Hekate in your Human Design

Hekate is an ancient triple goddess, the culmination of maiden, mother, crone. In your Design she represents the liminal moment where you stand at a crossroads and have a choice. Will you take the safe pathway? Or the way of your soul?

A main belt asteroid, Hekate is named for the crone goddess of ancient Greeks, but like most feminine archetypes in Greek mythology, she is much more ancient. She was originally a protective force against evil spirits and there were shrines to her at three-way crossroads, to guide travellers on the best path. 

Discovery of the asteroid Hekate

Hekate was discovered on 11 July 1868, in Gate 13 in the Gate of Fellowship. This is a gate of gathering at the point of transition, waiting for the right companions to breach the boundary of the known, and go together out beyond your comfort zones.

You can access the interactive chart at taraka.io

In line 3, Hekate supports us to understand that every path holds it’s own journey, and to choose the path of right companions.

Try to find the right balance between innocence and suspicion. Neither extreme is healthy, when you manage to walk a self-confident road, you will be at ease with people and with this world.


This is interesting, as the Moon is in the Gate of Innocence, or disentangling yourself from negative influences. The Moon is in a channel with Neptune, activating the Channel of Initiation. The Sun is exactly conjunct asteroid Sphinx, another protective influence. Medea, said to be Hekate’s daughter or apprentice, is also in this gate. Hybris and Narcissus turn up in the Sun/Earth activations, which suggests how we can get off track!

The pathway of development for this asteroid is shown in its Nodes. The South Node is in Gate 49.2 (revolution) and North Node is in Gate 31.3 (influence).

Hekate begins with developing a desire for revolution – she wants her inner and outer world to be attuned, her essence to match her form. This desire creates the potential transition – what needs to change? She can’t see how it will turn out, but by putting away the old, the things that don’t belong, she makes a new way of living possible. Announce the new and deal with the forces that threaten to sabotage it.

Her journey is towards tuning into her heart energy. What is she being drawn towards? What ‘moves’ her as she faces this transition? We shouldn’t fixate on the changes, but allow space for this new influence in our daily lives.

Timesless Keepers by Autumn Skye

Hekate is the quintessential crone energy. So while Hekate’s mythology is a rich tapestry, there is also the incredible wisdom of crone stories and fairy tales to tap into. One crone story I particularly like is in The Fisher King. When Parsifal is lost, the hag (crone) appears to challenge him. He might look successful but he has failed his soul.

Hekate is often associated with the number 3. She contains within her all three aspects of the goddess – maiden, mother and crone. She stands at the three-way crossroads to guide the lost and confused.

In Athenian households her shrine was a protection which bestowed prosperity and daily blessings on the family. She’s been referred to as Soleira (Saviour), Mother of Angels and the Cosmic World Soul. She is Goddess of Trivia -in latin – Tri (three) Via (ways).

As is common with the Greek overlay on ancient mythology, Hekate went from being an entirely positive and protective goddess with a wealth of real magic, to having an association with manipulation and witchcraft, mostly due to the increasing suppression of the goddess religions.

Hekate the fringe dweller

Hekate was a ruler of liminal regions, particularly gates, and the wilderness. She is described in the Oxford Classical Dictionary as being more at home on the edges of society, ambivalent, polymorphous and unconventional. Which brings us to the next question – what does she represent in your Design?

Hekate’s meaning in your Design

When we are lost, dazed and confused by where life has led us, and unsure where to go next, Hekate is our best companion. She stands at the threshold of the worlds and helps us choose a new pathway. When we have done all we should in the external world, but still feel empty on the inside, Hekate points to where we have gone astray. She will never guide us to the safe pathway, but the one our soul most needs.

In your Human Design, Hekate shows the ways in which she turns up in your life, the place where you are most likely to go astray, and the area of your life where you are bound to develop great wisdom as a way-shower for others.

Hekate will make sure you meet the right travelling companions. The asteroid Hekate orbits in the same region as the Hygiea asteroid family, but is considered to be an unrelated interloper. My take on this is that she helps us particularly when we are spending time with the wrong people, to find our true soul family.


You can find the positions of all asteroids and other objects in your Human Design at taraka.io

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4 thoughts on “Hekate in your Human Design

  1. There seems to be some error… or the chart image is the wrong one? The chart shows nodes of 29/30…. but then it is written “The South Node is in Gate 49.2 (revolution) and North Node is in Gate 31.3 (influence)”… it is not possible for the nodes to be in 49/31… would have to be 49/4 or 31/41.

    1. Hi Amy, thank you for this comment! I’m fairly new into human design & just now looking into nodes. Is there anyway you could tell me the difference between 31.3 & 31? (Like what does the 0.3 mean?)

      My north node is 31.3 & I’m struggling to figure out what the decimals mean :,)

      Thank you un advance
      for your help!

      — Madeleine, 6/2 projector <3

      1. Hi Madeleine, its so annoying i think, when we are starting to learn something new and there’s something that just eludes us! The answer is pretty simple. The gates in HD are based on the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching. So there are 64 hexagrams in the I Ching and 64 gates in Human Design. Each hexagram in the I Ching has 6 parts, which are called ‘lines’. And so each gate in Human Design also have 6 lines.

        So, 31.3 is gate 31 line 3. If I talk about 31, its the gate as a whole, rather than a specific line. I hope that helps!

        If you want to learn more there’s an article on the gates here: Gates

        And a whole lot of beginner courses – The HD Experiment Stream – in the LoveYourDesign Community

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