HD Transits 7 to 13 February 2024

This week focuses on two channels, and a New Moon in the Gate of Revolution.

Talking About a Revolution

Uranus was instrumental in changing the idea of a revolution. Before he was discovered, back in 1781, revolutions were circular pathways – think of the revolution of the clock hands around the clock face, or the planets around the Sun.

The late 1700’s was the Age of Revolution – the Industrial Revolution, The American Revolution, the French Revolution – all driven by the ideas of the Enlightenment. This was no circular rotation, and there was no going back. The Enlightenment brought about the overthrow of hereditary monarchy, seeded democratic ideals, and championed the new science and rationality.

It also gave birth to something entirely new – the idea that there was such a thing as a natural right to be an individual.

As Pluto approaches the position it was in when Uranus was discovered – Gate 41 line 5 – we find ourselves in another Age of Revolution. We could call this one the Endarkenment, not because we are heading into dark times, but because we are reclaiming the yin polarity, the feminine qualities, the capacity for receptivity, that were all severed from the yang extremities of the Enlightenment.

You can view the Taraka chart for Uranus’ discovery here.

A Time of Radical Change

We have a New Moon on 9 February. The Sun and Moon will be in Gate 49 – Revolution.

Hexagram 49 is also sometimes called Abolishing the Old and Radical Change. It brings the ability to change with the times, to follow the transitions from one situation to another, to find our way through without the need for division and fighting. People with this gate in their Design are attuned to these shifts, and know them before others.

You can view the Taraka New Moon chart here.

This is your moment to begin the change, even if you cannot see exactly how things will turn out. By putting away the old, the things that do not belong, you can make a new way of living possible. Announce the new, and deal with the forces that threaten to sabotage it.

Hilary Barrett, I Ching, 49 line 2

Just 2 hours after the New Moon, Mercury joins the Sun in this channel, in Gate 19 (Approach) and the two remain together there until 14 February.

You might know this channel for it’s emotional sensitivity, it’s communal gift for supporting others, and it’s tendency for sudden shifts. Gate 19 is also what Ra Uru Hu called a demon portal. We’ve talked about demons and monsters – the way so much of the yin energy was (and still is) demonised. Gate 19 does tend to bring up survival fears, but if we dig deeper into the energy of that gate we find a partnership with the feminine aspect of the divine. It works to bring the divinity of the feminine into physical expression of form through our everyday activities.

This gate is called Approach because it’s about the approach of a great presence which comes from Source, and your full participation, as a partner seeking to bring it to fruition. The key here, as with each of the Root Centre gates, is in the timing. If you try to rush things you won’t get the results you hope for.

And so, back to the revolution.

Gate 49 is about changing the outer form to match shifts that have occurred to the inner essence. I love this description:

The new king must realign the calendar with the stars, bringing his people’s daily activities back into harmony with the time. The light of awareness is at the centre of things, clear and unambiguous as starlight.

Hilary Barrett, I Ching, 49.

Despite this channel being in the Tribal Circuitry, both gates are Aquarian. Which means they are ruled by Uranus. There is a strong individual flavour to this channel, and a strong desire to move with the essence of our individuality.

But remember the advice of Gate 19 (Approach). If you rush things, the revolution starts too early, and the outcome descends into a power struggle. For now, instead of revolution, look for what is guiding the essence of your individuality. Watch for where Source seeks your partnership. Your role here is to patiently work with what is developing. Timing is everything.

Inner Mutation – Outer Knowing

The Channel of Awareness is also active this week. We have Mars in the Gate of Inner Mystery now, and on 9 February, Venus shifts there. They are both joining up with Jupiter, in the Gate of Returning (24). I talked about the Mars-Jupiter hookup in last week’s blog post.

This channel brings an inner resonance of truth. It’s filled with the light of cosmic knowing, filtering through your own individual connection with Source. As the light moves into the Ajna Centre it becomes thought. Interesting – the last time Pluto and Uranus made a connection in the HD transits, it was in this channel in 2020.

This channel has everything to do with timing – the individual mutation that needs time to do the inner transformation before it bursts into the world.

When Venus meets Jupiter it can feel amazing. It’s friendly, sociable, expansive. These two planets can help us find a renewed sense of the goodness and meaning in our lives. It can help shift any old ideas about being greedy, selfish or mean-spirited into a realisation of the joy of being alive.

Jupiter is in line 1 of Gate 24:

Your path will always bring you back to it’s source. If you need to change direction, you’ll soon be set right. You don’t have to go far to return. Indeed you are still on your path, it’s just that the path can be travelled in many ways. There is no need for mourning or bitterness, regrets over destinations not reached. Allow your mind to take root in the field of real possibilities. You don’t need to rush to take action, but only turn around and come back to your source.

Hilary Barrett, I Ching, 24 line 1

And let’s head back to the New Moon, and the Earth in Gate 4. One of my favourite gates – Youthful Folly.

Did you know that each of the Throat Gates has a voice? Gate 23 – which is the extension of the Channel of Awareness – is I Know, and the mutative partner to that is I Don’t Know. This is, after all, the Knowing Circuit. The voice of the Logic Circuitry, where we find Gate 4, is I Think (which hmmm, I have thoughts about this, and I’ll share them with you soon). Anyway,

Gate 4 – Youthful Folly – is also a gate of I Don’t Know. It’s about keeping an open mind, asking questions, exploring possibilities, learning from experience.

John Archibald Wheeler, a theoretical physicist said this:

What we think about, and how we perceive the world, seems as if it subtly affects reality at a very deep and basic quantum level. What we wonder about, and how we wonder about it, subtly alters the way in which reality presents itself to us. We ourselves create the reality of human experience with the questions we ask and how we find answers to them.

Another theoretical physicist, Werner Heisenberg said this:

What we observe is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning. Finding the right question often takes a good deal of imagination.

And back to Wheeler:

It may be more important to look for the right questions than it is to look for the right answers.

The Earth will be in Gate 4 line 2 on this week’s New Moon, suggesting it is a good time to reconsider the questions you’ve been asking of life. Gate 4 is an Ajna Centre gate, so it’s about your thinking processes, your cognition.

Nessus, which I’ve written about many times recently, is in Gate 63, called After Completion. Nessus represents old family patterns that are, let’s say, less than useful. This week, Hygiea turns up in Gate 63 as well. Hygiea is about integrative healing that takes all aspects of the self into account. She is big on the healing power of dreams. And here she is in the Head Centre, in the Gate called After Completion because it’s the inspiration to move on to a new cycle of life.

Nessus, in line 6, brings a danger of looking back, re-immersed in old dramas that are no longer part of your life. Life-giving Hygiea is in line 2, suggesting you focus on your new destination, where you will find more than you ever lost.

The extreme yang polarity of the Enlightenment still wants to use force to create the revolution. But the true revolution is already underway within you. It sits in your not-knowing. It weaves into your questions. It seeks to express it’s essence in your days. The timing lay in it’s cosmic perfection.

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