How to dismantle cultural consciousness

This week has been a watershed in dismantling the parts of you still trapped in cultural consciousness.

For the next few years, but particularly in 2020, we are at a point of breakdown or breakthrough. This week brings an inrush of energy that can be disorienting because it is aligning us with a higher personal potential and deconstructing some of our culturally based identity.

Quantum Defrag

We are doing a defrag of our remaining cultural constructs and stepping into the newly awaiting quantum operating system.

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For about 5,000 years we (by which I mean white western culture) have been taught to give up our power of creating meaning. We’ve learnt not to believe our own observations, not to assign our own meaning to our experiences. We have become physical vehicles for creating some one else’s reality. And now its time for us to step up and claim our own power of creation.

You can read about how religious forces are trying to take back control of our culture and pushing us to the edge of extinction – here

In the good old days, there was one god and he got to make the rules, which created reality.

Quantum science shows us that each individual is co-creating reality through their perception and responses. So the old idea of a go-between, the pope, the king, the head of the household, needs to be dismantled in our consciousness to allow us to move on. But 5,000 years of cultural wiring – DNA, cellular, neuro – is not easy to step away from.

What’s driving this psycho-cultural shift?

The Gate of Inner Truth

In October 2019 Pluto shifted into the Gate of Inner Truth in the Human Design transits. In December 2019 Saturn shifted into the same gate. Putting Pluto and Saturn together brings transformation to government, to the structure of society. Which requires transformation of the parts of us that are keeping that structure alive.

In March 2020 Jupiter will join them. Jupiter represents religion – the gods. Pluto and Jupiter represent transformation (Pluto) of religion (Jupiter).

With Pluto (transformation), Saturn (government) and Jupiter (religion) all together in one gate we get an unprecedented energy to shift dominant culture.

Now, for the last step in the process. In May 2020 Uranus will shift into the Gate of Returning. This meets up with Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter, creating a super-cluster of planets.

Uranus is the planet of revolution, sudden, unexpected, shocking. Uranus works to increase the frequency of anything it touches. The old ways no longer hold sway, we need the new and we need it now. Uranus will tempt us to do things we usually wouldn’t even consider.

Here’s the Human Design transit chart for 31st October 2020, showing all the four planets in play. This super-cluster shifts during the year, but will be active throughout 2020.

Notice they create a defined channel from the Head Centre to the Ajna Centre.

Human Design Transit Mandala October 2020

This activation is teaching us to listen to our bodies AND to the incoming energies that carry our greater galactic purpose.

Cultural consciousness in your field

I need to go back to your childhood for a moment.

As a small child you had experiences that you simply couldn’t make sense of. Trying to figure out what to do about these things was a bit like trying to digest inedible food. It didn’t matter how much you gnawed away at the experience, it just stayed stuck in your cells.

You learnt not to notice when things didn’t make sense, figuring it was all your fault. Maybe you were too stupid, too weird, too difficult, whatever. So you did the best you could and just fit in. There’s evidence that we actually self-hypnotise the parts of us that try to argue – but I do feel sad, but I know I can do it myself, but I do need help, and so on.

As adults those voices are starting to come to life, asking tentative questions like – but wait, surely nuclear war is a bad thing? Maybe locking kids in cages, denying climate change, giving billions to greedy corporations, systemic sexual harassment – maybe those things are not so good?

For the past few years Pluto has been teaching us to un-hypnotise those parts. First we woke up enough to say – hey, that doesn’t look right! Social media was filled with revelations about corruption from religious, business and government leaders. If we reveal the bad thing, someone will do something!

And then, as my dad used to say, nothing happened. Nothing! No one did anything. Oh sure, there was Mueller and the impeachment in the US, Royal Commissions in Australia. But really nothing much changed.

The next step was that people realised – we need direct action! We must take back our power!

We hit the streets in protest. In Australia the government responded to that by introducing 21 year goal terms for climate protesters (I kid you not!)

Still, despite huge numbers of protesters nothing really changed. But, the tide of public opinion is shifting. And now people are gradually waking up to ownership of their own unique truth. THIS is not okay with ME. Regardless of what anyone else says or thinks, I have to do what I can to create change on the ground.

Now, this might not seem like a big deal, but it is. This super-cluster of planets in the Human Design transit chart are telling us one very important thing.

Angel by Francis Kilian

YOU have a unique and individual role to play in shifting collective consciousness. That role rises out of listening to your own personal awareness AND aligning it with the greater energies coming in through the Head Centre.

It’s YOUR mutation!

This channel brings mutation on an individual level. It ushers out the old hierarchical tribal social structures and brings forth your unqiue contributions to the collective in a Matrix of Brilliance

Ra Uru Hu has talked about the 2027 shift. This week opens a major doorway in that process of change.

Your best pathway forward right now is threefold.

  1. Get comfortable with not knowing until you do know.
  2. Let go of struggling to grasp something familiar in your thinking, to organising your world into something that makes sense. That way of thinking, being, and doing is gone.
  3. Pay attention to your own world – to your perceptions, both in your body and via galactic impulses.
  4. Don’t pressure yourself to do anything that doesn’t align with what feels right for you. You are part of a global immune system, and you have your patch to nourish. This is where your attention needs to be. The moment you try to push yourself outside of your world, you leave something uncared for.

The next 10 years will shift our concept of what it means to be human. Beyond the tribal hierarchies, outside of the culture that has held your individual brilliance in check, we will find a new way to be, to relate, to live.

We are each of us becoming Emergent Leaders. It will change your life forever. We have the opportunity, through learning how we are designed to pay attention – what we are here to observe and respond to. We have the opportunity to create something profound, but it is unrecognisable from here. We will build it as we go.

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