HD Transits 12 – 18 April 2023

Every 12 years Jupiter moves through the Gate of Increase (42). There’s two reasons why you should be aware of this.

Firstly, Jupiter is the planet of expansion, opportunity and making everything seem bigger than life. So, when Jupiter lands in the Gate of Increase we know things are going to happen.

Secondly, and much more importantly, this gate is about moving with the flow after the tipping point. Tipping points are where previous order dissolves and what was previously unimaginable becomes potential reality. Things HAVE changed for us, and for the world. Slowly, slowly, and then suddenly, we find ourselves in a new place.

Tipping points are a part of any cycle. Our most practical way of moving through them is to go slowly and carefully so we can make wise decisions about what we want to take from our past, and what we can safely leave behind. Tipping points are a place where we come face to face with our emergent future. They require imagination, vision, and the courage to step into partnership with the creative void.

You know how if you don’t clean and tidy your house for a while it feels a bit awful? If we let it go too long it becomes overwhelming. That’s essentially where we are now, and its really time to get our groove back, take charge and tidy our world up. We can do this. We are allowed.

Jupiter will be in the Gate of Increase from 8 April to 1 May.

Healing our Unique Growing Pattern

The Definitive Book of Human Design says this about Gate 42:

where you can feel stuck, held back by unresolved patterns of behaviour dating back as far as your childhood.

This is what we might call the inner theme for us all. Everything is about digging deep into our ancestral heritage and re-writing our genetic instructions. When we have a problem, we search our genetic database.

Ah, great-great-great-great-grandmother Alice had that problem and she handled it this way, so I will too!

You’re not aware of this process. It’s happening in your bio-chemistry, and that’s a pretty special way to manage life when things aren’t changing much. But we are in the midst of unprecedented change. The past cannot be all that guides us.

Especially when those past instructions are preventing you from recognising the opportunities in this present moment. And blocking your capacity to imagine visions of possible futures.

Your Timing is Perfect

Every 12 years, as Jupiter comes through the Gate of Increase, we get to recover some part of our natural ability to grow into the amazing being we are. It takes us over the tipping point and into a new period of possibility. There’s also a kind of pinch-point. We can’t move into the next cycle when there are bio-chemical instructions from the previous cycle still influencing our decisions.

I want to emphasise something here. If you are ‘going around again’ it’s not because you are doing something wrong. Each Jupiter cycle brings it’s own rewards, it’s own meaning and transformation. Jupiter has terms though. We have to hitch our wagon to our own highest potential, even if we don’t quite believe in it yet.

There is quite a bit of emotional suffering, a bit like the proverbial sleeping limb waking up. Parts of you that have been slumbering somewhere safe inside have heard the call. It’s time! And they are waking up to play their part.

Less is More

While this is a gate where great things happen – hashtag superabundance – it also carries this message of juxtaposition:

It’s time to get smaller but better. If we are settling only for the best available that means we pick and choose. Which means we do more with less. And yet, this is an increase in our connection with the world. We pay attention to our own little patch of heaven and grasp every opportunity we have to recognise our blessings.

Jupiter is so much more powerful this time around, joined in Gate 42 by dwarf planet Eris.

Read: Eris in your Human Design

Let’s look at another aspect of the energy of this gate so I can bring Eris into the story with her full power.

Things cannot come to maturation, and therefore completion, when some people hog all the good stuff. Those who have more get to help those who have less. Those who are ‘above’ (leaders) help those who are ‘below’ (followers and people who need help, say, in a disaster). Those above DO NOT get to swan around on their yachts drinking Cristal champagne and congratulating themselves on their smart moves while others are drowning on leaky fishing boats in their attempts to flee persecution. Ok, they do now, but this is why Eris has turned up.

Eris is so great at showing us what was previously hidden. Also, what we weren’t able to see because we thought it was normal and suddenly realise it’s horrible and shouldn’t be happening. Eris is ultimately about us all working together in creative and wonderful ways to help the world be a better place. And with a beneficial Jupiter in the mix, we are going to see more of her positive qualities than her chaos.

Jupiter will be in Gate 42 from 8 April to 1 May. The Sun will be in Gate 42 from 11 -17 April. Eris is there from 2008 to 2029. The most fun will be when Mars is in the adjoining gate – the Gate of Gradual Progress (53) from 24 April to 4 May.

Sometimes it’s just not your fault.

Mars will be in the Gate of Obstruction (39) this week made even more fun by Saturn being in the Gate of Abundance (55). Mars and Saturn, well they are not obvious playmates. Mars is all action and let’s think about the consequences later. Saturn is all like, let’s take some time to plan this so we can keep control of everything.

But if we squint and look at their partnership another way we could say Mars gives Saturn the courage to create something truly special. And Saturn helps Mars make the best use of all that energy.

This Gate of Obstruction is about, well, being obstructed. It’s not your fault. Except if you keep pushing things when things don’t want to go anywhere. Or at least not in the direction you are pushing. Gate 39 is essentially a rest gate. You are just waiting things out; waiting for the correct timing, the resources and people you need. Perhaps you could take some time while you are waiting to reconsider where you thought you were going. Because it’s likely you may want to try another way.

Within the context of this week’s transits, the activation to this channel is about the ways in which we push on out of fear of realising we are horribly lost and alone. If we stop and look around we may realise we are surrounded by collaborators longing in turn to stop pushing on alone and wishing they could travel some way with you.

There is some keynoting about this channel carrying the energy of melancholy. Which is interesting within the context of everything else that’s happening. Melancholy is unresolved grief. Grief arises out of loss. When it’s unresolved, its telling us we lack agency around what we’ve lost. Either we’re being told we didn’t lose anything, or what we lost wasn’t important. Both of those things are gaslighting by the way. It’s a good time to check in on any residual feelings of loss you may have.

Saturn will be in 55.5 all week, letting us know that there is some clarity and resolution coming. We can help it along by noticing when we are overwhelmed by our attempts to be the heroic loner. It’s likely there is some unresolved sense of loss sitting underneath these efforts. Great-great-great-great grandmother Alice may not approve, but it’s time to admit we are all overwhelmed by trying too hard for too long, and some help would be great, thanks!

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11 thoughts on “HD Transits 12 – 18 April 2023

  1. Oh my!!!!! I could quote this whole piece, because it’s all so spot on! I sold my house last week in 23 hours. 😮 Now I’m in all the spaces you mention, Kim…. Including the melancholy – so interesting what you said about that….
    And Gate 39….? How long for…?? (!!)
    But, as ever, all you say is so reassuring and companioning – thank you, Kim. Love to you. <3

  2. Kim, everytime I am down with melancholy (my E 39 & Sun 38), there is a Godsend guidance that pops up from you. It resonates so much with the my melancholic emotional wave (39/55) that I am provoked to take notice, put things and perspective and get guided into action or inaction. Excitedly looking forward to Jupiter’s transit thru’ 42, hoping to make sense of where I have been landed. God bless.

  3. went through some crazy, intense, hard, heavy and dark stuff… from 9th till yesterday (11th) evening. and then… suddenly was landed in a waterfall of refreshing miraculous (expansive, evolv-ive) connections and movements.

    do i really have to (almost) always become a perfect example of transits?
    can i be served some non-standard menu for once?😛

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