HD Transits: March 15 – 21, 2023

When you are highly individualistic, you may have trouble fitting in. Or so the story goes. With the current transits to the Individual Circuitry through to 2025, we are balancing the comfort of fitting in with the risk of being our authentic selves.

Mutating our Rebellious Child

The push-pull doesn’t have to be so difficult. Right now we are under the influence of the transformational and rebellious energy of Uranus. We are being led through several mutational pulses that draw out our true genius and trigger our unseen, under-appreciated rebellious child. While we’re used to seeing ourselves through the eyes of that child, we’re being called to embrace a new identity: mature co-creator. 

This change won’t happen quickly, but by the end of 2025, we will have a very different sense of ourselves.

Right now until 9 May, Uranus will be in the Gate of the Receptive (2). We have an opportunity to be receptive to who we are, to embrace our previously unseen personal perceptions and potential.

New Moon on the Equinox – 21 March

The New Moon in the Gate of Innocence (25)  joins with expansionary Jupiter in the Gate of Shock (51) this week. Vesta is also in Gate 51.

The New Moon is on 21 March, right on the equinox. You can view the HD transit chart here.

We are in line 3 here, so we’re dealing with the boldness to be ourselves and untangling from our conditioned beliefs about what keeps us safe. It really, really feels like we should do what everyone else is doing, but we know that doesn’t work and what’s the alternative?

The Earth and dwarf planet Ceres are in the Gate of Pushing Upwards (46) saying, “There was once something here: a life, an identity. Now? Nothing. Just empty form. Doing for the sake of doing, simply because it has always been done this way. There’s no nourishment on any level. Certainly nothing worth getting out of bed for!”

The limits you experience now are not obstacles, but signs for re-routing your identity. Things that go wrong aren’t personal failings but existential cul-de-sacs, giving you space to turn around and check your cosmic GPS.

Jupiter is your guide right now. Moving through the Aries HD gates, Jupiter is gently waking us up and letting us know it’s time for a shift. 

Jupiter will be in the Gate of Shock (51) from 15 March to 8 April. Also known as The Arousing, Gate 51 is like thunder and lightning awakening the spring seeds. Not so subtly, the energy shouts, “Wake up! It’s time for new growth!” 

The shocks are there to show us where we are still triggered into old reactions. They are there to give us a learning opportunity and remind us, “Here is a place where you can turn fear into courage and grace! Here is the chance to respond from our mature co-creator rather than the rebellious child.”

The New Moon, along with Jupiter, will activate what’s known as the Channel of Initiation – gates 25 (New Moon) and 51 (Jupiter). There is a deep mysticism in this channel, that masters the spirit-soul-body relationship and challenges you to discover how deeply into form you can bring your love.

We receive shocks to our ego sense of self as we experience it within the context of our tribe: our family, community, culture. As we respond from these shocks by disengaging from influences that are not longer part of our existence, we move into the experience of identifying with a greater Self.

Channel of Initiation in Human Design System - Gates 51 and 25.
More on the Human Design Centres – The Centers in the Human Design System

We are deeply in the heart energy here – pulsing between the communal and collective hearts by walking the path of our own individuality.

Uranus and Pluto will be in a trine relationship all the way through from 2024 to 2029. They are bringing out the best in each other, but this doesn’t mean it won’t be a trip! The best of Pluto is deep transformation: drawing up to the surface all that’s previously been hidden away. The best of Uranus is collaborating to draw down the highest possible potential from the heavens.

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Returning to Gnosis – Innocence / Inner-sense

Asteroid Metis is at the heart of our March New Moon (in 25.3). Metis is the Goddess of Oceanic Wisdom, the triple goddess, and forgotten mother of Pallas (the daughter of the patriarchy). When Metis realised her daughter would be taken from her by Zeus, she made armour to cover her heart.

This week Pallas moves into Gate 53, called Development. Ironic really, since Pallas had no time to develop as she sprang, fully formed and armoured, from Zeus’s head. Thrust immediately into battle, there was no time for the gentleness of vulnerable beginnings, no space to allow her unique growing pattern to organically emerge.

We have become lost in a world where we must always be ready, to do battle, to compete for favour, to protect what has been hard-won against the odds. What if, instead, we took time to nourish and nurture what is developing? What if we looked to the growing centre rather than the unravelling edges?

Back in the days of early Christianity, before it was even called Christianity, there were people who practised something called Gnosis. Many people weren’t, and still aren’t, ready for this level of relationship with the cosmos, which is why authoritarianism and fundamentalism still exist. The practice of living from the inner mystery arises from the divine feminine – Sophia.

The asteroid Sophia has been sitting in Gate 45 (the community leader) while Jupiter has been in Gate 21. This channel heralds the return of wise, guiding, feminine energy just as Uranus is about to end its time in the Gate of Receptive (which is THE yin gate). When we bring the divine feminine back into the spiritual equation, we get a balance between inner knowing and outer action. There is no set of rules we must follow other than the experience of discovering our essential nature as we become more and more divine.

Pallas is making a channel with dwarf planet Eris all week. Eris sees in the darkness. She calls out what is hidden in established systems, particularly political systems. Expect to see new women-centred organisations coming into being, new perspectives being revealed and previously hidden corruption coming to light.

This week, we also have Venus joining Pluto in the Channel of Mutation – Venus in Gate 3 called Beginnings and Pluto in Gate 60 called Limitations. Transforming (Pluto) the feminine (Venus) through careful attention to how things will come into form (Gate 60) at the beginning (Gate 3). In this way we create the kind of initial conditions that will lead to flourishing, not because we followed society’s rules, but because we took the time to align with Source.

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