HD Transits 18 to 24 October 2023

A Turning Point for Humanity

Imagine sitting down and trying to describe everything that’s happening in the world right now. So many dimensions, perspectives, endings and possibilities. This is what I’m doing as I sit here contemplating this week’s blog post. Maybe I’ll go for a walk first.

Jupiter is in Gate 24, known as the Turning Point. We are leaving something behind, something that’s done. Whatever that was, it relied on values that no longer feel good to us. Perhaps it was tinged with fear, greed, shame. And with Neptune moving into Aries in 2025 (via the Human Design Gate 25 in April 2024), we are nearing the end of many of those old emotional drivers.

And yet, despite feeling the end of things, we sit here wondering – is there anything else? We would love to hope for some delicious new nourishment, but is it worth making the effort? The inertia feels deadening. Its too late to turn back, and yet we don’t have a new direction.

A Moment of Mutation

This week, between the two eclipses, the Earth will join Pluto to light up the Channel of Individual Mutation. This, and other indicators this week, suggest you need to do two things.

Firstly, tap into the living energy at your core. It is unfurling and will overcome any remaining inertia. Secondly, make room for hidden potential that may take you out of your comfort zone.

Ceres heads up to Gate 1, called The Creative, this week and makes a channel with Atropos. On 18 October Ceres and Mbaba Mwana Waresa (a minor planet) are in line 1 – the sleeping dragon. The time is not quite right for action. Mbaba Mwana Waresa is a Zulu fertility goddess who lives in a cloud in a cottage made of rainbows. There is NOTHING not to love in that! She represents our capacity to trust in fate, love and grace.

Sitting in the complementary Gate 8, called Seeking Union, is Albion, another minor planet who brings major zeitgeist shifts. Together these planets and gates represent our capacity to hold space for what’s emerging, and to allow ourselves to see what may previously have been hidden, dormant, outside our usual way of thinking about who we are. This is the channel (Gates 1 and 8) that carries the flow of your unique expression of universal creative energy. You are mutating.

We need to be flexible and responsive right now, without losing our essential selves and our ultimate personal direction. If you meet interesting new people, it’s likely this is a short term alliance. If you have interesting new experiences, don’t expect them to last. We are taking in the new and learning who we are becoming.

When the Sun goes into Gate 50, called The Ting, on 20 October, it meets up with dwarf planet Haumea. This is such a powerful regenerative force. Haumea is birthing new consciousness, but sometimes to do this it needs to tip out anything that has gone rancid and is no longer useful – the historical dead ends, old conflicts, activities that are no longer creative, and relationships that have no life left in them.

The Earth will be in Gate 3, called Difficulty at the Beginning, joining Pluto. This Channel of Mutation (Gates 3 and 60) triggers massive shifts this week. Pluto in Gate 60, called Limitations, makes an astrological connection to THREE dwarf planets – square to Haumea (in Gate 50), square to Eris (in Gate 42) and trine to Sedna (in Gate 20). The big picture takeaway this week is that we are learning a new way of being. It is expansive, kind, sustainable and sacred.

Gate 60 is a repository of mutative DNA, released through an activation to Gate 3, where we birth new forms through paying attention to the limitations we experience, seeing them as guardrails and guidance rather than obstruction.

Art: Adobe – Mihai Zaharia

What We Have Outgrown

Mars will be in Gate 28, called Great Exceeding, for most of this week, signalling a kind of crisis, where we have reached the end of what we can do with what we currently have. It can feel like exhaustion, burnout. This is a long term imbalance and there’s no quick fix, but you do need to figure out where that imbalance is. You are looking for the core problem, not superficial explanations. It will require you to reassess your priorities, consider what you really value, and maybe experiment a bit with where you thought you were going.

The lunar eclipse of 28 October is also in Gate 28 – Sun in Gate 28, the Moon and Earth in Gate 27. The signs are clear – we have outgrown our current version of reality and identity. The skill with this eclipse energy is to be really careful about what you are adding and what you are taking out of your life. You need to use your imagination, reach out and explore, but in ways that don’t create a further burden on where you are right now.

Lunar Eclipse chart is here

Before we finish (and I get to head out on my walk) I want to talk about Jupiter for a moment. Jupiter is the planet of expansionary good fortune. When Jupiter is retrograde it can feel as if life is passing us by, as if our opportunities have fled to a better home. But what’s going on here is a shift in focus from luck – hey, fancy meeting you here! – to the real day to day Saturnian discipline of creation. When Jupiter is retrograde we do well to pay some attention to the practical realism of Saturn.

Saturn is in Gate 55.1, called Abundance, suggesting you pay attention to the small miracles of each moment. What gifts are you being offered? What decisions do you need to take to make the best use of them? You may sit amidst the wreck of what’s past, but right now your attention is best kept on the promise of what’s emerging.

Right now Jupiter retrograde is letting us know we should change direction, but it’s not until March 2024, when Jupiter passes back over this same point. that we will have clarity on what that direction is. You may feel as if you missed your moment, but you haven’t. What you shouldn’t miss, though, is the opportunity to notice what’s happening right now, and the gifts you have to work with at this emergent stage of future possibilities.

There is so much to contemplate about our humanity right now. Life is always giving birth to itself, and despite everything, we can be something to each other.

Art: Sliman Mansour – https://slimanmansour.com/product/overlooking-an-orange-grove/

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8 thoughts on “HD Transits 18 to 24 October 2023

  1. So resonating, Kim ! I have been feeling so caught in-between restlessness, potential and inertia (such a great word to articulate); and the stress of opportunities passing by (too many significant personal Jupiter transits, this year). Your blog feels such a godsend. Best 🙏

  2. Lots of gratitude from this displaced Palestinian in Amman, a grim moment for humanity so thank for your words now, always and the acknowledgment of an indigenous struggle.

  3. Kim bitte 🙏 lass mich in Deutsch schreiben ich hoffe ihr habt Übersetzer. Das Leben fühlt sich merkwürdig an. Mit deinen erklärungen scheint es wieder Sinn zu machen einfach weiter aufmerksam zu sein und sich nicht frustrieren zu lassen vielen Dank

  4. Wow – AMAZING! As always, accurate, precise and totally relevant – on so many levels! Thank you so much for these amazing posts, which I read with much interest and find so helpful, as well as sharing with a few like-minded contacts. So supportive and reassuring to be able to view and experience from an expanded perspective.

  5. Just the most perfect words…. ‘We would love to hope for some delicious new nourishment, but is it worth making the effort? The inertia feels deadening. It’s too late to turn back, and yet we don’t have a new direction.’ Oh, that is how I feel right now 150%. And then, ‘You need to use your imagination, reach out and explore, but in ways that don’t create a further burden on where you are right now.’ Yep! And such a simple suggestion, not…! Why do I find this so obvious, yet so impossible….? I will ponder it muchly: ‘….tap into the living energy at your core.’ Maybe I will just sit with the words and trust how they sink in and do their stuff…. (e.g. keep my head out of it!)
    Thank you again and again, Kim. Seeing your emails always gives me such a lift! Annie.

  6. The jury is still out re a dog for me. I would dearly love one. I live in a block of flats/ complex and some neighbours are anti dog and it would be awkward. I have lived alone for many years and having to consider others opinions is proving difficult. Sorry to hear about your break up. May your new companion bring you much joy 😊

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