Here’s This Week’s Universal Trickster-ism

blueprint-space-mechanic-18959202We are heading into some tricky territory as we approach our very last of seven Pluto Uranus squares on 17th March 2015.  Venus and Mars are moving through the last little vestige of Pisces, in Gate 36, Mercury is making a channel with the Sun that activates our desires and disappointments. And the Moon is just about to pass over Pluto.  So, that’s all!

There is a need to let go of dead wood in our lives, to focus our attention on the living breathing joyful experiences and stop maintaining dead forms that no longer serve us.

I’ve been wandering around my house this morning feeling as if I have already moved out.  I may not be moving, I have no specific plans to move house, but it feels as if something significant is done.  Let’s look at why and how and when.

The sun sets. the world turns, a day comes to it’s close. This is the end of one phase of your life.  It is time to take in all that has happened and move into the present moment, beating your own drum and celebrating your achievements.  Don’t be distracted by bright shiny things that can flare up and die away.  Mourn what is passing and take the initiative to dream and act on succeeding at the centre of your own life.

We are stepping into a big energy.  It is spacious because we have yet to fill it.  It might seem that there are many problems that need resolving but the best thing you can do now about your problems is put down your spade and rest, rather than dig yourself in deeper.  Trying to resolve issues simply keeps you bogged in old style solutions.  Digging takes you deeper into a place where you no longer want to be, so rest, relax, do something fun instead.  When you do take action, it needs not be spectacular or elaborate but small and perfectly formed.

Don’t get sucked into the illusion that busy-ness is called for.  You can safely be less involved in that way of being, and more involved in making yourself available.   It may seem that you are overwhelmed by things to do and fix and manage, but in a fractal universe where time is unfolding, each moment is made up of the smallest and gentlest and kindest possible experience.  Whether the energy is big or small, whether your dreams are grand or wide or quiet or still, they are constructed from moments of your best self.  So, be your best self in each moment and your dreams will be as you desire without any further effort from you.


Human Design Transit Chart 16 February 2015
16 February 2015


Venus and Mars in the Gate of Brightness Hidden 

It has been dangerous to allow our light to shine, in a culture that has over many centuries treated the subtle realms as an enemy. Although we haven’t always been able to shine, we have stayed as true as possible to our own inner flame and we are on the cusp of releasing it into the world.  It is important not to feel powerless or discouraged through this process. We need to enter deeply into our earthly experience because this time we are co-creating heaven on earth and our pure light speaks to the earthly clay in order to create something we have never experienced on this planet before.

Venus and Mars together in this gate (36) bring a combination of vigour and softness, the courage to take action which is gentle and attuned.

On 20th February both Venus and Mars will have moved to Aries – Gate 25 – and the energy will shift to action.

Moon and Pluto 

As our new gentleness and purity peeks out into a new world there is a terror of being crushed, attacked, beaten down, hurt.  I have been dealing with feelings akin to a nightmare where I am in constant danger with no real danger in sight. Anything that feels threatening right now is not your enemy, but your partner come to support you to shift the last of the oppositional energy of Pluto before it makes it’s first move into Gate 54.  Opposition becomes the source of expansion.


Saturn and Jupiter 

Taken together these two planets have one consistently clear message.  Stop pushing.

What you previously valued is done.  It holds no allure for you now.  This is potentially crazy making.  But the simplest thing possible here is to take time out to rest and recover.  You can give yourself a break from constant growth, constant development, constant achievement, constantly checking to make sure you are secure and good and right and …   all those burdens.  And instead spend some time dwelling upon imagining your possibilities.



Mercury and the Sun

This combo will be in place for the New Moon on 19th Feb and I will share more on that.  For now, let me say that this channel holds the energy of desires and disappointments.  There is a pressure here to join with others and have experiences that trigger our emotional development.  Mercury in the Root Gate pressures us to action, and the Sun in the Solar Plexus gate reminds us to take time to allow the emergence of clarity that will bring us the perfect partner for the experience and the perfect timing to create what we desire rather than a pale imitation that fails to satisfy.


Image: Amanda Cass

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