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2013 is shaping up to be truly amazing.  There are definitely some challenges.  Pluto will move into the Gate of Opposition on 6th January and this is likely to push a lot of buttons.  more here.

There will be two Pluto Uranus squares in 2013.

The first is on 21st May 2013.  The message is to go outside your comfort zones, meet new people and try new things.  We’ll probably make a few mistakes along the way but the new experiences will be invaluable.  Not everything we connect with is going to last.  But some will change our lives forever.

Pluto Uranus square in May 2013
Pluto Uranus square on 21 May 2013


The second square will occur on 1 November 2013. This second square packs less punch, with no channels defined in the transit chart.  It brings our attention to the journey, reminding us to be still, and to allow a natural to and fro, a gradual getting to know.  This transit is about getting to know how we can be calm and still and joyful and thus find our way to the very centre of things.


Pluto Uranus square on 1 November 2013
Pluto Uranus square on 1 November 2013


The first square comes with the world changing Jupiter-Uranus transit in what some will know as The Money Line.

Uranus moves into Gate 21 on 16th April 2013, and other than a short retrograde back into the mental Gate of Following (17), it will remain there until May 2014.

Uranus represents sudden changes in life patterns and radical shifts in consciousness.  When Uranus turns up we can expect unconventional and original solutions previously not even considered.   It revolutionizes the activity of the Gate it transits in.  Uranus in the Gate of Biting Through (21) brings sudden and unexpected solutions to everyday problems that have prevented people from coming together for the common good.  It is likely to do this through breaking down our hierarchical structures of control, both inner and outer.  Old patterns of inadequacy will fall away, and we will find a pathway to our true individual power and authority.

Jupiter will be in Gate 45, creating a channel with Uranus, from 29th April to 24th May 2013.   This Gate of Gathering brings multitudes of people together for the purpose of sharing resources.  The idea is to have a beneficial outcome for everyone.

Expect radical shift in the economy during May 2013.  Also, I expect there will be some shift in the church and it’s resources, as Uranus is a well known atheist and Jupiter is the Heirophant or Pope.  This will be a time of sudden shifts in belief systems, philosophies and the way we perceive the world, especially in regard to the distribution of money and resources.  On a personal level you may suddenly see your day to day life from a completely different perspective!

This channel holds the old energy of linear hierarchy in place in our DNA.  Anything that relies on this structure for it’s existence is likely to be shaken to the core of its foundation in May 2013.


Neptune will remain in the Gate of Abundance throughout 2013.  During that time it will connect in crucial ways with Pluto … see here.  The most significant of these transits will occur between 6th and 14th June 2013.  This will be a week of incredible shift.  more.  Notice that Saturn is creating a channel with Pluto, and Venus with Neptune.  Earlier in the week Mercury will be creating a channel with Neptune.  Also during that week, the Sun in Gate 45 creates a channel with Uranus in 21.


Human Design Transit Chart for 13 June 2013
13 June 2013


This short and intense period of time is likely to bring to us a feeling that:


So much of existence comes to visit in one place that you almost feel crowded out.  You won’t be asked for patience.  Meetings like this, with the powers that be, or the peak of human experience, help us avoid boredom.  Be ready to relocate quickly, have somewhere to go in mind.  The wise will make room in their lives and allow themselves to be moved.   (Gate 28, paraphrased ~ The Book of Changes Vol 1, Bradford Hatcher). 

Heaven brings us almost more than we can manage to receive!  The pattern continues till early August, during which time we’ll become adept at not succumbing to the pressure of fear from that defined Root Centre.  It will fine tune our ability to choose the right time to move forward, and  to find our own best outcome regardless of the external situation.

Later in August, the players change slightly, but the Root Centre is still the centre of attention.   Jupiter, planet of improving fortunes, makes a channel with Neptune.  The trick here is not to get overexcited and take on too much.  We have abundance at our disposal and the means to make use of it in sustainable ways – both inner and outer.   This Jupiter and Neptune channel continues right through until March 2014.  We’ll understand by that time that there is too much of a good thing and it’s perfectly fine to be realistic and choose what we want to plant in our garden and how we intend to use our harvest.


20th August 2013
20th August 2013


It’s clear that 2013 provides some truly breathtaking opportunities.  We need to keep in mind that Saturn will be in Gate 28 for most of the year, reminding us not to overdo things.  Neptune in the Gate of Abundance will keep us tuning into our true emotional responses, whether they be happy or sad, angry or agreeable.  The clarity that this brings to us, and our improved capacity not to be duped, glamourised or mesmerised, has the potential to change the world!

Pluto is helping us let go of our need to be ‘oppositional’ and to see where we have shared interests.  We’ll meet fear in many guises, and our challenge will be to simply wait it out, until it reveals itself as the ephemera it truly is.




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  1. Thank you very much, for all the sharing. I enjoy your reads. i take (personal) interest in HD and Astrology; and its nice to see the integration.

    warm regards

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