HD Transits: March 8 – 14, 2023

What does it mean to be an individual? How can you harness your unique capacity for positive change?

This week, the Individual emotional circuitry is actively helping you find a way to fit in without having to blend in!

Mars is moving into the Gate of Blockages, which simply means you get to do whatever you are in the mood for! This is Gate 12, an energy that says, “When things aren’t going your way, probably best to head home and have a nice cup of tea!”

Mars isn’t operating alone here. The Sun will be in the Gate of Grace (22). There is a simplicity to this gate; it represents the essence of who you are as a living presence. The expression of our essence is a pulsing response to the vibrational universe; we need to choose wisely where, and with whom we spend our time. 

If the vibration is off, so are we.

Saturn has shifted into the Gate of Abundance (55), also a part of the same Individual circuitry. He’s joined by Pallas in the Gate of Obstruction (39).

You can read about Saturn in the Piscean Human Design gates here.

Individual Emotional Cicuitry in Human Design
Individual HD Emotional Circuitry

Wait! What kind of circuit starts with the impulse of obstruction (39) at the Root Centre and ends up expressing blockages (12) at the Throat Centre?!

These two channels guide us in how to use our emotional energy as individuals. It’s in both the timing and the emotional awareness. You have imagination and passion, and as an individual, you want nothing more than to express yourself! You want the fire inside to be visible to people. But making a vital connection, being able to join with others…this is not so easy. 

The timing is about being guided by your mood. If you are in the mood, go for it. If not, stay home and spend some time with your inner muse. The emotional awareness is all about feeling safe to be in our environment/express ourselves.

The Individual Circuitry is attuned to the acoustic environment. Polyvagal theory suggests that the modulation of a person’s voice can express positive emotional states and bring a sense of welcome and safety. Very high, very low, and monotone pitches signal to our autonomic nervous system that we are not safe; tone and pitch tell us more than the words themselves. They also tell us whether a person is correct for us. 

A lifetime of trying to get people’s attention and charm them into noticing how special you are can lead to a sense of social failure. Over time, it can lead to a choice of social isolation. 

This week, stop striving to be seen and take the opportunity to rest. Let go of your attachment to what’s not working and seek your own growing centre. 

The Shame of Not Belonging

I was looking at an experiment in attachment theory this week. A baby and mother were playing, and then the mother suddenly stopped responding. She stopped talking, kept her face impassive. The baby went through a range of actions and emotions as she tried to re-engage her mother. The experiment lasted 2 minutes and it was excruciating to watch.

You can watch the video here: https://youtu.be/YTTSXc6sARg

When my own children were small, I was astonished at how naturally they assumed they were special in my eyes. We all have this need to be seen, understood, and taken seriously by our caregivers. Especially during infancy, we existentially depend on an emotionally and physically loving nurturer to be a mirror and show us we’re unique.

Although narcissism has a bad reputation, we all have natural narcissistic needs. They are the building blocks of our healthy ego self and essential to healthy relationships. If you want to be blown away by how our current ways of living fail to meet our natural developmental needs, have a look at Joseph Chiltern Pierce’s book Magical Child.

Psychotherapist Alice Miller coined the phrase Grandiosity- Depression for the experience of what happens when this need to be special is not fully met. Grandiosity is a coping mechanism that tries really hard to convince us and others that we are special, because that human need went unfulfilled for us as infants. We get stuck in these desperate cycles of trying to get attention and then withdrawing/isolating in a depressed state to avoid feeling invisible/rejected.

In the Gene Keys, Richard Rudd refers to the Gate of Blockages (12) as having the shadow of Vanity. We will be caught in our own vanity (grandiosity) until we are able to recognise that we missed out on that reflection of how special we are, and we’ve been feeling the void ever since childhood.

This week brings up all the ways in which our environment triggers that cycle of trying to connect.

Pallas in the Gate of Obstruction and Mars in the Gate of Blockages are showing you where NOT to put your attention this week. Pay attention to your body; it will give you signals about where you feel safe, seen, and welcomed.

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5 thoughts on “HD Transits: March 8 – 14, 2023

  1. Hi Kim, enlightening guidance as always, but I was wondering what is Saturn doing in 55, in such a week. I thought it will give no choice but to shake hands with ‘frenemies’ to move ahead irrespective of losses/ obstructions ? I would still feel blocked, but should that prevent the action required by Gate 55 ?

    1. Sanjay I see it as a refinement I suppose, that our actions shift from an old way of pushing through the obstruction, and instead to see where we can simplify, make things more authentic. Specifically Saturn in the 55 is about a shifting responsibility – away from trying to most past that blockage by be inauthentic, to finding what is authentic inside of us, and taking action from that place.

      I think you are maybe referring to the idea of provoking the spirit in others? Gate 39 needs its allies, otherwise it is a lonely road of struggle heading into gate 55! I definitely see a shift in who we spend time with as part of this week’s process, to see who is on our wavelength and who isn’t.

      Mars will bust through the Obstructions, but unless we are conscious of those deeper issues of integrity, authenticity and inner knowing, we will find ourselves trying to blend in rather than finding our true place with others.

      1. My reference was to the related iching story about keeping faith and taking action putting the losses behind. (I guess I added the part about frenemies there, since we tend to look at obstructors as enemies -perhaps my subconscious :). Your pointer is saying to keep faith in walking your authentic path, avoiding the past conditioning of walking as a victim, when obstructed. So, I guess both arrive at the same. Mars action has to be refined – got it. Thanks.

        1. Oh yes! Absolutely! That Saturn transit in Gate 55 is (well it’s on my Chiron so I’m going to say this right?) it’s such a big deal because its saying – trust your inner knowing over external circumstances. Add that to the Merc. In 63 and Mars meeting Neptune (who loves a good victim story!) this week and you definitely have a walking away from old perceptions of victimhood.

  2. Hi Kim,
    My personality earth is at 12.6 and earlier tonight I was writing about my parents’ body graph chart. They’re a very happily married 9-0 relationship. Both are 5/1s, dad’s a sacral generator, mom’s an emotional projector. It’s too much to blurb about here, but suffice it to say that it was really hard growing up as their kid. It was like they pitched a two-man tent in their own private utopia and then bothered to have kids, only we weren’t allowed in the tent. Bro and I were stuck outside wondering what was wrong with us. My mom took four weeks of maternity leave with us. My 12.6 isn’t part of a channel, it’s a hanging gate. My mom does, though. 22.2, the charm school. Something about the belief that style can mask nature. Yeah. It’s a good thing I was a good-looking kid, otherwise I think she might have conveniently “forgotten” me somewhere and rolled the genetic dice again. I was terribly vain for a long time, but not in a demanding way. It was all internal. I loved and hated how I looked at the same time. People would ask “how come you’re not a model?” like it had been option, oblivious to the possibility that an attractive female could be absent any actual self-esteem. Even so, I relied heavily on my looks to feel any sort of way about myself other than empty. I’m still surprised that I have as much definition as I do, to be honest. All is defined except my head. My G center gates are all unconscious though, so I think that might be part of it. The 46/29 to my sacral is unconscious. The 59/6 is my only fully conscious channel out of all five, and that was strange to me too until I figured out what 59.2 means. It continues to play out in a very strange way.

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