HD Transits: 9 to 15 August 2023

Pivotal Moments Bring the Unexpected

If you’re having trouble concentrating or focusing this week–welcome to my world. Also, we’re collectively upgrading our corpus callosum.

Our what, you ask?

It’s the liaison, the bit of your brain that lets your left and right brain talk to each other–they speak quite different languages and have different personalities, so they need a translator. 

Logical thinking isn’t high on your brain’s list of things to do right now; logic is taking a mini vacay. So while you’re trying to tick off your to-do list, your mind is all like…

Artwork: Adobe Stock – Katecat

In Human Design we have three sets of mental ‘wiring’ or coding: patterned and logical; symbolic and abstract; and integrative and mutative.

This week, all of the energy is focused on the symbolic and abstract right brain, and this has a profound influence on where (and how) we go next. 

Read more here: Neurodiversity in Human Design

In Human Design, the central channel – the one that runs right down the middle of your chart – is the full-body neurological equivalent of the brain’s corpus callosum. It brings the left and right, the logical and experiential, together so you can make sense of things in your own unique way.

Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto are in that central channel now. This week, they are giving your physical brain and consciousness an upgrade by creating new and different neural connections. When it’s done, you will be able to think more things with more imagination.

Read: The Era of Individual Mutation (there’s also some images that will help your symbolic brain understand)

In the Human Design community we’re all thinking about 2027. But most of the shift will happen between now and 2025. In the next 4 years, human consciousness is all about individual mutation: your individual perspective, how you see things, what stories you tell about what’s happening, and how you imagine the future.

It’s also about being able to embrace polarities: science and spirituality; facts and instincts; past and future. We won’t have to struggle as much to balance things up.

Emotional Cycles and New Pathways

Last week I wrote about the female shamanic energy and how we are more and more able to tap into our inner knowing to create transformation. That continues this week. The Earth (representing physical matter, mother) is in Gate 13 (Fellowship): how we come together to go beyond our comfort zones and create new realities. Dwarf planet Hygiea is there as well, bringing us a higher level of integration and holism. And then the great shaman herself, Hekate, turns up in Gate 33 (Retreat): moving away from what no longer supports and sustains your greater purpose.

Channel 13/33 is the completion of the emotional cycle: Wiithdrawal and making sense of our experiences. Hekate shows up when we are at a crossroad: we are done with our current pathway and must discover the road less travelled.

Back up in the mental realms, we have an extraordinary connection between Mercury, Mars and dwarf planet Orcus (in 64-47). This energetic collaboration tells us to retreat, withdraw, take time out. You have a new soul mission arriving. You need to listen to your inner being and shift your mental perspective so your life makes sense in a new way.

These few weeks will have a profound influence on those of you born in the mid-1960s (with Pluto and Uranus in that channel), particularly if you also have Neptune in Gates 43 or 1 (or both!).

Albion – On The Threshold of New Worlds

Artwork: Adobe Stock – Mila Tova

Last week I wrote about Chariklo, who holds the feminine polarity of creation. She weaves our destiny and opens doorways for our future. This week it’s dwarf planet Albion who takes centre stage.

Albion was the first minor planet discovered after (and out beyond) Pluto in 1992. It represents opening the doorway to new worlds, standing at the threshold, and forming new connections that catalyse major change in society.

Albion shows that pivotal moment when the individual emerges from tribal laws (religion, authoritarian society) and begins to develop the consciousness to align with universal law. This is not a return to nature, but rather a convergence of the individual consciousness within a larger collective.

The Heroine’s Journey

Over the next few weeks Jupiter (representing expansion, new stories) travels with Albion (thresholds) in the Gate of the Receptive (2). Psyche is in the Gate of the Creative (1). This is seriously a big deal that plays out like this:

Gate 1 is equivalent to the sky god. In the I Ching, it is abstract, masculine, active. Gate 2 is equivalent to Mother Earth. In the I Ching, it is practical reality. To live sane and healthy lives, we need an ongoing exchange between the two. We need the soaring imagination of spirit, and the down-to-earth daily work to make it real.

The feminine polarity is not just about the practical aspects of the everyday. It holds the imaginative capacity for adaption. It’s like the oral tradition of storytelling, where each person puts their own spin on things and you never hear the same story twice. It’s the blessing of life and small inspired actions that create major change over time.

Artwork by Vera Kiss – https://www.facebook.com/BiraisVera/photos

This is about transitions and the hero’s journey. Are we approach a threshold, who will save us? Surely, we need a hero, a new invention, something that will lift us up and away from the problems we face? But our traditional heroes – the rich, noble, powerful – seem not to have our best interests at heart. And our personal attempts at the heroic have left us all burnt out and exhausted. Like Psyche, we cannot act directly on our situation and have to find another way.

What we are being given is not a hero. Instead we have the female shaman, the heroine’s journey.

Psyche is the quintessential heroine. Equipped only with light and a knife, she chose a pathway guided by love, drawing to her all the help she needed to prevail. Her courageous journey freed herself, and opened the way for Eros to claim his own repressed desires for true love and connection.

This is such a great article on the heroine’s journey.

Both Chariklo and Albion are planets of inner knowing creating outer action. If we can’t act directly right now. Instead, we can take heart from Albion in the Gate of the Receptive in the G Centre and create space for everything that seeks to be present. We relax our grip on personal goals and devote ourselves instead to mastering our natural gifts and using them to support others if and when the opportunity arises.

The Sun is in Gate 7 – The Army – which says there is no point in pushing forward if you don’t know where you are going. So take the time to rest and reconsider your strategies. Remember, your brain is recalibrating to allow for more imagination; Psyche and Eros are freeing up your repressed desires. The Sun is joined in Gate 7 by Sophia, the Goddess of Wisdom, who emphasises inner knowing and following your own unique pathway to gain wisdom. This is the way of the sacred feminine, and all of us can now reclaim this way of being.

Venus Star Point and Chiron

Artwork: Adobe Stock – Daria

On 13 August, Venus meets the Sun in the Gate of Youthful Folly (4.2). This is known as a Venus Star Point. It’s about embracing the reality that you don’t know everything. Who knew?

We could perhaps call this the Dunning-Kruger line – that paradox where people who don’t know much think they know everything, and those who know a lot realise how much they still don’t know. If you’re sure of something, you probably don’t know much about it.

It’s about opening up to possibilities you haven’t imagined or expected, being open to unpredictable things beyond your experience.

And it’s likely we will have unexpected experiences this week, because both the Sun and Venus create astrological trines with Chiron between 12 and 14 August, and Chiron is opposite Ceres.

For those of you who’s minds don’t want to deal with all that astro-trickery, lets just say this:

The Sun and Venus (re-imaging what you value) will be influenced by unexpected events (Gate 51) which draw your attention to previously neglected and/or wounded aspects of yourself (Chiron) so that you can be more fully alive (Gate 57) to what nourishes you and makes your life worth living (Ceres).

Jupiter’s love affair with Albion continues until March 2024, so we are just at the beginning of this threshold. What we do know is that each of their meetings between now and then happen in the Gate of the Receptive (2). This is the double earth hexagram that makes space for everything that is emerging, has no goals or limits to what that may be, and holds possibilities for what these elements may come together to create. Even the darkest places in our lives become filled with light and life.

Gate 2 is also the home of the Magnetic Monopole, which connects your energy field to the Earth, the Sun, other galaxies and dimensions. Jupiter and Albion represent a transitional moment in human consciousness. A more expansive, generous and allowing energy shifts the orientation of the G Centre. It’s qualities of love, direction and identity will all be changed – what will that look like? We’ll find out!

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6 thoughts on “HD Transits: 9 to 15 August 2023

  1. Kim, I realise your posts sit on an open tab all week, have just closed the last one. It’s some sort of energetic hand-holding, even if I don’t go back and read fully again, though I usually do consult.
    I have a super rooky question, how do you find any given planet/asteroid/etc on my chart on taraka? Everything you say about Albion resonates really strongly, even down to the wrongness of the name, and I’d love to see where/if it features in my chart. Likewise with Neptune in the central channel, Lindsay x

    1. Lindsay, on Taraka, under your bodygraph, you should see the headings House Cusps and Activations with various objects listed underneath. Under the House Cusps heading, you’ll see Object#, Name, and (Type). Click on Name, and the names of the objects/celestial bodies will sort alphabetically, A-Z (the names are found under the object number). I hope this helps! Please feel free to send an email to hello@loveyourdesign.com if you need more help.

  2. Even the darkest places in our lives become filled with light and life.

    The darkness (& dark places) are dark, not like night… they are dark as in, things / places we don’t visit and are not conscious of.
    They are places that don’t need the ‘light’ as in ‘day(light)’… they need “light of our consciousness” -conscious awareness – thus becoming filled with THIS light (of conscious-ness), AND filled with life.

    The ‘dark’, for us humans, has got firmly locked in with the light-dark of day-night.
    Because, historically-collectively, humanity has trained the (collective)body to encounter the dark of the night through sleep – by closed-eyes ‘sleeping’, by NOT encountering the dark through waking consciousness.
    And as a result, it is only through “dream consciousness” that we encounter the ‘dark of the night’… which, as and at “collective mind-brain”, has collected-become as our “unconscious”.

    There’s another interesting manifestation that has happened with this ‘fixated association’ of dark-night and light-day.
    Our “waking consciousness” sees the ‘Earth’ (I like to call it “the forest reality”) as interpreted by Sun (sunlight)… and thus, in our waking consciousness, skies-heaven-universe has become firmly planted inside us as the “father” and the only parent of consequence.
    The Earth mother has thus receded into the dark-night… and sleeping consciousness, dream consciousness, unconscious.

    … And I have seen-experienced, how encountering a forest in the night (repeatedly of course, like a journey) starts to ‘reverse’ this process.
    The point to note here is… the ‘moon’ doesn’t create a “fixed interpretation” because… as the “sun-interpretation” changes cyclically as seasons, the “moon interpretations” change daily – with the new moons being, like, “silence-d interpretation”.

  3. The feminine polarity is not just about the practical aspects of the everyday. It holds the imaginative capacity for adaption. It’s like the oral tradition of storytelling, where each person puts their own spin on things and you never hear the same story twice. It’s the blessing of life and small inspired actions that create major change over time.”

    this is captured so simply, succinctly that it holds a whole complex world/reality… allow me to call it… the world or reality of “Earth Consciousness”, which is very different than the “Universal/spirit Consciousness”

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