Human Design Multidimensional Matrix

We are all accustomed to the look of our Human Design chart – we know our type, our profile and our strategy. But what if this was only part of the story?  What if there was more – much more – to your Human Design than one single chart layer?

Your Multidimensional Human Design Matrix

The standard Human Design chart, the one we all know and love, represents only a small part of our functioning.  Most of who we are comes from other layers, other dimensions.

Working just from your standard HD chart is a bit like wearing a mask and not knowing what’s behind it.

The Multidimensional Human Design System (MDHD) maps the shifts and changes in your functional consciousness as you move through these dimensions – in deep sleep, when you dream, when you are operating from your highest soul purpose, when you are out partying with your friends. Your Type and auric field shifts and changes in each dimension. And we can see all of this in the charts that make up your Multidimensional Human Design.

How Many Charts?

There are a total of 32 chart layers in the MDHD system. The standard chart – the chart you are used to thinking of as your only HD chart – is your solar layer – your personality in waking consciousness.  It’s your most recognisable self. It is also the integrative layer for all your multidimensional aspects of self. Every dimensional experience must flow through this layer in order to be integrated into your personality.

Much of what you think of as your ‘not-self’ can be explained by learning more about the layers of your Multidimensional Human Design layers.

And while there are a huge number of new chart layers in your MDHD, this system doesn’t rely on your ‘learning’ each layer in the way you have with your standard HD chart. That’s good news! Many of these chart layers operate under your conscious awareness. They show bio-chemical processes, what you are doing in deep sleep, and how you are processing your dreams.

Taken as a wholistic matrix, we can see the way energy and information flows between the layers.

How Are The Charts Calculated?

Solar Layers

In your standard HD chart you have two layers – Design and Personality. They are based on a Solar calculation – the Sun is moved back 88 degrees to get the Design layer.

In the MDHD system, we have an additional Solar layer – the Sun is moved forward 88 degrees to get a Post Natal Solar layer.

We go from two layers – Design and Personality – to three layers – Pre Natal (Design), Natal (Personality) and Post Natal. The Post Natal layers are about the way you interact with your environment, with people and situations.

Solar layers are generally outward looking energies which relate to your purpose in life.

Lunar Layers

As well as these additional Solar layers, there are new Lunar layers. These Lunar layers mirror the structure of the Solar layers. We have a Pre Natal, Natal and Post Natal Lunar layers.  Rather than moving the Sun 88 degrees, we move the Moon.

Lunar layers tend to be internal, and to connect to dreams, the subconscious and your spiritual purpose.

The Four Worlds

Your standard HD chart has 64 gates. It maps out your World of Earth layers – an integrative conscious reality. There are three more ‘worlds’ in the MDHD system. The World of Archetypes is a 15 gate matrix that maps your connection with the subconscious (through deep sleep) and the archetypal world of the collective unconscious (through REM sleep). The World of Mystical Inspiration is a 33 gate matrix that maps your connection to the superconscious; how you connect to higher dimensions – spirit guides, angels and other ‘off planet’ energies. The World of Biological Form is a 25 gate matrix that maps your existence in the physical realm – how your bio-chemistry creates your experience of being here in physical form.

Each of these matrices has PORTAL gates that act like a game of snakes and ladders; the energy moves between your chart layers (and your layers of consciousness) via these portal gates.

Most of the 32 chart layers operate outside of your conscious awareness. I work mostly with four charts – the Waking Consciousness chart (that’s your standard HD chart), the Interactive chart (Solar Post Natal chart that shows how you interact with others, and the Sleep and Dream (REM) chart

Type and the Not-Self can change in the Multidimensional Matrix

Much of the ‘not self’ can be explained by learning more about these subtle layers.

Your Type, Strategy, Authority and Profile can shift and change through your various layers.  You may be a Projector in your standard Human Design chart and an Ego Manifestor in your spiritual layer. Which would explain why it’s sooo difficult for you to wait for an invitation!  Or perhaps you’re a strongly defined Generator who gets overwhelmed easily?  Again, the subtle layers will show you why that’s happening and exactly what you can do about it. I have a 5-1 profile in my standard HD chart, and a 6-2 profile in my spiritual layer. It helps to know that!

The subtle layers of the multidimensional matrix of the Human Design System help us to recognise how we interact with these more subtle worlds and layers of self so that we can become more consciousness of them.  We can actually recognise them in our lives, claim them and live them.

Why Go Multi-Dimensional?

I often have people describe a feeling that their Human Design doesn’t seem to fit them properly. I remember one Projector telling me that her life was great before she started following her strategy, but not so good afterwards. Opportunities had dried up, she was bored, life felt drained of promise. She thought maybe she was doing the ‘invitation’ thing wrong?

When we looked at her MDHD chart layers, we found 3 Manifestor channels – 45-21, 34-20 and 22-12! . We talked about about how to use all that Manifesting energy and filter it through her Projector self, which is her integrative layer. It was such a relief to her, to discover that there was nothing wrong with her natural ability to initiate. Adding in the Projector layer gave her an internal guide that she hadn’t been accessing – to show her a purpose that all the Manifesting energy was working to fulfill.

Working with the multidimensional Human Design layers is both more complex and more simple than accessing the one single chart.  Obviously, there are more charts and this makes it more complex. But at the same time, the flow of information makes more sense because there is a deeper recognition of self.  These charts create a more holistic picture of who you are, and unlock a much deeper understanding of purpose.

I'm Kim Gould, founder of Love Your Design. I have been innovating and taking Human Design to the next level since 2003.

Beyond Type and Strategy, beyond the keywords and rigid rules, there are Asteroids, Dwarf Planets, Multidimensional Human Design and Holographic Human Design to explore. Come join me!

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9 thoughts on “Human Design Multidimensional Matrix

  1. Is there another article or resource that goes more into the “spiritual layer chart” and “spiritual expression charts?” Would be great to understand how they’re generated, and what they can be used to understand. Thank you. 🙂

    1. Hi Chris,

      I’m working on the Multidimensional Human Design course now for the Learning Hub. It will take you through each layer, and put them all within the larger context. If you’re on the mailing list you’ll be notified when it’s available.

  2. Gosh thanks for this – i recently became aware of a past life personality that is becoming prominent now (my ancestral awareness is opening) and she (this past life personality) came in at a moment i was aware of… so i got to create a chart and experience a very differenf ‘operating system’ (i have been a 4/1 generator, this personality is a 6/2 emo proj — and now after 3 months this personlity has now integrated producing yet another chart (which i am still trying to understand)… your article is helping me know that this is indeed a real ‘thing’ to take seriously and align with – thank you!💜

  3. Hi Astra,

    I would look at those aspects, as you say, as parts of yourself integrating into the whole. In the multidimensional system the Waking Consciousness chart (which is the standard Human Design chart) is your integrative layer – every aspect of self, multidimensional, galactic, emotional, physical, has to integrate through the energy field of that chart to be properly grounded and available in this lifetime. So keep that in mind as you work with those various parts/layers.

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