Hope and Blessings Are On Their Way


Today Jupiter moves to an auspicious meeting with Neptune.  They connect the Root Centre to the Solar Plexus Centre.  You may feel obstructions fall away and emotions flow more easily.  You’ll probably feel a sense of faith in life and it’s bounty that you haven’t experienced for a while, with all the Pluto Saturn energy that’s been dragging us kicking and screaming to earth.

Jupiter and Neptune are a very positive combination.  In fact they can be too positive!  They can bathe us in so much optimism that we lose touch with reality.  So if you feel a rush of blood and a dizzy feeling of being unlimited, enjoy it but don’t make it the basis of spontaneous decision making.  However, on the plus side, Jupiter and Neptune can take us inside material reality and show us that everything, yes everything, is boundless and infinite.  This is a transit for understanding we can move beyond obstacles by allowing universal energies to infiltrate our thinking and permeate our dreams.

Neptune has been in the Gate of Abundance since February 2012 and will stay there until March 2014.  Read more …

Jupiter will be in the adjoining Gate of Obstruction till 8th September 2013, after which it shifts to Gate 53 (and there’s another wonderful story which I’ll get to later!)

It’s crucial to allow time for emotional clarity between now and then, even if you are emotionally undefined. We are being impulsed with positive and hopeful emotions and we can easily get high on them and act before they have a chance to balance out.  The flip side is to make sure that you trust the higher more exalted feelings. Don’t discount them because they are ‘unrealistic’ or impractical.  That only applies in our current reality and we are moving beyond that place.  This transit enhances innovation and creative new ideas that will be highly practical once we allow them to settle.  Watch in particular for new approaches to problems and difficulties to arise as if by magic. It will support us to create a gentler and lighter story of life, infused with spirit and compassion.

The activation at the Root Centre also brings a new sense of safety about being in our bodies.  It’s a great time to do embodiment practices, and to tune into emotions that may have been difficult to experience in the past.

Here’s two wonderful books that will be useful during this transit.  I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Karla McLarens’ book brings our attention to the specific meaning of our emotions, and teaches us how they can naturally flow. She suggests a radical new perspective: that all of our emotions are equally important messengers, ready to assist us in acting with full awareness and integrity.  A wonderful book.


Judith Blackstone has written a breathtaking book about embodiment.  It’s truly different to anything I’ve read before on this subject.   It holds a new perspective on the experience of being in our bodies, and how we can relate comfortably to ourselves, the world and other people without losing ourselves.  I just love this book!


So enjoy this amazing transit, it will infuse us with hope and bring blessings to us all.

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2 thoughts on “Hope and Blessings Are On Their Way

  1. As always you seem to be a star helping to guide us into a new light and encouragement to those of us that can feel that something is happening but can’t explain it even to ourselves. Thank you so much.

  2. bang on! kim… every word.
    seemed to describe my ‘flight into a fantasy world’ that seemed so real… that… for more than moments, i thought ‘alice in wonderland’ cannot be a fiction.
    i truly felt as if i was being shown a possible world.

    don’t have ‘words of this world’… to describe what i saw or felt.

    thank you. i know now… it was not fantasy, even if it was.

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