays there till 5 May. Gate 63 is the completion of the cycle of the hexagrams. What? isn’t Gate 64 the final gate? you might ask. Well no. Gate 63 is the moment when we realise we are making a transition. We can’t turn back now, we are already there, although we still have a long way to go. Gate 64 is the period when we take a breather, make any final touches to complete the previous cycle, and see (from that place of greater clarity) where we might want to go next.

It’s a great week to consider – if I feel safe to move on from where I am now, where might I go? And who might I like to go with?

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15 thoughts on “HD Transits 6 – 12 March 2024

  1. Kim, I got a lack of the English language. What do you mean with “stuck in a contrivance”.
    “any improvised arrangement for temporary use”? But even though I don’t understand that part, I love your clarity and I checked out my gate 22. I got Hephaistos there amongst others. My sister wrote a song with his name in it. Lovely, great, thank you.

    1. Ah, I was thinking to change that phrase! It means that things are false, but we are stuck in that falseness, like trying to pretend we are something we are not.

      Hephaistos is a wonderful character. The blacksmith that the gods called on when they needed magic tools! He used to create robots and all kinds of amazing things!

  2. coming back here… after a long absence.
    a time that i and/or Life were kicking some serious ass. my own.😂

    just came back from the forest. yesterday.
    the forest also kicked my butt this time… and said: “Out! get out of here. you are done. It’s over”

    i feel what it is about… is that the “initiation” that started in 1997, is over.

    gate 63 situation.

    and now, probably, i am being (t)asked to step into gate 64. or i am shunted there already.

    it feels, the forest is “not saying” that now… i am carrying the forest inside. or, i am the forest. or that’s the start of the path i am left at, for me to decide.

    one thing i know. i came back a changed entity.

    1. Biren, hello lovely! I saw your message about coming back from the forest. How I love the forest energy. I felt that too, when I came out of the forest, that I now carry it inside me. How does it feel for you? For me there is a kind of wildness that’s also connected to everything, but a different kind of arrangement.

  3. I have been experiencing these exact aspects this week, and processing them, as well, on such deep levels. Thank you for putting it into words. I love how your perception and words are always about ‘moving forward’, potentials and possibilities rather than simply a defined moment…. although it is always simply a defined moment. I am finding that the energies are at the beginning phase of a genuine opening up. There must have been a lot of deep inner work and release to make that happen. I am beginning to feel the relief that I was energetically wanting and intuitively sensing 2-3 years ago. Thank you, again. 🙂 Hope all is well.

    1. It feels like that for me as well Patricia – a beginning phase of a genuine opening up. There’s something in hexagram 64 that says – begin celebrating, but don’t lose your head and forget you haven’t quite arrived yet. Maybe that sums it up!

  4. Ooh Kim this is so good and so helpful. I’ve still been nomading around and feel this kind of existing is losing its luster. I long for that safe harbor to create from and feel it’s not necessarily in the usual places … but/and where it is remains to be seen and known like a full Yes!

    So I’m leaning toward what feels like a Yes next. Not figuring out the whole picture.

    Tending to some very human experience stuff and re-aligning these to my values now feels worthy of my time… finances, divesting, dealing with actual stuff like furniture and heirlooms in storage, getting legal docs “in order”. .. Clarifying, beautifying my personal platform from which to leap 🙂 when it’s time

    Thank you thank you 🙏🏽 Sending you my best!

    1. Human experiences are what we’re here for, to make them sacred Alli, don’t you think? Time for a different kind of experience for you though! That safe harbour is such an important theme right now, I do hope you are finding yours.

  5. This makes so much sense of the ‘almost still and flat nothing’ I’ve felt this week – something I couldn’t quite truly call ‘low’, but ‘knob turned down to 0.05’ – if that makes any sense.

    This though: ‘…to what our mother valued in us, ‘ Great if I could remember anything she valued in me!! But I know now what is valuable; I’m big, not child. (Does that count?)

    What times we are in, and how beautifully, and beauty-fully, you find words for it, Kim. Thank you, as ever.

    1. Annie I left something out of the blog that I had meant to include, and its just what you say – that its time to own our adulthood, to move beyond coming from the traumatised inner child. We have done so much healing, and we can do this now.

      1. Hi Kim, that’s so true, isn’t it – we can get so hung up on the healing – which was needed, yes, – but now it’s time to move on from it. We can carry it as story, but no longer as drama. How interesting you were going to put that in! Thanks for putting it here.

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